These are the winning horse racing systems and tipsters that we have tested over an extended period and found to consistently generate a profit.

We use all these services ourselves and we will regularly update results to ensure a continued place on our approved list is merited


FA Racing – Results Update

It’s been a solid if unspectacular start for horse racing tipster FA Racing, which is a trial service being tested out by Football Advisor (so doesn’t have its own separate website yet). 

We started receiving tips on 5th July and since then we have made 7 points profit at advised prices. 

You can view full results here.

To Betfair SP it hasn’t been quite so good, with 7 points lost so far.

This is a high volume service, with a good number of bets per day and normally an additional Trixie or Yankee on top. 

A good start then, hopefully things will continue in the same fashion.





FA Racing – New Review

28th June 2017

A while ago we ran a review of the popular football betting service Football Advisor.

Although it only managed a neutral rating during our trial, it is a well respected service and has made over 300 points profit overall since starting a few years ago.

So our interest was piqued when we saw their new potential service – FA Racing – undergo a beta launch at the start of June.

Jon Robertson, who runs the Football Advisor service, started out his days with the racing website which took a systems-based approach to horse racing betting and was a well-liked site.

Jon decided to sell the site in 2012 to concentrate on new avenues, including starting Football Advisor. Unfortunately the new owners of systemlays did not keep it going and it is now defunct. 

However, Jon has continued to bet on the horses himself over the years and to do rather well at it.

So with him making a nice additional income from horse racing, Jon thought it was time to run a three month trial to see if he could launch a new horse racing service based on his bets.

He did this at the start of June and it has been quite successful to say the least! So far June has given followers a whopping ROI of 45.5% and over 50 points profit.

Winners have included:

Caspian Prince 25/1
Hallings Comet 19/1
Marmajuke Bay 16/1
Artscape 14/1
Theflyingpoet 9/1

Plus just yesterday there was another winner at 5/2. 

So although it’s still early days, this does look like a promising service and one we decided it is worth investigating.

We have therefore paid our £20 and signed up for the final two months of the three month beta trial.

We will record results here for the next two months and if things go anything like as well as June has gone, then we fully expect this will turn into a full service in due course.

In the meantime, you can sign up for the final two months of the trial of FA Racing for just £20 here. 




bf scalper

Betfair Scalper – Final Review

We have reached the end of our trial of Betfair Scalper so it is time for the Final Review. 

On this occasion however, given that this is a trading guide and no two people will get the same results, we don’t think it is appropriate to do our normal final review with results stats, as they will not be representative of what someone else would have achieved over the same period.

There are so many variables – trading style, number of days and races traded, attitude to risk, staking etc that we think it would be more useful to give an overview of the product and our views on it.

So we will have a look at what it is, how effective we found it, our experience and the pros and cons.


Betfair Scalper – What Is It?

Betfair Scalper is a training course for “scalping” the Betfair horse racing markets in the 10-15 minutes before a race starts.

Scalping, in case you are not aware, is the process of skimming small but consistent profits from trading the movements in odds at the exchanges.

What you are looking for is just one or two ticks of movement in the odds – say from 3.5 down to 3.45 – and then trade out for a profit.

Do this over and over again and you have the potential to make some decent profits.

When you join up to Betfair Scalper, you are given access to ten hours of training videos on how to scalp the markets. The guide is suitable for beginners who don’t know anything about scalping or trading right up to experienced traders.

To scalp you will need to sign up to some trading software such as Bet Angel Professional. This is essential and you simply won’t be able to do the scalps without some trading software.

So the idea is to work your way through the training videos, watch how the trades are executed and then practice until you are ready to go live.

Once you have got the hang of it then it is time to go live and start scalping the markets.

It is important to point out that this is a trading guide rather than a very fixed set of rules where you are told to trade to exact parameters. A certain amount of it is learning to spot the patterns and then getting a feel of when and how to trade. 


Does It Work?

Having worked through the videos and tested out the strategies, we are confident to say that Betfair Scalper is a good guide to scalping the horse racing markets and we made a solid profit on the days we used it.

The idea of scalping is to take advantage of movement in odds. Horse racing markets are highly volatile in the lead up to races staring, making them ideal targets for someone wishing to scalp. 

As a scalper you are trying to secure just one or two ticks of movement in the odds, which in most cases happens as a matter of course.

Now obviously you have to also predict which way the market is going to move – and this may at first seem like a challenge. After all, if anyone could really predict the way markets move, wouldn’t they be some kind of trading genius and have made millions?

The truth is though that on most occasions, the horse racing markets are so volatile before the off that they will move in both directions – both up and down – which is perfect for us scalpers looking to lock in a profit.

So you don’t really have to predict which way the market will go, you just need to know how to set things up, which is what Betfair Scalper shows you how to do. 

It also shows you how to spot general patterns and the likely direction of movement – which is helpful in picking your entry and exit points.


