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Bank Builder – Final Review

We have reached the end of our six month trial of Bank Builder and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:  -$496 
Strike Rate:  79%
Bank Growth:  -50%
ROI:  -3%
Average number of bets:  One per day
Cost:  £47/month, £112/quarter or £450/year


You can view full results here.


Bank Builder – Full Review


Bank Builder is a football betting strategy from the team behind the popular Football Advisor service. It provides tips on short-odds favourites across Europe, such as Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munch and Man City etc.

Bank Builder has changed its modus operandi quite a bit since we started our trial, but for the purposes of this review we stuck to the strategy set out at the start, which was to bet 33% of the bank on each selection. 

The advised approach is to start with a set amount for each “cycle” – which was $1,000 for us – and to start a new cycle each time the bank doubles, starting again at $1,000. 

Things started off very well with the initial bank doubling in just two weeks.

Sadly though that was where the good news ended. From then on it was a real struggle and our review finished with the bank for the second cycle almost gone, despite adding an additional $500 half way through, as advised by them.

Overall we finished $496 down, which was obviously a pretty bad loss and represented nearly half of our original bank.

The top sides in Europe such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona struggled this season – particularly in the first half of the season – which hit the results quite hard. 

As stated a few times during the review however, our main concern was that the staking was far too aggressive with 33% of the bank being risked on each selection. 

It was always set up for a fall to risk that much of your bank on each bet, no matter how confident you might be in the selection.

So really the question is how much of this system’s failure was down to the staking and how much down to the actual picks?

Well, at level stakes it would have lost approximately 4 points, which although disappointing would not have been the end of the world. 

In essence then the main problem here was the staking system which made the results much worse than they otherwise would have been. 

We can see some merit in backing strong favourites in football matches and it has worked well elsewhere (see Banker Bets for example). Plus there are some stats to suggest there is value in short-odds favourites, primarily because most punters don’t like backing them.

All in all though, whichever way you look at it this had a very rough trial with a big loss made and the only realistic outcome is a FAILED rating. 

It’s back to the drawing board with this one and we note they are looking at other iterations of the system with more sensible staking so we will keep an eye on how those develop. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  With an average of one bet per day there isn’t too much work involved in following the service, although of course most tips are sent out at weekends when there is more footy. 

Availability of prices: There were no problems at all in obtaining the advised prices, with huge liquidity on Betfair for the kind of teams they back. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 79%, which on the face of it seems good but would have needed to be quite a bit higher to turn a profit at average odds of 1.23.

Advised Betting Bank: As discussed above, it wasn’t so much the advised betting bank that was the problem but rather the stake advised per bet. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are high at £47/month, £112/quarter or £450/year.



Things went badly wrong for Bank Builder with a loss of $496 made from an initial starting bank of $1,000 and that means it’s a FAILED rating from us unfortunately. 

The main problem was the staking was far too high but even with level staking it would have made a loss so it’s back to the drawing board with this one we’re afraid. 







Bank Builder – Results Update

5th February 2019

Sadly we are pretty much bust now on Cycle 2 of Bank Builder, with just $29 left from a starting bank of $1,000 and with another $500 thrown in. 

In terms of the recent results, they have lost another $51 since our last update a month ago and are now $499 down for the trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

So all in all it looks like this one is heading for the failed pile when we wrap up our review shortly. 

In essence we think there is potentially value in backing strong favourites in football, but this season just hasn’t worked out for the big teams in Europe.

Plus we think the staking approach of wagering 33% of the bank on each selection is far too high.

As we say we’ll be back soon to finalise our review but it looks like the writing’s on the wall for this one unfortunately.  





Bank Builder – Results Update

2nd January 2019

Not much change for football service Bank Builder lately, with a profit of $35 since our last update.

But unfortunately they are still $448 down for our trial overall after the previous losses.

You can view full results here.

It will take something pretty incredible to rebuild the bank here after the losses suffered and also quite a bit of time.  

The over/under service (results on second tab of spreadsheet) has also had a tough run lately, losing $116 since our last update and is now $55 down for our trial overall.

The problem with an approach like the one used for the over/unders service is that when you are backing at odds of around 1.06, one or two losses can wipe out a lot of previous wins and that is what’s happened recently. 







Bank Builder – Results Update

28th November 2018

The brutal run continues for Bank Builder, with a further $316 lost since our last update. 

