Elite Betting Syndicate – Results Update

Wow! The Elite Betting Syndicate just keeps banging in winners left, right and centre.

Since our last update a couple of weeks ago, they have added another 21 points profit at advised prices, lifting them to 70 points up for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP, things have also been very good, with 14 points of profit added since our last update and 61 points of profit made for the trial overall

This really has been superb stuff. And remember, this is at one point level staking, so making these kinds of profits in just over two months at one point stakes is quite amazing.

It is looking like we have uncovered another gem here with just under a month to go in our trial.

And the good news is that you can get a 7 day trial of Elite Betting Syndicate for just £1 here. 





Elite Betting Syndicate – Results Update

8th February 2017

We continue to be impressed with the Elite Betting Syndicate, which is having a superb trial here at Honest Betting Reviews.

Since our last update, it has added another 16 points of profit at advised prices, bringing it to 49 points up for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP, things have also been excellent, with another 20 points of profit made since our last update and 47 points of profit overall.

It is worth repeating that stakes are all at 1 point, so to have racked up close to 50 points after just over 6 weeks is sterling stuff. Long may it continue. 





Elite Betting Syndicate – Results Update

8th February 2017 

Things have continued in excellent fashion for horse racing tipster Elite Betting Syndicate, with 16 points of profit added at advised prices since our last update.

That means they are now 33 points up at advised prices overall for the trial after one month.

You can view full results here.

That is very impressive when you consider all bets are at 1 point stakes.

At Betfair SP, things are also going well, with 27 points of profit made so far. 

We had a great day yesterday, with three winners out of three at odds of 5/1, 11/2 and 7/4. If you’d done those in a treble you would have added an additional 107 points profit!

Really enjoying this service so far, looking like it could be a goodun… 






Elite Betting Syndicate – Results Update

21st January 2017 

It has been a very good start to our trial of Elite Betting Syndicate, a horse racing specialist, with 17 points of profit made to advised prices after two weeks.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP we are actually slightly ahead of advised prices, with 18 points of profit made so far.

All bets are to 1pt stakes, so either 1pt win or 0.5pts e/w, which makes things nice and simple.

Looking promising so far, let’s hope they can keep it up. 




Elite Betting Syndicate – New Review

4th January 2017 

With 2017 underway we are keen to press on with some reviews and trying to find the best betting systems for you.

First up we have Elite Betting Syndicate, a group of horse racing experts who claim to offer thoroughly researched betting tips to make you consistent profits each month.

They say that they receive genuine insider information and use their stable connections to provide high quality betting advice.

Now we have to say we are skeptical whenever we hear the phrase “insider information,” as we are yet to find a profitable system that claims to have access to inside info, but there is a first time for everything we suppose.

The results published on the website look very impressive however, with £28,000 profit to £100 stakes since June 2015 and only one losing month so far, so we are hopeful that this could prove us wrong and be a decent system. 

They also include a full results spreadsheet which is encouraging so you can see the full selection history. 

You can get a 10-day trial for just £1 which is good, so you can check it out first before paying the full monthly subscription fee of £46.80.

So without further ado, we will kick off our first new trial of 2017 and will report back shortly on how things are going.

In the meantime, you can check out Elite Betting Syndicate here.



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