Elite Betting Syndicate – New Review

With 2017 underway we are keen to press on with some reviews and trying to find the best betting systems for you.

First up we have Elite Betting Syndicate, a group of horse racing experts who claim to offer thoroughly researched betting tips to make you consistent profits each month.

They say that they receive genuine insider information and use their stable connections to provide high quality betting advice.

Now we have to say we are skeptical whenever we hear the phrase “insider information,” as we are yet to find a profitable system that claims to have access to inside info, but there is a first time for everything we suppose.

The results published on the website look very impressive however, with £28,000 profit to £100 stakes since June 2015 and only one losing month so far, so we are hopeful that this could prove us wrong and be a decent system. 

They also include a full results spreadsheet which is encouraging so you can see the full selection history. 

You can get a 10-day trial for just £1 which is good, so you can check it out first before paying the full monthly subscription fee of £46.80.

So without further ado, we will kick off our first new trial of 2017 and will report back shortly on how things are going.

In the meantime, you can check out Elite Betting Syndicate here.



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