Our Results

As we mentioned above, looking at our results is not necessarily representative of what you would achieve as a scalper as there are so many variables involved.

However, we know many of you will want to get an idea of how we did when using the scalping strategies live, so our results were as follows:

  • 2.9
  • 0.65
  • 1.21
  • -2.47
  • 0.51
  • 2.03
  • 0.88
  • 1.15
  • 1.54
  • 0.8

During a total of 10 trading days then, we made a profit of 9.2 points, using £2 stakes.

What is encouraging is that nine of the ten days were profitable and most of the time the profits were quite easy to accrue. 

Once you have gone through the process of setting everything up and got the hang of it, scalping will become like second nature. It can even be fun – and quite addictive!


Are there any downsides?

The only downsides we can see is that you are only making a small amount each race. Trading using £2 stakes, you will generally only make a few pence per trade.

Now obviously you can increase the stakes and if you are going to invest the time into scalping then you probably should gradually increase the stakes as you become more comfortable with it.

But with increased stakes comes increased risk – firstly that your trade might not be matched (less likely but can happen)  and secondly that if a trade goes against you then you have to take the hit. 

There is also a general risk with trading – and this comes with all trading and not just BF Scalper – of keeping your emotions in check and staying disciplined.

Anyone who’s done any amount of trading, whether it be on the stockmarket, Betfair or elsewhere, will know the risks that go with it. Overtrading, becoming too cocky, not taking a loss when you should, trading fatigue – these are all things that can happen and can do a lot of damage to your bank.

So we would advise if you are going to do this to watch closely the advice on trading mentality and really apply it, because it is as important – if not more so – than the strategies themselves.

From our own experience, we would also say that it is absolutely crucial to make sure all trades are closed before the race starts – don’t leave an open bet (particularly a lay!) and hope it goes your way in-running. Sods law it won’t!

Sometimes the market will just go against you – it will move in the opposite direction from what you expected and doesn’t come back. You either need to have a stop loss set or take a hit. It is painful but is part of trading. 



Overall we are happy to give Betfair Scalper an APPROVED rating as we do think this a genuine, useful trading guide and the strategies worked well for us under live test conditions.

To make it worthwhile in terms of time commitment then you will need to increase the stakes, probably up towards £100 per trade ultimately. But we would advise only doing this gradually and starting with £2 stakes until you are really confident with it.  

Obviously you will need to have the time to trade races live, whether in the afternoon or evening.  

If you are disciplined and learn the techniques then you can do well with this and we think it is a worthwhile product to add to the portfolio.






Betfair Scalper – Results Update

24th June 2017

We have continued testing Betfair Scalper and continue to be impressed with the results. 

Since our last update we have had another seven trading days and here are the results:-

  • 0.65
  • 1.21
  • -2.47
  • 0.51
  • 2.03
  • 0.88
  • 1.15

So overall that’s a profit of 3.96 since our last update. We have continued trading with £2 stakes to keep things uniform. 

Most of the time the trading is quite straightforward and your scalps will be matched without too much worry.

However, there are two points you need to be aware of:

Firstly, sometimes the market goes against you and this is where you have to be careful. The videos do show you how to set up stop losses, but at the same time say it may not be worth having stop losses because they often get taken, just before the market turns in your favour.

Ultimately it is up to you whether to have stop losses or not, but just be aware that sometimes you will put in a trade and it goes against you and never comes back in your direction, so you have to take a loss before the race starts – or have a stop loss in place.

This leads on to the second point – you have to make sure you have closed out all trades before the race starts. If you have a lay bet still open for example, at say odds of 5.0, then it could cost you days worth of trading profit if that horse goes on to win the race without its odds rising during the race to allow you a back bet at a level close to that 5.0. So basically it is a big risk and this should be pointed out more clearly in the videos in our opinion.

So we think that if you are not careful then you can make losses here – ultimately you are trying to predict which way the markets will go and they will not always go your way. 

Overall though we are still impressed with this training product and believe it can lead to good profits if the techniques are followed correctly. 

We will do just a few more trading days before rounding off our review of Betfair Scalper shortly.






Betfair Scalper – Results Update

19th May 2017

Firstly we would like to apologise for the delay in updating our review of Betfair Scalper as quite a few of you have been contacting us over e-mail asking for updates.

We have had some technical issues with the site (which you may have noticed!) which meant having to move it to a new server and sorting out some gremlins. 

Plus we wanted to take the time to really understand the training videos properly and to be sure we knew what we were doing, to be fair to the makers of the course.

Anyway, now that we have got round to updating our review, what do we think?


Early Thoughts

There are a lot of videos to get through and it is a lot to take in, particularly if you are new to trading the markets on Betfair.

You will need to sign up to Bet Angel Professional (or equivalent trading software), which costs around £20 to £30 per month depending on which package you go for. 

It is clearly a genuine product and not just one of these sloppily put together pieces of rubbish you see so many of floating around the internet these days.