That means for Cycle 2 they are now $1455 down, which is a pretty hefty drawdown to say the least. For Cycle 1 they made $972 profit, which means for the trial overall they are $483 down.

You can view full results here.

This is sadly a case where pretty much everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Their chosen strategy – of backing supposed “bankers” in the top leagues – has coincided with one of the worst runs of form in recent memory for teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona. 

They have recently decided to scrap Cycle 2 and commence a new Cycle, which is OK if you joined right at the start of Cycle 1 and made some decent profits there, but for those who joined for Cycle 2 the bank will be nearly all gone, so it is a question of whether you have the funds (and the patience) to try another cycle. 

They have also added a new strategy of backing in over/under markets, which we have included in a second tab on the results spreadsheet. That strategy is currently $61 up.

All in all this has been a trial that started off with great hope and excitement but has been rather blown to pieces over the last couple of months. 

We had concerns the staking was far too aggressive at 33% of the bank for each selection and that has been borne out. Staking at 10% or even 5% may have been more appropriate and avoided the huge drawdowns. That is the approach they went for however and whilst it looks great when things go well, we have seen what happens when things go the other way. 






Bank Builder – Results Update

22nd October 2018

It’s been something of a horror story for Bank Builder lately, with a big loss of $1,043 since our last update at the end of September.

That means for Cycle 2 they are now $1,141 down, but made $972 profit in Cycle 1 so are $169 down for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

Now of course you may be wondering how they are still going in Cycle 2 if their starting bank is $1,000 and they are $1,141 down for the Cycle.

Well, on 26th September they put in an extra $500 to the bank – a so-called “Wild Card” – to help keep things going. 

Sadly it hasn’t helped much and either way most of your bank for Cycle 2 would be gone, whether you put in that extra $500 or not. They use a fixed percentage of the bank each time, so in theory the bank can never be wiped out, but if it ends up getting too small then realistically the chances of building it back up to a profit become pretty remote. 

It is worth mentioning that this recent downturn has coincided with one of the worst runs of form for the top teams you could imagine. It is difficult to remember a time when Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich all struggled so badly at the same time – and those are the kind of teams they bet on. 

You could question of course the merits of still backing these teams at such a time, particularly Real Madrid who have been really poor so far this season after losing Christiano Ronaldo. 

In any event though, the position for the trial overall isn’t too bad so you just have to put the recent run down to an exceptionally unlucky set of results and hope that things improve fairly rapidly for them. 






Bank Builder – Results Update

29th September 2018

The first cycle of football betting system Bank Builder completed successfully with just under $1,000 profit made, but the second one has proved more of a roller coaster ride with some big ups and downs so far. 

Currently they are $98 down for Cycle Two, which isn’t actually too bad when you consider some of the results that have against them like Bayern Munich and Barcelona both not winning in the same weekend.

You can view full results here.

It is worth bearing in mind when looking at the spreadsheet that they injected an extra $500 on 26th September to boost the bank. That is optional but means you can stake slightly more on the bets. The target for the cycle also goes up by $500, so they are now trying to win $1,500. 

There have been some surprising results lately so let’s hope that spell is over and they can get the profit cycle back on track now. 




Bank Builder – Results Update

26th August 2018

A quick update to say that indeed Bank Builder did manage to complete the Cycle and double the bank so they will already be commencing Cycle 2 today.

You can view full results here.

What an amazing run it was with 100% of bets winning and it only taking just over two weeks to double the bank. Some services don’t manage that in an entire year!

Just a note to say that the bank actually grew 97% rather than 100% but they felt the risk / reward ratio did not warrant the extra bet just to achieve the few extra pounds to make it exactly 100%. There will be many occasions where they hit 105%, 110% or even 120%, so over time they expect it to average out any way.

Please be aware that Cycle 2 will start at 5pm UK time today (Sunday), so if you want to get involved in the next go at doubling your bank you can do so here. 





Bank Builder – Results Update

23rd August 2018

It’s been a great start to our trial of Bank Builder, with all the bets having won so far (100% strike rate) and the bank having grown by 76.6% – or $766 if starting with a $1,000 bank. 

You can view full results here.

So they are close to having doubled the bank already in just a few weeks which is impressive stuff.

If all goes to plan then they could double the bank and complete the first Cycle in the next 2-3 bets, after which the next Cycle would start straight away.

