Bonus Accumulator

Bonus Accumulator – New Review

Whilst we are all waiting for sport to get going again properly, you may be wondering if there is anything worth betting on or if you should hold on to your cash and wait it out. 

Now the last thing we would normally recommend is that you turn to playing casinos. That is pretty much the fastest way to the poor house and is the domain of the “mug punter” – exactly the opposite of what we are aiming to do with this website in helping people profit from their betting. 

However, there is a way you can completely reverse the tables and turn casinos into a potential money-making machine for you and that is what we are going to look at now. 

Yes the service we are going to look at today is called Bonus Accumulator and it focuses on using all the casinos’ offers and bonuses to try and extract a profit. It comes from the team behind the very successful Profit Accumulator service, which we have reviewed previously and awarded a resounding passed rating to. 

There are literally hundreds of casino offers out there, with the potential to make hundreds or even thousands of pounds from them. It can really be quite lucrative if done right.

However, the offers have varying degrees of value. Some offers sound good in theory but once you read the small print aren’t quite so good. 

What Bonus Accumulator does is bring all these offers together in one place, explain how to do them, what the risks and catches are and also allows you to track your progress as you go along.

Even for seasoned gamblers like ourselves who have had bookies accounts for years and done a lot of the casino signup offers already, there is still the potential of many other offers, which is one of the things we are going to look at in our review.

Anyway, we will kick things off now and will report back soon on how we have got on.

Bonus Accumulator are currently doing a special offer of 50% off the first month which you can check out here.




Rebel Betting – New Review

Today we are starting a new trial of a popular and well-known betting service called Rebel Betting. 

It started out as essentially an arbitrage platform but has recently added another tool, value betting, which is what we will be starting out looking at in this review.

According to the website they have had over 125,000 users of their tools since starting up 11 years ago. which shows you the popularity of the platform. 

The idea of the value betting software is to identify instances of overpriced odds that are higher than their true probability. But how do they know if odds are overpriced, you may ask? 

Well, some bookmakers have proven that they are extremely good at determining odds that reflects the actual probability of an outcome. These are often referred to as “sharp” bookmakers, or “sharps”. These “sharps” can vary by sport but are generally consistent in their efficiency.

So when there is a difference between the sharps odds and those of other bookies, you place a bet at the other bookie and lock in the value. 

It could be for example that team news comes out before a game and alters the odds with the sharps who recognise the affect the news has on the teams’ chances, but some bookies are slow to react and adjust their odds, allowing an opportunity to take advantage.

The software constantly crunches the numbers of all these opportunities, comparing the “sharps” with the rest and churns out value bets you can place, in most instances with a link to the relevant market on the bookie’s website. 

You then just place the bet and that is it – no trading or other hedging is required. 

This is very similar to a product we looked at last year, Trademate Sports. We are not sure who came first but it is not unusual in this genre to see similar products emerge, particularly if they work well! 

The disadvantage of value betting versus arbitrage is that the journey doesn’t tend to be quite as smooth, with more ups and downs, but over the course of enough bets (e.g. 1,000+) you are very likely to be up overall. The graph below illustrates how things may go:

In fact, Rebel Betting say the average results of their users is to double their money in three months, if you place 30 bets per day that is.

That would be pretty decent going and you couldn’t complain if those were your results.

Anyway, let’s see how we get on with the software in our review and we will update results here as we go along.

In the meantime you can check out Rebel Betting for yourself here.






matched bets pic

Matched Bets – Final Review

We have completed our trial of Matched Bets and here are our final thoughts.

The first thing to say it’s a very nice, clean website which is readily accessible for both experienced matched bettors and newbies.

There is excellent customer service and a wealth of guidance to help you through the process. 

Anyway, on with the nitty-gritty, what exactly do you get with Matched Bets?


The Matched Bets Package

Once you have signed up, there are a range of tools with Matched Betsincluding:-

  • New Customer Offers
  • Existing Customer Offers
  • Accumulator Offers
  • Casino Offers
  • Bingo Offers
  • Odds Matcher
  • Acca Backers
  • Calculator
  • Forum and Live Chat

Here we have a look at these key features in more detail:-

New Customer Offers

These are the offers for opening a new account with a bookmaker. Although many of you may already have a number of bookie accounts, they are over 50 new account offers so there are bound to be some you haven’t done yet.


