567 Method – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of the 567 Method and here are the final results:-


Profit/loss:    -43 points
Strike Rate:    21%
Bank Growth:    -43%
Cost:   N/A (sold out) 
ROI:   -15%
Average number of bets:    5 per day


You can view full results here.


The 567 Method – Full Review


The idea behind the 567 Method is that it is meant to produce five bets per day, six days per week, giving seven points profit every week.

Nice idea in theory.

But sadly it didn’t turn out anything like that during our trial, finishing 43 points down in the end after three months. 

The target of making seven points per week always seemed somewhat arbitrary (and hopeful) to us and that is what it proved to be.

Here are the results for the trial in graph format:

As you can see, things went downhill fairly early before a brief rally, but then there was a long losing run towards the end. 

Some people in the comments below asked whether this is a scam. We don’t think it qualifies as a “scam” as such because it was never promising to make seven points profit per week, it was just a target – however arbitrary and unlikely that may have been.

But it does go down as a disappointing system and it’s a FAILED rating from us unfortunately.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  The selections are sent out in the morning by e-mail and there are five selections per day (apart from Sundays when there are none), so plenty of time to get the bets on. 

Availability of prices:  There wasn’t much of a problem getting the advised prices and indeed the BSP results ended up virtually the same as the advised price results.  

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was over 21%, so there were some losing streaks, particularly towards the end. 

Advised Betting Bank: No betting bank was advised, but we used a 100 point bank, which we lost nearly half of during the trial. 

Subscription costs: The service is currently full so subscription costs are not available at the moment. 



The concept of making 7 points profit per week sadly didn’t materalise for the 567 Method during our trial. 

In fact we finished 43 points down, lost nearly half our bank and only had a small proportion of the weeks during our trial when the target was hit.

So unfortunately it’s a FAILED rating for the 567 Method and time to move on to the next system.











567 Method – Results Update

10th December 2016

Not much change to report for the 567 Method, with just one point of profit added since our last update a few weeks ago.

That means we are now 15 points down for the trial overall at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP we are 13 points down, so unusually we are doing slightly better at Betfair SP than at advised prices.

We have just over a week to go in our trial, so let’s hope for a good finish from the 567 Method to take us into profit overall. 





567 Method – Results Update

21st November 2016

There has been an improvement for the 567 Method since our last update at the end of October.

They have made 13 points profit in November, bringing them to 16 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP things are slightly better, with them being 11 points down for the trial. 

We have a month left in the trial, so will be interesting to see if they can continue the good recent form and finish in profit.

Back soon with more updates.  





567 Method – Results Update

31st October 2016

It’s been a tough run for the 567 Method since our last update a few weeks ago. 

They have lost 32 points at advised prices since our last update, to sit at -29 points overall for the trial.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP, things are identical at 29 points down as well.

So far this is failing to live up to its billing of delivering 7 points profit per week. In fact we have only hit that target one week to date.






567 Method – Results Update

6th October 2016

The 567 Method is a horse racing tipster that aims to provide 5 bets per day, 6 days per week, to win 7 points profit per week (hence 5-6-7).

So have they managed it so far?

Well not quite – the first week we hit the profit target, the second we didn’t and the third we are mid-way through.

So overall, we are 3 points up at advised prices and 4 points up at Betfair SP.

You can view full results here.

What happens is that if you hit the 7-point target for the week, then you stop there and there are no more bets for the week.

In the first week, the target was hit on Monday so there were no more bets for the rest of the week!

It is perhaps not surprising that the 7-point target has not been hit for the second week as it is somewhat arbitrary.

If your selection process works, why not carry it on for the rest of the week?

Everyone has their own approach to betting though I suppose.

We will see how things go with this and report back soon with another update.





567 Method – New Review

14th September 2016

We have been getting quite a few e-mails lately about something called the “567 Method.”

So always keen to check out any new offerings that come about and expose any possible scams, we thought we would investigate.

Upon clicking on the link you are taken to a glossy sales page with a video by a guy called “Ben Dawson.”

Now there are a number of things that worry us about this page.

Firstly there is the “only 7 days left to sign up.” 

No successful system we have ever come across has this kind of sales pressure, certainly not at the outset.

Some will limit numbers of subscribers to protect prices after they have established a strong record of success over perhaps 1 or 2 years, but not to some arbitrary deadline.