Staking is quite aggressive as a portion of the bank, so you want to start with a bank and staking you are comfortable with.

As long as you do that though then this is looking like a top quality system. There are no worries about price availability either because they are betting on the top football leagues where there is masses of liquidity.

Anyway, let’s hope it all goes smoothly and they complete the Cycle in the next few days. 

You can sign up for the next Cycle here. 








Bank Builder – New Review

3rd August 2018

Before the World Cup we highlighted Football Advisor as a service to follow and they went on to rack up a very nice 28 units profit from the tournament.

Well now they are launching a new system for the upcoming football season and it looks very interesting.

It is called Bank Builder and they ran it last year, when it made an overall profit of £4,267.19, across the four active Cycles that they ran.

The idea is to bet on football using a smart staking strategy which firstly protects your betting bank, while allowing for compounding, capitalising on short winning streaks to deliver accelerated growth over short periods of time and to double your betting bank (each one being a “cycle”).

With a full season ahead, they are expecting to run between 6 and 10 cycles over the 2018/19 season.

Already 85% of the members from last year have signed on again this year and they have decided to open a limited number of spots for new members to join them on their rapid bank growth strategy.

Here is what they say you can expect from Bank Builder:

• Aim to double your betting bank
• Guaranteed that you will never go bankrupt or lose all of your betting bank
• The cost of the service will be between 2% and 20% of your returns
• You will win between 80% and 95% of all of your bets

This looks very intriguing and we are going to be running a live trial of it at Honest Betting Reviews to see if it can deliver on those claims.

If you want to check it out for yourself you can do so here – please note the first cycle starts this weekend so there isn’t much time left to sign up.

With the expertise of Football Advisor behind this one we can see it has a chance of doing well, although as always the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

We will aim to run a three month trial, although how long the trial lasts will depend to some extent on the length of the cycles but hopefully we will get through at least one of the cycles within three months.

Anyway, as we say things are due to kick off this weekend so without further ado we will get the trial underway and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Bank Builder here. 






Bookie's enemy pic

The BSP Tipster – Final Review

Well you may have seen this one coming but unfortunately yet another tipster has decided to call it quits before our trial has even finished. 

Yes last week we received an e-mail from Carlo saying it seems difficult to consistently make money with the BSP Tipster so was calling it a day. 

We had said this would be the “holy grail” of tipping if it had worked so a shame to see it giving up so soon after only being around 15 points down but there you are. 

So another service for the FAILED/DEFUNCT pile – which seems to be growing exponentially at the moment! 





The BSP Tipster – Results Update

2nd February 2019

The new tipster Carlo who has taken over at The BSP Tipster is finding it just as difficult to make a profit at Betfair SP as the previous one unfortunately, with a loss of 11 points so far. 

You can view full results here. 

It is early day though with only just over a month of tips from Carlo, so plenty of time to turn things around and get into profit. 

Back soon with more updates. 





The BSP Tipster – Results Update

27th December 2018

After going 50 points down for our trial, the original tipster with The BSP Tipster (Gaz from the Bookies Enemy) has decided to fall on his sword and call it a day. 

However, a new tipster called Carlo who also specialises in betting at Betfair SP has stepped in and is now providing the tips. 

As for all intents and purposes this is a new service, we will be starting the trial again from when Carlo started providing the selections, which was on 20th December. 

On the results spreadsheet we have separated it into two tabs – “Carlo” and “Gaz” – so you can follow the new results from 20th December on the first tab (Carlo). The previous results from Gaz are also there for reference purposes on the second tab. 

So let’s see how the new tipster gets on. Making a profit at BSP is a challenge but it would be something of a holy grail if it could be done so let’s keep our fingers crossed. 





The BSP Tipster – Results Update

20th November 2018

After a good start to our trial, unfortunately things have gone a little pear-shaped for The BSP Tipster, with 25 points lost over the last month.

That puts them 14 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here. 

The nice thing about this service is that obviously all bets are at BSP so you know you can match the published results and it’s very quick to place the bets. 

It was always going to be a tough ask to make a profit at BSP but it’s still relatively early days with this one and plenty of time to turn things around. 







The BSP Tipster – Results Update

15th October 2018

It’s been a good start to our trial of the BSP Tipster – the horse racing tipster who tips at Betfair SP so you know you can match their results. It is from the same tipster behind the very successful Bookies Enemy service. 