These are detailed and clearly worked-out strategies for trading the horse-racing markets before the off on Betfair.

Basically you are looking to trade in the last 5-10 minutes before the race and looking for certain patterns on the candle charts to indicate when to execute a trade.

As the name of the product suggests, this is about scalping – taking one or two ticks profit out of each trade – rather than looking for big swings in prices.

The training is primarily about watching the strategies that the author of the course  (whom I believe is called Stuart) and learning from what he does.

It is not a rigid set of rules setting out a fixed system, but rather about learning a strategy.

Or to be more precise, there are two main strategies in the “Basic Scalping” course, which is all we have looked at so far.

So you really need to take some time to watch the videos (some of the main ones more than once), understand the techniques and then practice, practice and practice and some more.

If you do that, then you have a chance of making it a success. 



Now we should preface this by saying that everyone who uses Betfair Scalper will get different results. As we say it is not a rigid set of rules so it will depend which races you do, where you enter and exit trades, how many trades you do and so on.

What we have found so far though, both in practice and live, is that it has worked remarkably well.

Our tester has just done his first live day today (only staking £2 per trade), but made a profit in 11 out of 12 races and scratch (level) in the other. The Betfair screenshot for the afternoon is below:




A really good day then, just nice steady profits and no losing races which is reassuring.

Obviously this is just one day so we will have to see a much broader set of results before drawing any conclusions, but certainly so far it is looking good and we are enjoying trading in this way – in fact it can be quite addictive!

Of course the other thing is that we are only trading with £2 stakes, so we obviously need to build these up to a point where we are making enough profit to make the time invested worthwhile. Only making £2.90 for an afternoon’s work – no matter how much fun – is not going to bring home the bacon!

Stuart trades in £50 stakes in the videos but says he trades up to £200 when he is trading himself, so we will aim to ultimately get up at least to £50 – £100 per trade and see at that point how much you could make from trading a day’s races.


Early Conclusion

We like the course and think the strategies set out in it are sound. There is a lot to take in but ultimately it should be worth taking the time to watch all the videos.

The proof of the pudding with these things is always in the eating though – can you actually make any money with it?

So far we would say yes, although it is still early days.

We will aim to test it for another month or so and get a bigger body of results to go on before drawing our final conclusions and wrapping up our review.

In the meantime, you can check out Betfair Scalper here. 





Betfair Scalper – New Review

31st March 2017

Today we are commencing a review of a Betfair trading product called Betfair Scalper.

In case you aren’t aware, scalping is the process of skimming small but consistent profits from trading the movements in odds at the exchanges.

It’s easier said than done, as you can imagine.

The idea of scalping originates from the stock market, where companies spend billions developing bots that can trade at a fraction of a second – apparently as little as a trillionth of a second now – to skim off little amounts from changes in share prices.

So as you can imagine, it is a super-competitive field in the stock market world and a tough place to make a profit whilst competing against the mega banks and financial experts.

However, the Betfair markets are a little less competitive than this and offer up an opportunity to make a profit for the shrewd trader.

Certainly the barriers to entry are much lower, as you can trade for just £2 per bet where as with the stock market you tend to need hundreds or even thousands of pounds to get going.

It is therefore with great interest that we approach this trial of Betfair Scalper, which offers the possibility of making some decent profits from trading without needing to worry about the result of a horse race.

We have heard lots of positive things about this, so start off with expectations that this should be a novel and interesting product to review.

It is primarily a trading course, with over ten hours of training videos teaching you the very same methods the owners use to make hundreds of pound per week. 

If the process works, then the great thing about it is you can use it again and again to build up a bank and make a decent second income for yourself.

Plus you don’t need to worry about having your bookie accounts closed as this is all on Betfair, so you can just keep on doing it.

Even if you were just making £2 per race, if you did that 10 times per day it would be £20 per day, or £600 per month. 

And of course once you are experienced you could potentially up your stakes and make considerably more than that – quite a tantalising prospect. 

Now as this is a training course rather than a set “system,” we plan to do a review of the course and then a sample of our results for a period to give a comprehensive picture of the package.

So without further ado we will get the review underway and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime, you can check out Betfair Scalper here.




racing wins

Racing Wins – Results Update

It’s not been a great start to our trial of Racing Wins, a new horse racing tipster service.

After just under a month of following the tips, we are 7 points down at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP it has been a similar story, with 8 points lost so far.

Still, it’s early days and we are only a little down, so things could easily turn around quickly and get back on track.

Back soon with more updates.




Racing Wins – New Review

13th June 2017

Today we are commending a new trial of horse racing service called Racing Wins. 

This a new service and one which we have been asked to proof as part of their venture out into the tipping world.

The results prior to the official commencement of the service look promising, with four profitable months out of four and 164 points profit made.

In terms of the strike rate, that is pretty good too at over 33%, so it should be a reasonably sensible service to follow.

