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Back and Win – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Back and Win and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:  +87 points  
Strike Rate:    87%
Bank Growth:    58%
Cost:   £49 + VAT/month for one service or £69 + VAT/month for both 
ROI:   10%
Average number of bets:    9 per day


You can view full results here.


Back and Win – Full Review


We were quite skeptical at the outset of our trial of Back and Win, primarily because it is a “stop at a winner” system, which we would normally dismiss out of hand.

Added to that, in the information given after you sign up, they talk about not being interested in value but instead finding winners, which is against conventional wisdom in betting.

However, we always let results speak for themselves and give every system a chance to prove itself.

And we are pleased to say Back and Win has overcome our initial skepticism and achieved success during our trial.   

The two systems delivered 87 points overall over the course of the trial, which is most commendable.

The bank grew nicely over the course of the three months we used the systems and was never in danger of being lost. 

Our only real criticism of the service is the lack of clear instruction on how to utilise it.

This is a fairly major omission, as it would really not be hard to provide some instructions and would save users a lot of time figuring out how to operate the stop at a winner systems – but we will delve into that further below.

Overall, despite this one criticism, we do think Back and Win has delivered some impressive results during our trial and are happy to give it a recommended rating.


How it Works

When you join Back and Win, you can choose from three options:

  1. Get the Sure Certs Selections, which are 3 bets per day at £49 + VAT per month
  2. Get the Fire and Forget Selections, which are 6 bets per day at £49 + VAT per month
  3. Get both sets of selections for £69 + VAT per month

Then you need to login to the site each day to get the selections.

The selections – unusually – aren’t for a particular horse but for a given race and you just back the favourite in that race regardless of who it is and what the price is. 


Instructions – or lack thereof – on how to operate

Now when you join up and log in to Back and Win, there is some guidance on how to use the selections.

However, these are quite vague and do not contain any details of how to follow them on a “Stop at a Winner” basis.  

Given that the results on the website are presented on a stop at a winner basis and in the guidance it says “The best staking plan we have found to use since using these selections is the ‘Stop At A Winner’ staking plan,” you would expect there to be some instructions.

We can’t imagine anyone is going to sit at their laptop each day recalculating the stake for each selection, which is going to be very difficult when you don’t know until the off exactly what the SP will be, or in some tight races even who the favourite will be.

What was more frustrating for us was that when we e-mailed them asking for instructions on how to follow the selections on a stop at a winner basis, they had no explanation!

This is amazing as we would have thought they would be following the selections themselves or at least investigated for their members how to do this.

But alas not, so we were left to figure it out for ourselves.

Thankfully the good folk (i.e. Alistair) at the Bet Engine were more helpful and gave us pointers on to how to set up the bot.

So you can set things up to be automated and you just need to enter the relevant races each day and the bot will do the rest and place the bets for you on Betfair.



We are pleased that our initial skepticism with Back and Win seems to have been misplaced and that they have generated decent returns during our trial.

A profit of 87 points across the two systems is very good going and our bank was never in jeopardy during the trial.

However, the lack of instructions on how to set up the stop at a winner system from them is poor frankly and leads us to downgrade this by at least half a star.

And a warning that if you want to automate this – which we would very much recommend – then you will need a subscription to a bot on top of the subscription to the service.

We use the Bet Engine, which currently costs from £12.50 per month after a free 7 day trial.

All in all we are happy to give Back and Win a recommended verdict but do think some improvements need to be made in terms of customer service.







Back and Win – Results Update

10th July 2016

It has been a good time for Back and Win, who have added a further 33 points profit since our last update to sit at 63 points profit overall for the trial.

You can view full results here.

That breaks down as 23 points profit for the Sure Certs and 40 points profit for the Fire and Forget Selections.

Just to recap, Back and Win is a “stop at a winner” system with two sets of selections (as above) with the former having 3 potential selections per day and the latter 6.

You always bet on the favourite and keep increasing your stakes until you hit a winner.