So far after just under a month of following the tips we are 11 points up.

You can view full results here. 

Tips are normally sent out around lunchtime the day of racing so with a couple of hours or more to get the bets on. But using BSP it takes very little time to place the bets which is good.

Anyway, good to see this off to a positive start and let’s hope it continues. 





The BSP Tipster – New Review

18th September 2018

It’s the age-old problem. You sign up to a tipster, do well for a while and all is rosy.

Then one of the bookies sends you a curt e-mail telling you that your account has been restricted and you can only place minimal £1 or £2 bets.

So you continue on with other bookies for a while, but eventually most of your accounts go the same way.

Ultimately you decide you need a tipster that is profitable at Betfair SP, so you can rid yourselves of the bookies for good and just go about your business on the exchanges.

Well if that scenario sounds like one you have encountered, then today we may have the answer for you. 

Yes, today we are going to start a trial of a tipster devoted to making a profit specifically at Betfair SP.

The tipster in question is called – quite aptly – The BSP Tipster (BSP being short for Betfair SP of course).

The beauty of BSP is that you can be sure everyone will achieve the same results as those published by the tipster. 

Plus it is quicker to place your bets as you don’t have to go around searching for the best prices, log in to various bookie websites and deposit funds into each one etc.

Anyway, whilst we can go on and on extolling the virtues of betting at Betfair SP, the question still remains as to how good the tipster actually is.

That is of course what we are here to find out, but the results achieved to date look very promising in any event. 

They have made over 60 points profit since May 2018 at a return on investment of 17% and and 28% strike rate, which are encouraging stats to have achieved all at BSP.

The service comes from the same man behind The Bookies Enemy, one of the best services we have reviewed this year. with a profit of over £4,500 made to just £10 stakes since starting up, so it looks like we are in good hands with this one. 

Of course, you’re under no obligation to use these bets to Betfair SP and you can place the bets with any bookmaker you wish – perhaps BetVictor as they now guarantee to accept all bets to win £500. 

But there has been huge demand for a service to provide tips and record results at Betfair SP, and this is it. 

Plus the good news is that for the rest of September they’re running a Special Offer of 3 months for £29, whereas normally it’s £79 per 3 months.

Just click on the banner at the top of the tipster page that has a countdown until the end of September.

Anyway, without further ado we will get the trial underway and will aim to run our standard three month trial of this one. 

We will report back here on how things are going during the trial.

In the meantime you can check out The BSP Tipster here.














MK Horse Racing Tips

MK Horse Racing Tips – Final Review

We remarked the other day about sounding like a broken record regarding services closing down before we had even finished our review of them. Well today we sound even more like a broken record!

Yes unfortunately we received an e-mail last Thursday from MK saying that he had decided to fall on his sword and close down the service as things had clearly gone wrong. 

Well to be fair things hadn’t gone that wrong as he was still 20 points up since July – many tipsters lose hundreds of points before considering closing their service.

But sadly in the tipping world sometimes treading water is as bad as losing from the point of view of maintaining subscribers, so it is understandable if MK decided it wasn’t worth continuing.

Either way it’s another service on the scrapheap unfortunately and we are getting to the point where we will be glad just to complete a review at the moment!









MK Horse Racing Tips – Results Update

21st December 2018

It’s been a solid start to our trial of MK Horse Racing Tips. So far after one month of our trial they are 4 points up at advised prices.

You can view full results here.

Interestingly they are doing better at Betfair SP than at advised prices so far, with a profit of 22 points made at BSP.

You don’t see that very often so will be interesting to find out whether it persists for the remainder of our trial. A good start though anyway and let’s hope it continues. 






MK Horse Racing Tips – New Review

19th November 2018

Today we are starting a trial of a horse racing tipster with a bit of a twist. 

This tipster bets not just on singles on the horses but also does doubles, trebles and 4-folds. 

They are called MK Horse Racing Tips and come from the Betting Gods network of tipsters. 

Results so far look pretty decent, with over 57 points profit made to a return on investment of 22% and a strike rate of 26% since starting tipping back in July.

That equates to over £114 per month profit on average to £10 stakes and bank growth of over 75%

So it looks like a promising service, plus it has the added bonus of potentially winning big if one of their multiples comes in! 

