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Pro Footy Tips – Results Update

More profits for Pro Footy Tips since our last update, with a further 6 points added over the last month.

That takes them to 78 points up overall for the trial, a very impressive total.

You can view full results here.

January has started well, with winners on Macclesfield at 3.1 and Platanias at 4.9. Let’s hope for more of the same over the last month or so of the six-month trial. 





Pro Footy Tips – Results Update

6th December 2016

The excellent form of Pro Footy Tips continues, with a further 27 points profit added since our last update.

That means they are now 72 points up for the trial, which is most commendable.

You can view full results here.

The approach here is to focus on outsiders, with the likes of Forest to beat Newcastle at 4/1, St Gallen to beat Sion at 10/3 and Chesterfield to beat Bristol Rovers at 3.8 amongst the recent winners.

It certainly seems to be working and apparently has done so for decades for the professional gambler behind the service.

May the good form continue!






Pro Footy Tips – Results Update

17th November 2016

Pro Footy Tips has bounced back – big time. 

When we lasted update their results, they were 33 points down for our trial.

Well, in just three weeks they have completely turned things around and are now 45 points up. So that’s 78 points profit made since our last update.

You can view full results here.

Superb stuff and that’s more of what we were expecting from them from the get-go.

They have landed some very nice winners recently, including a 12/1 double involving Partick and Gefle.  

Let’s hope for more of the same over the remainder of the trial. 





Pro Footy Tips – Results Update

26th October 2016

A small improvement for Pro Footy Tips since our last update a month ago. They have made 9 points profit in that time, meaning they are now 33 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

Let’s hope this improvement is a sign of things to come and we start moving towards profit for the trial overall.  






Pro Footy Tips – Results Update

28th September 2016

It has continued to be a tough time for Pro Footy Tips, who have lost a further 22 points since our last update at the end of August.

That means they are now 42 points down for the trial as a whole.

You can view full results here.

This is one of those unfortunate examples of a tipster with a lot of promise and expectation prior to launch, but sadly who hasn’t generated the same results when going live – yet anyway.

Let’s hope for a big turnaround in form over the next month.

Back soon with more updates.




Pro Footy Tips – Results Update

31st August 2016

It’s been a tough start to our trial of Pro Footy Tips, with 20 points lost so far to advised stakes. 

You can view full results here.

Bets come in a wide variety of leagues around the world, so use of a good number of bookmaker accounts will probably help when following the service.

Runs like this will inevitably happen from time to time in betting, so let’s hope it’s just a blip and things improve over the remainder of the trial and beyond. 






Pro Footy Tips – New Review

30th July 2016

With the start of the football season just a week away it seems a great time to start a new trial of a football tipster.

The tipster in question is called Pro Footy Tips and comes from the reputable Betting Gods stable.

Their record so far is very impressive, with over 130 points profit made since the service started in March this year.

Backing the tips at just £10 per point would have made you £326 per month so far – pretty good going by any standard.

The thing that really stands out about Pro Footy Tips though is the return on investment (ROI).

Normally with a football tipster, you tend to think of a good ROI as being around 10%.  

However, Pro Footy Tips’ ROI so far stands at an amazing 45%! 

Quite whether this can be maintained in the long run remains to be seen, but certainly it shows they seem to have a significant edge over the market.

The strike rate so far is also healthy at over 35%, so hopefully we shouldn’t have too many losing runs here.

Looking over the results, we are intrigued by some of the markets bet on, particularly the use of the HT 0-0 market during the Euros, which given how stifled a lot of the games were, seems like a very good option!

We understand that the guy who runs the service has been a professional football bettor since 1988 and is a real expert in football gambling, which the results would certainly seem to back up so far.

There are a real dearth of good football tipsters out there, so to find one would be a real bonus. 

We are hopeful this will turn out to be a good one, but only time will tell of course.

So we will start our normal three month trial today and will report back soon on how things are progressing.

In the meantime you can check out Pro Footy Tips here.


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