So far, the worst loss we have had for is -15 points when all the selections lost for both services on the same day (16th May).

Just a short note as well that we missed the selections on 2nd July, when apparently the F&F Selections won but the SC selections lost.

Back soon with our final review of Back and Win.





Back and Win – Results Update

13th June 2016

It’s been an up and down time for Back and Win since our last update just over a month ago. 

Our results have them on 30 points in profit overall, a six point improvement over last time.

You can view full results here.

However, unfortunately our reviewer was travelling on 23rd May (well, it was fortunate for him!) and missed the selections that day. Those selections both lost, with the Sure Certs losing  2 points and the Fire and Forget Selections 15 points we understand.

So in fact, the results should actually be 13 points in profit overall from using both services. Not bad by any means, but not as good as our results spreadsheet shows.

Anyway, back soon with more updates.





Back and Win – Results Update

9th May 2016

After getting a series of e-mails about a betting system called Back and Win, we decided to test it out.

The e-mails claimed some fairly incredible results, with a 99% strike rate for one of the systems and 100% for the other!

So how has it performed in testing?

Well so far the results have stacked up against the claims made in their e-mails.

We have had 12 betting days so far with both systems – the “Sure Certs” and “Fire and Forget” systems – and both have won each day, so 12 points profit has been accumulated for each system.

So that’s 24 points profit in total so far. 

You can view full results here.

But – and you may have sensed there was a “but” coming – these are essentially “stop at a winner” systems whereby you are increasing your stake until you hit a winner.

You are always backing favourites, so to recover your stakes on previous selections and still win 1 point, by the end of the day you can be backing 50 or 60 points on the final selection if you haven’t had a winner yet.

So let’s say you are making 25 points profit per month. Just one bad day could wipe out two months’ work.

That is the risk you are taking, on the Fire & Forget Selections at least, where there are 6 selections per day.

The risk isn’t as high on the Sure Certs Selections, where you are backing just three selections per day.

The test of the systems will be to see how long they can go before hitting a losing day and then the question will be seeing how we can deal with losing a big chunk of the bank in one go.

We also found the instructions for the systems a little confusing.

In the information provided when you log in, there is a table provided with a £2 – £4 – £10 – £20 staking plan. 

However, this would not allow you to match their results of 1 point profit each day. 

Below the table it says:

“The best staking plan we have found to use since using these selections is the ‘Stop At A Winner’ staking plan, whereby you take into consideration any losses from previous selections, with you then staking sufficient money on the next selection, this allowing you to recover your previous losses, and at the same time win your intended daily profit.”

Upon e-mailing them, they supplied a stop-at-a-winner calculator and said I could use a bot to follow the selections, but did not provide instructions for how to set up the bot to follow their systems.

It would be much more helpful if the stop-at-a-winner calculator and bot instructions were provided when signing up, either by e-mail or through the website login.

Anyway, that is just our opinion. So far we would say that the systems are performing well but come with a significant health warning.

We will of course keep monitoring results for three months and will be back with another update soon.

In the meantime, you can check out Back and Win here.





Back and Win – New Review

25th April 2016

We have been getting lots of e-mails about a service called Back and Win, which claims some pretty astonishing results.

It has two categories of selections: The “Fire and Forget” selections which they claim have a 100% strike rate and the “Sure Certs” selections which they say have a 99% strike rate.

Going back to August 2015, the former have supposedly amassed 186 points profit, while the latter have made 175 points profit. 

Having had a look at the results published on the website, this appears to be a “stop at a winner” system that requires you to back a number of horses until you hit a winner and then to stop.

We are not sure what kind of staking system is used but imagine it must be some kind of ratcheting system.

Such things are normally dangerous and not for the risk-averse, but given the results we think this one is at least worth checking out and seeing if it lives up to the rather spectacular billing.

So we will get a trial underway and will report back soon with our findings.

In the meantime you can check out Back and Win here. 


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