There are four different tip types as part of Racing Wins, including the Nap (i.e. best bet of the day), Next Best, Third Best & Outsider Bet.

Interestingly from the results published to date, the Third Best and Outsider have produced the most profit. Although perhaps that isn’t such a surprise when you consider that 

The tips are provided by a guy called Pete Thomson and he tips five days per week, i.e. taking Sundays and Mondays off – when the racing doesn’t tend to be much good anyway.

Subscriptions are very reasonably priced at just £14.95 per month or £67 per year, which if the live results match the pre-launch ones would represent excellent value.

Now just a quick note that Racing Wins doesn’t officially start until Monday 19th June – which as luck would have it is the start of Royal Ascot – but you can get your name down before then to make sure you get a place as this is the kind of thing that may sell out.

Anyway, we are looking forward to testing this out and will get going with proofing the results as soon as the service commences on 19th June.

In the meantime you can check out Racing Wins here.




horses jump over fence

Carl Nicholson’s Stable Whispers – Results Update

The tough run continues for Carl Nicholson’s Stable Whispers, with another 17 points lost since our last update three weeks ago.

That means Carl is now 34 points down for the trial overall to advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP, another 20 points has been lost, putting Carl 49 points down overall.

Let’s hope for some big winners over the final months of the trial. 

Back soon with more updates. 






Carl Nicholson’s Stable Whispers – Results Update

17th June 2017

A tough run so far for Carl Nicholson’s Stable Whispers, which have lost another 9 points at advised prices since our last update at the end of May.

That means they are now 17 points down for the trial overall at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP it has been worse, with a further 17 points lost since our last update and 29 points lost overall. 

We are less than half way through the trial though, so plenty of time to turn things around. 





Carl Nicholson’s Stable Whispers – Results Update

28th May 2017

It has been a little bit of a slow start to our trial of Carl Nicholson’s Stable Whispers, which is 8 points down so far to advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP we are 12 points down so far.

Just a reminder, this is a sister service to Carl Nicholson’s Racing Diary, which is his main service and which we reviewed just recently.

Early days then for this and plenty of time to get into profit. 





Carl Nicholson’s Stable Whispers – New Review

10th May 2017

Hot on the heels of just completing our successful trial of Carl Nicholson’s Racing Diary service, we are now following that up with a new trial of his other offering, his Stable Whispers service.

Just to recap in case you missed our previous trial, Carl Nicholson is a maths and computer science graduate from Harvard University in the USA.

He also worked for the Daily Racing Form in America and has written a book on his method of finding value selections.

Carl’s Racing Diary service performed very well during our trial, notching up 45 points of profit at a return on investment of 29%.

With such impressive results, we thought we just had to follow it up with a trial of his other service, Stable Whispers.

This is a newer service which Carl just started up in late 2016 but in a short time has built up an strong-looking set of results, notching up 61 points profit so far in 2017.

That equates to £1,534 to £25 stakes, a nice little bonus if you combine it with the £1,281 made with the main Racing Diary selections. 

Basically the Stable Whispers service consists of selections that have come in from Carl’s network of contacts around the country.

He apparently gets a lot of ‘news’ each day, and spends his mornings checking out the viability of that info and the best news goes to his Stable Whispers members.

That info looks to be pretty sound so far based on what is published on the website.

Certainly if it turns out to be as good as the main service, then we have found two little gems rolled into one!

The Stable Whispers service is only available as an add-on to Racing Diary service, but you can get them combined for a reasonable price of £34.98 per month. 

We will run a standard three month trial of Stable Whispers and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Carl Nicholson’s Stable Whispers here. 




horse racing

Betting in the Know – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Betting in the Know and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:   -12 points 
Strike Rate:   22%
Bank Growth:   -8%
Cost:   £25 per month 
ROI:   -2%
Average number of Bets:   3 per day


You can view full results here.


Betting In the Know – Full Review


Betting in the Know is a horse racing tipster that came into our trial with a pretty phenomenal-looking set of results. 

They had apparently accumulated over 1400 points profit in three years according to the results on their website, at a return on investment of over 25%.

Figures like those would put them in the elite league of horse racing tipping with the likes of Hugh Taylor, Equine Investments and Quentin Franks Racing.

So we headed into the trial with high hopes that they could replicate that kind of form during three months of live testing.

However, as we seem to say often here at HBR, that sadly didn’t turn out to be the case.

In fact, they made a loss of 12 points in the end to advised prices.

At one point during the trial we were actually 80 points up and at another we were over 50 points down, so it was one hell of a roller-coaster, as you can see below!

A late really brought us back towards the break even point, so in the end we think a NEUTRAL rating is fair in this instance.

The bank ended up 8% down, which although disappointing is no disaster either. 

It doesn’t look like the service is practical to follow at Betfair SP, as we lost a whopping 78 points at BSP, significantly more than at advised prices.