Hopefully it will still be profitable just on the basis of the single bets but we will see. 

We will run our normal three month trial and will report back soon on how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out MK Horse Racing Tips here.






Racing Exchange

Racing Exchange – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Racing Exchange and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:  -122 points
Strike Rate:  20%
Bank Growth:  -24%
ROI:  -10%
Average Number of Bets:  13 per day
Cost:  £9.99 for 1st month then £19.95/month


You can view full results here.


Racing Exchange – Full Review


At the start of this trial we were excited that we may have found the “holy grail” of horse racing services – something that was consistently profitable at Betfair SP. 

Certainly the results published prior to our trial suggested that was the case, with over 3,000 points profit made to BSP according to the Tipster Street website. 

Sadly though our trial of Racing Exchange ended up dashing those hopes, with a loss of 122 points made over the course of our three month review. 

With a return on investment of -10% and a loss of nearly a quarter of the bank (or half of the original bank advised), it is rather stating the obvious to say this was a very tough trial. 

As you can see below, it went into loss straight away and never recovered, despite a small rally towards the end. 

So there isn’t much to say other than this receives a FAILED rating and our elusive search for a tipster who can consistently generate a profit at Betfair SP continues. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  A high-volume service with around 13 bets per day on average, although the good news is you can place all the bets at Betfair SP which means a lot less time spent than placing the bets at the bookies. Bets are normally sent out in the morning at around 9-10am UK time.  

Availability of prices: No issue on this one as all bets can be placed at Betfair SP.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 20%, which is a little on the low side and would mean a degree of patience is required for following this service. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 500 point betting bank is now advised for following the service, which has increased from the 250 point bank that was advised when we started our review. Given the results we think that is a sensible move.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are £9.99 for the first month then £19.95 per month after that.



Unfortunately it was a very tough trial for Racing Exchange with a loss of 122 points made. With results like those it is perhaps no surprise that this receives a FAILED rating from us. 







Racing Exchange – Results Update

17th December 2018

More losses unfortunately for Racing Exchange, although at least they weren’t as severe this time compared to our previous update. 

Since our last update they have lost a further 9 points, putting them 157 points down for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

It will need something pretty spectacular to turn this around given the losses accrued to date.

It’s another example though of why it’s a good idea to wait and see how something performs under a live trial before risking your own money on it. Certainly it would have been pretty painful if you had risked your own money on this so far. 





Racing Exchange – Results Update

14th November 2018

Oh dear.

Call it what you will – sod’s law, the reviewer’s curse – but unfortunately our trial of Racing Exchange has got off to a disastrous start. 

So far after just under a month, they are 148 points down.

You can view full results here.

One thing we can say is that at least they advise a reasonably-sized bank at 250 points, so the bank has not been wiped out yet. 

Certainly though this is a lot worse than we were expecting, with their previous worst month prior to our trial losing just 12 points. 

We had high hopes for this one with supposed profits of 3,000 points coming into our trial, but sadly so far it is not living up to those expectations.

Many people would have given up by now (and understandably so) but we will continue our trial for the full three months – or until the bank is wiped out if that ends up happening. 





Racing Exchange – New Review

18th October 2018

One of the perks of running a review site like this is that we get contacted about all manner of interesting and innovative new betting systems and strategies. 

A lot of the time these come with lots of hype but turn out to be a load of rubbish, whilst some are so obviously scams they aren’t even worth taking seriously. 

But occasionally something lands in our inbox that looks truly exciting. 

And we have just received one such e-mail this week. 

It concerns a new betting service called Racing Exchange that boasts what are some of the best results we have ever seen. 

Since early last year they have made a phenomenal 3,000 points profit to 1 point level stakes. That would be an amazing £30,000 profit to £10 stakes or £15,000 to just £5 stakes.  

That has been achieved with a solid strike rate of 22% and an almost unheard of ROI of 68%.

On a monthly basis that would work out at an average of over £1,400 per month profit to just £10 stakes, which is an outstanding return. 

Not only that, but the results are all at Betfair SP! Yes that’s right, you don’t even need bookie accounts to follow the service. 

Really the results are quite amazing and they are on the borderline of being too good to be true to be honest. However, the service is run out of the Tipster Street stable of tipsters who say they have proofed the results since early last year. We know the Tipster Street team and have always found them to be honest so we don’t doubt the published results and what they say. 