Existing Customer Offers

These are the offers for bookies that you already have accounts with. In many ways, the existing offers are the bread and butter of matched bettors and it is through them that you can create a regular income, if done wisely.


Betting Sites - Existing Customer Offers

The existing customer offers are all set up in a list version with the estimated value of each offer next to it – i.e. what you are likely to actually make on an offer once you have used the exchanges to match it and paid commission etc – which is very useful. 

There is also a daily offers calendar, where users can view reload offers by day as well as sign up offers which haven’t been completed yet. There is also the option to filter the daily offers by bookmaker and mark as done when completed.


Accumulator Offers

These are the offers where you place a football accumulator and the bookies refund your bet if one leg lets you down.

Generally you can make £5 – £10 per offer, although you do need to remember to lay off each leg of your acca at the exchanges as it goes along. If you are able to remember to do so, then it is a good way of making some additional matched betting income. 


Casino Offers

Pretty self-explanatory really, these are the free casino bets / spins that are available with the various online casinos. 

At the time of writing there are 27 of these casino offers available, again with the estimated value next to it so you know how much you should make from each offer.


Bingo Offers

Again, fairly self-explanatory really – these are the offers provided by the various online Bingo sites. There are currently 16 Bingo Offers listed on the Matched Bets website, so a good number to play through and some good profits to be made. 


Odds Matcher

The Odds Matcher is an essential tool if you are serious about your matched betting. It lets you find bets with the closest match between the bookies’ odds and the exchanges.

Odds Matcher Tool

The tool gives you the event, the market, the bookie and exchange odds and then the value of the matched bet, which is all the information you need really.

They have recently added tennis and golf to the odds matcher as well as the football and horse racing already on there. 


Acca Backer

The Acca Backer is a tool for taking up the bookies’ offers on accumulators, where one leg loses and the bookies refund your bet as a free bet. There are full instructions on different approaches to using these offers, plus available accas coming up that you can back.

Acca Backer Tool



Another essential part of the matched bettor’s armory is the calculator – so you can work out how much you need to bet on each part of your matched bet and how much you are likely to make.


Forum and Live Chat

Matched Bets has a nice forum where you can discuss offers and ideas with other members and seek out the best opportunity, plus learn things from one another.

It also a live chat option, which is not something we have seen in the other matched betting products we have reviewed, but is a really good innovation. 

For those new to matched betting, it is a difficult skill to learn so to have live assistance there for you should aid in the journey to become a more proficient matched bettor. The live chat, together with Information Centre and e-mail support provide a comprehensive package of assistance to guide you on your journey. 



Overall Matched Bets is a great matched betting package and certainly one we would recommend. There are some great features available with it and a wide range of tools, including the Acca Backer and live chat.

At a very reasonable cost of just £14 per month or £99 per year, you should have no problem in making your subscription fees back quickly and then you have the potential of making a steady monthly income of up to £500 per month if you are able to protect your bookie accounts with some mug betting.

A highly recommended matched betting product with great customer service.

You can sign up to Matched Bets here.






Matched Bets – New Review

24th March 2017

Matched betting is the art of using bookmakers’ bonuses and free bets to make risk-free (or very low-risk) profits.

How this works is that bookmakers have special offers for new and existing customers. To get an offer you usually have to place a qualifying bet.

So you place the bet with the bookmaker and lay the exact same bet at the exchange. You will more or less break even and qualify for a free bet.

Follow the same process over and over again and you can make a substantial amount of money.

Matched betting now extends beyond just sports betting but includes casino offers, bingo bonuses and much more besides.

It is something that has become very popular among punters and indeed, some people actually make a lucrative full-time living from it.

With such popularity, it is becoming increasingly sophisticated and more tools are being added to the matched bettor’s armory all the time and we are always keen to check these out and see whether they give us an added advantage over the bookies.

In such spirit, we are taking a look at a new matched betting suite – appropriately titled Matched Bets.

It has a very nice-looking website and includes a wide range of tools, which we are looking forward to exploring in more detail.

We will run a short review of this to examine what is available and whether it offers value to would-be matched bettors.

We will report back shortly with our impressions.

In the meantime, please note that Matched Bets are running a special offer at the moment: you can get a year’s membership for just £99, rather than the normal £149.

This is only available until 31st March, so time is running out to claim it.

You can check out Matched Bets here.