Our main issue with the service was the advised betting bank, which will go into more depth below.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  The workload is a little higher than with some comparable services, with around three bets per day on average. The tips are sent out the evening before racing, so plenty of time to get the bets on. 

Availability of prices:  As mentioned above, there was a big difference between the advised prices and Betfair SP and the advised prices did tend to get hit in significantly by the off. So certainly if you are following the service you will need bookie accounts and to get your bets on the night before racing. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 22%, below where it would need to be to generate a profit. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 100 point bank is recommended for following the service, with a possible 150 point bank advised if you want to be conservative. We think given that both during our trial and previously they have suffered drawdowns of close to 100 points, a bank of 200 points should be advised.

It would be pretty galling if you had joined at the start of April this year with a 100 point bank and seen your entire bank wiped out. We see this a lot with tipping services advising insufficient banks and it is probably the single biggest reason that people lose money from following tipsters long term. So we would definitely advise a 200 point bank here given the strike rate and taking levels. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are very reasonable at £25 per month. 



Betting in the Know looked like a promising service coming into our trial but sadly didn’t deliver during our three month live test, finishing 12 points down to advised prices.

We may just have hit the service at the wrong time as the results published on their website matched ours so it seems like a genuine service and things may well turn around for them.

Our two things to note about the service are that it doesn’t seem practical to follow at Betfair SP and the advised bank should be increased to 200 points.

So it’s a watching brief for now for Betting in the Know to see if they can turn things around long term.







Betting in the Know – Results Update

15th June 2017 

A small decline for Betting in the Know since our last update, with just 2 points lost at advised prices since our last update a couple of weeks ago.

Sadly though that means they are still well down for the trial overall – 44 points down to be precise at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP it has been nothing short of a disaster, with another 12 points lost and 99 lost overall.

So something spectacular is needed between now and the end of the trial for this to turn things around. 





Betting in the Know – Results Update

1st June 2017 

Unfortunately the tough run continues for Betting in the Know, with 56 points lost at advised prices since our last update three weeks ago.

That means they are now 42 points down for the trial overall at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP the news is worse, with 66 points lost since our last update and 87 overall.

It’s been a nightmare run for them, but these things happen in betting and sometimes you just hit a service at its worst time, which certainly seems to have been the case here. 





Betting in the Know – Results Update

11th May 2017 

There has been a drastic reversal for Betting in the Know since our last update unfortunately, with 59 points lost at advised prices over the last three weeks.

That has taken them from 73 points in profit for the trial down to just 14 points in profit.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP it is an even sorrier tale, with 66 points lost since our last update, putting them on -21 points for the trial overall.

This just shows you the ups and downs you can get with betting and it can be tough to take at times, but is also another reminder of the importance of having a big enough betting bank and plenty of patience when you approach any system or strategy.

Let’s hope things have picked up by the time of our next update. 





Betting in the Know – Results Update

20th April 2017 

It’s been a very good start to our trial of horse racing tipster Betting in the Know, which has notched up a remarkable 73 points of profit at advised prices since our trial started a month ago.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP things are also good but not quite as outstanding as at advised prices, with 45 points of profit made to date.

There are a fair number of tips, with nearly 100 advised so far in our first month of following the service. The tips are sent out in the evening before racing, so plenty of time to get the bets on.

A strong start then for Betting in the Know, let’s hope things continue in the same vein!






Betting in the Know – New Review

20th March 2017 

Today we are starting a new trial of an interesting-looking horse racing tipster called Betting in the Know.

We think being in the know is usually a good thing whatever business you are in, but it certainly pays in the horse racing industry. 

Looking at their results, it sure looks like they are “in the know” when it comes to betting on the nags.

With over 1400 points profit made since starting up in March 2014, their points total is up there with the very best.

The return on investment over the last year is over 26%, which is excellent stuff.

Looking at the profit graph, they appear to have built profits very steadily over the last three years, with a high proportion of winnings months to losing ones.

Staking seems pretty reasonable at between 1 and 5 points per bet, with most selections at around 2 points. A 100 point bank is recommended, which seems fair given the staking.

The good news is that you can get 30 days access to the tips for just £9.99, an appealing offer given the results published on the website.

We will run our standard three month live trial of this one and will report back soon on how things have started.

In the meantime you can check out Betting In the Know here. 





Robert Fraser's Racing Tips pic

Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips – Results Update

A small improvement for Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips since our last update a month ago, with 4 points profit made.

Unfortunately though we are still 27 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here. 

Just a reminder that this is a service that backs at Betfair SP only so it is always going to be tougher to make a profit doing that than taking best prices from the bookies. 

A month to go in our trial so hopefully enough time for Robert to turn things around. 





Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips – Results Update

7th June 2017

It has been a tough time for Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips since our last update a couple of weeks ago, with 31 points having been lost in that time.

That means we are also 31 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here. 