Of course we don’t just take their word for it though – that is why we are here, to test these systems out and see if they live up to expectations.

So we will run a live trial of Racing Exchange and see if they can replicate the phenomenal results published on the website for the last 20 months or so. 

Looking at the results, it is interesting that they have an incredible record backing horses over 100/1, with over 1500 of their points coming from those, including one at over 800/1!

Those at smaller prices are also profitable though, so it is not just a question of them having picked a few lucky long-shots. 

In any event, this does look very promising so we can’t wait to see how they get on under live conditions. So please check back here for regular results update on how the trial is going if you are also interested in finding out.

In the meantime you can check out Racing Exchange for yourself here. 







tennis racquet and ball

Top Tennis Tipster – Final Review

We seem to be saying this quite a lot lately – but unfortunately the Top Tennis Tipster service has been discontinued. It hadn’t been going long so a shame to see it go so quickly, particularly as results weren’t too bad. 

But there you are, the world of tipping as ever is a very tough one and consistent profits are needed to maintain a membership base.

Anyway, it’s into the failed/defunct pile for this one we’re afraid and time to move onto the next review…




Top Tennis Tipster – Results Update

22nd December 2018

Not much change for Top Tennis Tipster since our last update a month ago, with 5 points lost in that time. 

Overall that means they are 10 points down for our trial so far. 

You can view full results here.

They have continued tipping through the off season with bets in challenger and lesser events, which can be a little trappy. However with the main season getting underway in under a couple of weeks hopefully that will help things to pick up. 





Top Tennis Tipster – Results Update

18th November 2018

It’s been a slow start to our trial of Top Tennis Tipster, with a loss of 5 points made so far. 

You can view full results here.

The bets come in quite a variety of tournaments, from the top ones down to Challenger events so you have to do a little bit of shopping around sometimes to find the best odds in the more obscure events. 

With the tennis season effectively ending today, there may not be a huge number of bets over the next few weeks but we will see if they provide selections in some of the end of season stuff.  





Top Tennis Tipster – New Review

25th October 2018

They say that things often come in threes and in the case of exciting new tennis betting services, that certainly seems to be the case for us.

We have recently started trials of Tennis Goldmine and Ace Tennis Previews, both of which look like they could be successful services.

Well today we have another one and it is rather appropriately called Top Tennis Tipster.

Apparently it is run by someone who is a full-time, professional tennis bettor standing by to share his personal bets and experience with you.

They cover match winners and correct score bets on action all around the world.

The results so far look pretty strong, with over 50 points profit made since June at a return on investment of over 9%, which represents a more than doubling of the bank in just a few short months.

Bets come in a variety of different markets including Challenger events and doubles matches as well as the more established ATP and WTA events. 

There is quite a high volume of bets, with around 80-100 per month, but that should be manageable for most punters to place a few bets per day. 

So we now have three promising tennis betting services to get stuck into and it will be interesting to see which, if any, of them, emerge as winners. 

We will post results here periodically during the trial so you can see how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out Top Tennis Tipster here. 






Ultimate Golf Tips

Ultimate Golf Tips – Final Review

We have reached the end of our six month trial of Ultimate Golf Tips and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:  -93 points
Strike Rate:  11%
Bank Growth:  -47%
ROI:  -22%
Average number of bets:  8 per week
Cost:  90 day trial for £30 or £34.99/month


You can view full results here.


Ultimate Golf Tips – Full Review


Ultimate Golf Tips is a golf betting specialist from the Tipsters Empire stable and provides selections in both PGA and European Tour events. 

They started off our trial very well with some big priced winners at 20/1 and 16/1 and some good place finishes too, putting them nearly 100 points up at one stage. 

Sadly though things went sharply downhill from mid-August onwards and they finished our trial with a loss of 93 points. 

That represented nearly half of the 200 point bank and any members who joined in mid-August would have lost nearly the whole bank by now. 

That’s the way it often goes in golf betting – where a long losing streak can be turned around by one big winner, but how long do you wait for that winner to come along?

For most people it would be too much to take to lose the best part of 100 or 200 points, so they would be out by now.

Whichever way you look at it though, a loss of 93 points over the course of a six month trial is a pretty disappointing return. 