Then there are the claims that he makes £700 per week, although when you watch the video he clarifies that he doesn’t actually make that amount every week.

Finally when we signed up, we immediately got requests to sign up to other services that Ben runs – never a good sign.

Anyway, the 567 method is supposedly 5 bets, 6 days per week, making 7 points profit on average. Simple enough.

There is no information about how selections are arrived at – “Well that is a secret that I am not willing to let out of the bag.”

There are no published results either to back up the claim of profits being made.

So all in all we have to say we are skeptical about the 567 Method so far.

But we will put these doubts aside and run a three month trial to see whether Ben can back up his claims with some solid results.

We will be back soon with our first update.

In the meantime you can check out the 567 Method here. 


9 replies
  1. Paul minion
    Paul minion says:

    Hi…this website is driving me nuts…I paid my fee last week but have received no email..confirming I have join..my payment..or any tips for this week…only lots of promos from affiliates..and this morning how well they did yesterday…great…this is what you could have had….if anybody has any contact details for this site is would be very grateful because iam just going round in circles..
    Cheers paul

  2. ian stockham
    ian stockham says:

    hi i signed up for the 8 week trial last week, first bets yesterday, im just testing using £5 e.w on the 567 bets, won £32, would have won about £650 (if using his supposed stake!) 3 winners from five best price was 9/2 on one of the horses

    • IA
      IA says:

      Have received refund from clickbank after i decided to stop, at the stakes i would be able to use
      it would be a touch tiresome to follow day after day, also he bases results on best prices
      that may not be available by the time you get the email, results were poor after the first week,
      the system seems to be dependent on getting regular winners from favourites (not exactly hard
      to pin point such horses oneselves and then having the occasional 4 or 5 to 1 winner to push
      up any winnings versus potential losing favourites, in fact last week which was very poor, as far
      as i could see many of the bets were desperate, 16/1 shots in 18 horse races ?? even odds on favourites,
      that lost !!

  3. Jordan
    Jordan says:

    As strange as this method looks, I started following it this week starting yesterday, and he’s already hit his target after today’s tips. (3/5 bets came in yesterday, and 2/5 today). I did £10 stakes on all 10 bets (so £100 staked) and I’m £100+ up now, (£200+ in balance) kind of wish I did £100 stakes but have to be careful! Will continue with £10 stakes and see how it goes, but I’m covered for 2 weeks now really

  4. Graham
    Graham says:

    So your homework first! Google the address and will be led to Anton Green. His similar system Winning Selections is much the same but with lower stakes. The usual marketing mafia on clickbank are pushing the 567 system much the same as they pushed the earlier one.
    Work it out for yourselves.

  5. Graham
    Graham says:

    Now check out the each way Craig betting site he is promoting! Site has only been up for three weeks; its ownership is hidden, of course. It suggests results over a much longer perriod of trading in the blurb.
    I am now looking into the football betting site that he is pushing hard this week. I suspect a similar sort of thing. You couldn’t make it up ! Or could you. Lol

  6. Keith
    Keith says:

    Have taken the trail 567 method am into
    Week three not impressed apart from the fact when results going bad he then emails other tipsters ew Craig for instance he is useless same address as 567 so are daily selections .

  7. Ricardo Stephenson
    Ricardo Stephenson says:

    im sorry but i am totally convinced this is a very clever scam doing the rounds and after todays results i am even more convinced . I joined the first week. this a was good got profit week making the target amount and more after 2 days. But the longer it goes on the more convinced i am that this is a very clever scam designed to extract 29.00 from people with their clever sales gimmicks in order to lull people in. Thank god i only RISKED the sum of 29.00. I have not lost anything. I Instinctively slowed down my betting to small stakes as i did not have much confidence in the system. The way the most recent results have panned out it was good foresight by me in putting the brakes on as i would be hundreds down by now.

    This system in my opinion is phony!!

    I Put the question to them how do they come up with their selections? as a subscriber to their scheme i feel i have a right to know. To date no reply. The longer i stay with them and the more advice’s they give me the more i suspect this is a brilliant marketing scam for this so called proprietor of this service in extorting peoples hard earned cash of them.

    The depths people will go to to make a fast buck it sickens me.
    Please read this and take in my points it is simply too good to be true and this guy Rob Anderson sorry to say i am convinced he is a con artist of the 1st degree.
    Be warned everyone,
    STAY AWAY!!!!!


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