These results seem to track the general trend at the moment in that a lot of tipsters seem to be having a tough time. It could be due it being early in the season and form hasn’t settled down yet, with changeable ground also adding to the difficulties.

Whatever the cause though, let’s hope things pick up for Robert and the other tipsters soon.





Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips – Results Update

22nd May 2017

It has been a fairly uneventful start to our trial of Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips, with 0.3 points of profit made so far.

Basically then we are at the same point as where we started a couple of weeks ago.

You can view full results here. 

Just to recap that this is a service which uses Betfair SP for all tips, so you know you can match the published results and if this does well, then we may have found the holy grail of horse racing tipping – something that makes a profit at Betfair SP!

Anyway, a quiet start so far but very early days so plenty of time to step things up. 





Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips – New Review

6th May 2017

For many people it is the holy grail of betting: finding a strategy that works at Betfair SP.

So many of us have lost our accounts with the bookmakers and now have to turn to the exchanges to try and find some profit.

However, so many betting systems and strategies rely on use of the bookies and simply do not work at Betfair SP.

Well, today we are hoping that we may have found the answer.

It comes in the form of a horse racing tipster called Robert Fraser from the reputable Betting Gods network of tipsters.

He bets entirely at Betfair SP and records his results as such, so there is no worrying about whether you will be able to match the advised prices etc.

Robert’s results so far are pretty formidable, with 140 points profit made in just over 3 months of tipping.

That’s £1,400 to just £10 stakes. 

That has been achieved with a very healthy strike rate of over 40% – meaning lots of winners – and an excellent return on investment of 64%.

It is quite a selective service, with generally just 1 or 2 bets per day, so a very manageable service to follow.

It is obviously early days with the service after only three months, but that is why we are keen to start a live trial here at Honest Betting Reviews and see if those results can be maintained in the longer term.

If they do, then as we say, this may well be that holy grail of betting: something that is profitable at Betfair SP!

You can check out Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips here. 




Lucky multi bets

Lucky Multi Bets – Results Update

It has been a slow start to our trial of Lucky Multi Bets, who are 8 points down so far to advised prices.

You can view full results here.

Just to recap, this is a horse racing service that provides you with four selections per day, which you place in a Lucky 15 bet. That is it, no other bets or combinations needed.

At Betfair SP, the results have been very similar, with 8 points also lost so far.

A strategy like this does rely on all four selections being hit in one day to land the big prize, so things could turn around for them if they manage to achieve that. 





Lucky Multi Bets – New Review

2nd June 2017

Our inbox has been inundated recently about a new service called Lucky Multi Bets.

With so much marketing hype around the system, we thought we would take a look and see what the fuss was all about.

The idea of the service is to place small stakes on long shot multiple bets in the hope of winning big.

On the sales page, it shows a winning bet slip with a return of £18,849 from a £7.50 stake, placed as a lucky 15 bet.

Now wins like this are obviously extremely unlikely so the question is whether they can turn a profit on smaller wins whilst you wait for the potential big win to come in. 

Apparently the service is run by a team of professional punters who make their livelihood through horse racing betting.

Not much information is given on how the selections are chosen, other than that the experts pore over form guides, ratings and weather forecasts to find the selections.

No long term results are given, so other than the massive win they quote, it is difficult to judge how profitable the service may be.

The joining costs are £27 per month or £127 per year, so about average for this sort of thing.

We will run our normal three month trial and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Lucky Multi Bets here.  





thoroughbred pic

Thoroughbred Betting – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Thoroughbred Betting and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:    -25 points 
Strike Rate:    18%
Bank Growth:   -50%
Cost:   £1 for first 7 days then £37+VAT per month 
ROI:   -17%
Average number of bets:   2 per day


You can view full results here.


Thoroughbred Betting – Full Review


Thoroughbred Betting is a horse racing tipster and is a sister service to the Elite Betting Syndicate, a service we reviewed recently and that passed with flying colours.

Unfortunately we are sorry to say that it hasn’t been the same story for Thoroughbred Betting, who have experienced something of a struggle during our three month trial.

They have ended up 25 points down to advised prices, which equates to a 50% loss of the bank and a -17% ROI.

As you can see from the graph below, it was a really bad run towards the end of the trial that did for them.  

At Betfair SP things were even worse, with a loss of 52 points being made, more than double the loss at advised prices.

So it won’t surprise you to learn that this is awarded a FAILED rating and is not a service we could recommend at the current time.

Of course it could just be that we hit the service at the wrong time, but given the scale of the losses we worry about that kind of run happening again.  


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  With an average of just two bets per day and tips sent out in the evening before racing, this is a simple service to follow.

Availability of prices:  As mentioned above and as with the Elite Betting Syndicate, the prices do get pushed in quite considerably by the off, so you do need to get your bets on quickly. We are not sure based on the results of our trial that the service would be practical to follow at Betfair SP. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 18%, which is probably quite a bit below where it needs to be to generate a profit. 