So it’s a FAILED rating from us unfortunately for Ultimate Golf Tips despite the promising start. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: As with most golf services, pretty straightforward to use with just a few bets per week, normally sent out on Tuesday and Wednesday with plenty of time to get the bets on. 

Availability of prices: We didn’t experience any problem getting the advised prices and sometimes even beat them using Betfair. 

Strike rate: The strike rate during the trial was 11%, which is actually fairly typical for a golf service but would need to be a little higher to generate some decent profits here. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 200 point bank is advised for following the service, which if you joined at the wrong time would be almost gone now. We think a 300-400 point bank would be more appropriate. 

Subscription costs: You can get a 90 day trial for £30 (new customers only), then the costs revert to £34.99 per month, £87.50 per quarter, £157.50 for 6 months or £279.99/year.



Unfortunately with a substantial loss of 93 points during our extended six-month trial, there is little option other than to award Ultimate Golf Tips a FAILED rating. 

Following golf tipsters does take a lot of patience and a big betting bank, so it is worth bearing that in mind if you are going to follow this or any other golf service. 






Ultimate Golf Tips – Results Update

19th November 2018

This is one of those trials that started off very promisingly, going over 90 points up at one stage but has sadly been on the slide since then. 

From the time of our last update just over a month ago they have dropped a further 69 points and are now 67 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

As we have said before losing runs like this are not unusual in golf when you are tipping at big odds and it takes nerves of steel to see them out.

But they are going to need a turnaround in form soon or we suspect there won’t be too many subscribers left to see any kind of improvement they do enjoy.







Ultimate Golf Tips – Results Update

10th October 2018

After a difficult August, the tough run continued in September for Ultimate Golf Tips unfortunately, with 31 points lost since our last update just over a month ago.

That means that after going 95 points up for the trial at one point, they are now pretty much back where they started at just 2 points up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

This has shown the typical nature of golf betting, which can often be a very up and down experience, with one big winner followed by weeks or even months of losing bets – and vice versa.

It is crucial to have a big betting bank and plenty of patience when following a golf tipster because this kind of experience is just par for the course really (if you’ll forgive the pun). 

We are going to continue our trial of Ultimate Golf Tips because we have seen enough promise to believe they could turn out to be a top tipster and hopefully the last couple of months have just been a bump in the road to success.

We will see anyway, but we have a number of good events over the rest of the season to find out, not least the British Masters at Walton Heath which starts tomorrow and should be a cracking event to get stuck into. 






Ultimate Golf Tips – Results Update

6th September 2018

August was a tough month for Ultimate Golf Tips, with a loss of 41 points made over the month.

However, they are still well in profit for our trial, sitting 33 points up overall.

You can view full results here.

The month started off well with a placed finish on Thorbjorn Olesen at the Bridgestone Invitational at 100/1, but after that there were slim pickings unfortunately.

Still, as we say they are still in profit overall so can’t complain too much and let’s hope they get back to winning ways in September.






Ultimate Golf Tips – Results Update

31st July 2018

It’s been an excellent start to our trial of Ultimate Golf Tips, with 74 points profit made so far after one month. 

You can view full results here.

The highlights so far include Francesco Molinari winning the Quicken Loans at 20/1, Alex Noren winning the Open de France at 16/1 and a couple of big place finishes at 150/1 and 80/1.

The service is also five out of five for its in-tournament bets, most notably on Sunday with Richard McEvoy tipped to triumph in the European Open at 11/2.

From reading the comments with the tips you can tell the provider of the service really knows their stuff and has a keen eye for value and which players to take on under pressure. 

So far we are really liking the look of this tipster and think it could be a top service within the golf betting sphere. 






Ultimate Golf Tips – New Review

2nd July 2018

We recently started a trial of a golf tipster after not having reviewed a new one for a while and as so often seems to be the case, almost immediately we have another one to look at.

This one is called Ultimate Golf Tips and it looks extremely promising. We have to say we haven’t had expectations this high heading into a trial for a while. 

That’s partly because having started to send out the tips last week, they have not only gone and landed one winner, but actually two winners in their first week of tipping!

Those winners were Alex Noren in the Open de France, with a 2 point win bet at 16/1 netting 32 points profit and then Francesco Molinari at the Quicken Loans National at 20/1, also a 2 point win for 40 points profit.

Overall Ultimate Golf Tips made a very impressive 60 points profit on the week. What a start!