Advised Betting Bank: There was no bank advised for the service, so we used a 50 point bank which lost 50% of its value during the trial and at Betfair SP was wiped out. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are £1 for 7 days then £37+VAT per month. 



Sadly when you lose 50% of your bank during a trial the only fair outcome is going to be a failed rating and that is the case with Thoroughbred Betting.

It may have been that we happened to hit them during a particularly bad run, but the scale of the losses was worrying for us and would have tested the patience of most subscribers.

Hopefully they can turn things around but for the time being this is not a service we can recommend.








Thoroughbred Betting – Results Update

20th May 2017

Sadly a review that started off very positively going 15 points into profit early on has turned around quite significantly in the wrong direction for Thoroughbred Betting.

They have lost 27 points since our last update, meaning they are now 24 points down for the trial overall at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

As we have said before, it doesn’t look like this service is practical to follow at Betfair SP, with 27 points lost since our last update and 50 points lost overall.





Thoroughbred Betting – Results Update

2nd May 2017

Not much change for Thoroughbred Betting at advised prices, with just one point lost since our last update a month ago.

That means they are 3 points up for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP things have been faring somewhat worse, with 6 points lost since our last update and 23 points lost overall.

Let’s hope they can pick things up over the remainder of the trial and finish with a flourish. 





Thoroughbred Betting – Results Update

6th April 2017

It’s been an up and down start to our trial of horse racing tipster Thoroughbred Betting, who are 4 points up at advised prices so far.

You can view full results here.

That doesn’t tell the whole story though – we were 15 points up at one stage and 5 points down at another, so as we say a little bit of a mini-rollercoaster.

There is a big difference with the results at Betfair SP though, which are 17 points down so far. It does appear to be a service where you need to get on the early prices with the bookies.

Back soon with more updates. 




Thoroughbred Betting – New Review

4th March 2017

A Thoroughbred – a “hot-blooded” horse known for its agility, speed and spirit. 

Developed in 17th and 18th century England, thoroughbreds were a result of crossbreeding imported Oriental stallions of Arabian, Barb, and Turkoman breeding with native mares.

Apparently all modern thoroughbreds can trace their pedigree to just three stallions imported in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Anyway, enough of the history lesson. Thoroughbreds are the topic of our latest trial here at Honest Betting Reviews – a horse racing service called Thoroughbred Betting.

The team behind the service don’t just bet on thoroughbreds, but a wide variety of horses. Having been banned from all major UK bookmakers, they have turned their attention to helping people like us beat the bookies instead.

Using a wealth of knowledge and wide-ranging industry contacts, they have built up a strong methodology to generate profits.

Indeed, the results published on the website look highly impressive – more than £32,000 profit in less than two years at a return on investment of over 130%!

Of course we can’t vouch for those results as we have only recently come across the website, but that is why we will be running a trial now to see if they can reproduce those kind of results under live trial conditions.

Those of you who checked out our recent new trial of Elite Betting Syndicate may notice the similarity in the style of the website and indeed these tips do seem to be from the same stable.

That is good news as far as we are concerned, because the Elite Betting Syndicate has been going great guns!

The other piece of good news is that Thoroughbred are offering a one week trial for just £1, so you can check out the tips for yourself for 7 days before signing up to a longer subscription.

We started receiving the tips on 25th Feb, so we will record results from then onwards.

We will update results here regularly during the trial so you can see how things are progressing.

In the meantime you can check out Thoroughbred Betting here. 


guaranteed winners pic

Guaranteed Winners – New Review

Today we are starting a trial of a new service, the intriguingly-named Guaranteed Winners.

We aren’t sure how you can “guarantee” winners unless you are doing matched betting, but we are assured this is not a matched betting service.

Anyway, this service apparently earned a computer genius £81,806.34 in just one year.

The tips have a 96.7% accuracy according to the website, which isn’t quite on the level of “guaranteed” (which would be 100%) but is pretty darn close.

So we wonder what odds they tip at with such a high strike rate. It must be very short odds, or perhaps some kind of hedging system.

The sales page tells the story of the author of the system, Eddie Newman, who apparently came from a tough background but learnt computer science and after graduating from university, developed his own betting system using sophisticated algorithms and statistical data.

This system can supposedly now pick winners with over 95% accuracy.

We have to say we are intrigued, but also somewhat sceptical.

Anyway, we will run a three month trial of this and see if the results live up to the promises on the sales page.

As ever, we will back soon with our first update.

In the meantime you can check out Guaranteed Winners here.




goal trader syndicate

Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:    +368 points 
Strike Rate:    35%
Bank Growth:   25%
Cost:   £49.99 per month 
ROI:   14%
Average number of tips:   One per day


You can view full results here.


Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate – Full Review


Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate, despite what the name may suggest, is a horse racing betting service that provides daily tips for UK racing.

It is run the same person behind, which we have reviewed previously here at Honest Betting Reviews.

The first thing to remark on with the Goal Trader Syndicate is that staking is very variable.

In fact, it varies between 10 points and 1,000!

Having said that, the one 1,000 point bet came before our trial started and during the trial the biggest stake has been 200 points (which we had once) and few 100 point bets.

So if you are using the service then you need to have a pretty big bank and be prepared for some big stakes on a few of the bets.

In terms of results, it has done well, finishing with 368 points profit to advised prices at a return on investment of 14%.

As you can see below, it was a little up and down but overall always in positive territory.

What is interesting though is that the results at Betfair SP were actually quite a bit better, finishing with 661 points profit. 

It is very rare to have a service that does better at Betfair SP than advised prices, so that is quite a USP for the Syndicate.

The only thing to note is that with a large bank required, the profit accrued during the trial only translated into 25% bank growth at advised prices or 44% at BSP, which is very respectable but isn’t as much as some other services we have reviewed here.

All in all though it has been a good effort and we are pleased to say that Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate is awarded a PASSED rating. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  There is around one tip per day, with bets sent out late in the evening (quite consistently between 10pm and 11.30pm), so an easy service to follow.

Availability of prices:  As we have discussed above, the Betfair SP results actually beat the advised prices, so there is no issue with the availability of prices.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 35%, which is pretty solid. 

Advised Betting Bank: We used a 1500 point bank for the trial, which with a 35% strike rate and average staking at 30 points per bet should be enough, but if you wanted to be more cautious we would recommend a 2,000 point bank. 

Subscription costs: The subscription fees are £49.99 per month. 



Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate is a horse racing tipster who takes a selective approach to betting.

The service racked up an impressive 661 points profit at Betfair SP over our three month trial, which warrants a PASSED rating.

The staking is a little crazy, with stakes between 10 and 200 points, so ideally we would like to stakes a little less variable.

So you need a big bank and to be prepared for those occasional big stakes when following the service.

But to have achieved a clear profit at Betfair SP and beat the advised prices is a decent achievement and marks this out as quite a unique service. 







Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate – Results Update

1st May 2017

There has been an interesting – and unusual – divergence in results for horse racing tipster Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate since our last update just over a month ago.

At advised prices, there has been a small decline over that period, with 50 points lost. 

At Betfair SP however, there has actually been an improvement, with 67 points profit being made.

You can view full results here.

That means that at advised prices, we are 262 up points up for the trial, but at Betfair SP we are 466 points up.

It is a rare thing to be significantly better off at Betfair SP than advised prices, so we will keep an eye on this and see if it is maintained in the long run.

If so, it could be a real plus for the service, with so many other services struggling to make a profit at Betfair SP.





Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate – Results Update

26th March 2017

It’s been a good start to our trial of Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate, a horse racing tipster from the man who runs

So far we are 312 points up at advised prices after just over a month.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP things are even better, with 399 points profit made so far.

As we remarked at the outset, staking is very variable, with anything from 10 to 200 points being staked per selection.

So that is worth bearing in mind if you are following the service and setting an appropriate bank accordingly. 





Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate – New Review

24th February 2017

Occasionally you are asked to review something and can get the wrong end of the stick as to what it is all about.

This was the case initially with Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate, which upon seeing the name we thought was a football trading system – or perhaps even tennis as it is part of the Tennis-Tips website.

However, we learned upon closer inspection that it is nothing to do with either football or tennis, but is actually a horse racing service.

Secondly, with the word “Trader” in the title, you could be forgiven for thinking this was a trading system. In fact, it is just a straightforward tipping service with no trading involved.

Thirdly, it doesn’t appear to be much of a syndicate in the traditional sense of the term, rather it is just Robert’s tips which he shares with a small group of followers.

So it reminds me a little bit of the old saying about the Holy Roman Empire – that it wasn’t holy, Roman, nor an empire.  

Anyway, enough about the name – that is not really important.

What is important is whether the service can produce regular profits and make some money for us punters.

It hasn’t been going long but results so far look promising.

Since starting out in December of last year, Robert has made over £14,000 profit.

Before you get too carried away with that figure though, please note that staking is high, with stakes ranging between 10 and 1,000 points.

So there probably aren’t too many of you out there who can stake £1,000 on one bet.

However, the return on investment is very good at 120%, so even at lower staking you would have done well so far.

The strike rate has been good so far as well at 37%, so a good proportion of winners.

So looks pretty decent all in all. 

Although Robert runs another service we have reviewed – Tennis Tips – horse racing is actually his main speciality. Over the years he has refined his strategy and analytical methods and his horse racing betting makes up a significant part of his annual income now. 

Let’s hope we can add to our own annual income with his tips. We will run our normal three month trial of this one, – which we started receiving tips on from 16th Feb – and will update results regularly.

In the meantime you can check out Robert’s Goal Trader Syndicate here.