But that doesn’t seem to have just been a flash in the pan. The results over the last few months look excellent, with nearly 150 points profit having been at a return on investment of 74%.

And the man behind the service seems to really know his stuff too. Apparently he has been involved in golf betting personally for nearly three decades and has punted golf on a professional basis for nearly 15 years now.

He has worked with several bookmakers and odds compilers during this time and has connections to both the European Tour and the PGA Tour in America. He bets on each of the two main tours and has many contacts on each if he needs to find out course conditions, players form and many other variables; and he gives detailed reasoning and feedback on each selection. 

From what we have seen so far and the detailed write-ups that go with the selections, this certainly seems to be the case and he clearly knows his stuff.

Anyway, we don’t want to get too carried away with building this one up and potentially jinx them, but it’s nice to have started off with some winners and it’s rare to find someone who seems to really have expertise in their field.

Let’s hope that turns into some consistent profits over the next few months of our trial. We will be carrying out an extended six month trial here to give it a fair chance as golf betting can be quite volatile when you are betting at high odds.

So please check back here for regular updates on how the trial is going.

In the meantime you can check out Ultimate Golf Tips here.








genesis mining

Genesis Mining – Final Review

It is now a year since we signed up to a contract to mine the cryptocurrency Monero with Genesis Mining and so it’s time to wrap up our review.

Basically Genesis Mining is a company that allows you to “mine” cryptocurrency – or in other words participate in verifying transactions on the blockchain and receive rewards for it. You receive a daily payout and can then transfer the proceeds from your Genesis account to another wallet and convert it to fiat currency (real money). 

You can choose to mine a variety of cryptocurrencies but at the time we signed up Monero was the best available so that was the one we chose to mine. 

The overall results are as follows:

  • Amount Invested: $819
  • Returns to Date: 1.83 Monero (current value = $82)

We still have a year left to run on our contract but even with that we are looking at a substantial loss here. Suffice to say this has been a disaster and one of the worst investments we have ever made.

The main problem in reality has been the crash in the cryptocurrency market that has affected the price of Monero (and just about all other cryptocurrencies).

At one stage, Monero was worth over $400 and at those prices we would have just about recouped our investment by now. 

But alas it is currently worth just $45 and the returns have therefore been pitiful. 

In terms of the mining itself, it has also been disappointing in that we were projected to receive 6 Monero per year at the start of our contract but have in fact received less than 2 so far. 

This is in large part down to increases in the “difficulty” of mining – or in other words more people participating in mining thus reducing the slice of the pie that each person gets. 

So there isn’t much left to say other than that this receives an epic FAILED rating from us and is not something we could recommend to anyone. 

Looking at the bigger picture, cryptocurrency had an astonishing run last year and those who got in early enough would have made a lot of money, but in reality it is a highly speculative market with most coins having no underlying value and many having no purpose.

It has also been a magnet for scammers and spammers of all kinds which has further tarnished cryptocurrency’s reputation and damaged its long-term prospects. 

Will the current slide in the market continue or will cryptocurrency someday recover its lustre?

Who knows, it is anyone’s guess really. But the wild ride experienced over the last couple of years should be a salutary lesson to everyone involved about the risks of participating in an unregulated investment and just how much markets can be driven by hype and hyperbole rather than fundamental value. 

No doubt someone will write a book about the whole thing at some point, but for the time being we are definitely out of the crypto markets and anything related to them. 






Genesis Mining – Results Update

6th April 2018

It’s been a while since we updated our ill-fated investment in the cryptocurrency scheme Genesis Mining so we thought high time for an update.

The main news is that we have now mined one Monero in total, which is the equivalent of around $121 at the time of writing. That is from an initial investment of $819. 

Last time we reported that Genesis would no longer be able to mine Monero and would be mining other coins instead and converting them to Monero for those of us holding Monero contracts.

Well that all seems to have worked reasonably well, with payouts having resumed and actually increased over the last few days to around 0.006 Monero per day, which is the equivalent of around 2 Monero per year.

However, that is still well below the initial payouts we were receiving when our contract started and nowhere near enough to pay back our initial investment, unless Monero skyrockets in price at some point.

In that case though we would still have been better to just hold Monero originally rather than invest in mining, so either way this is looking like a dead duck and perhaps one of the worst investments we have ever made.

You live and learn as they say. 






Genesis Mining – Results Update

6th April 2018

Well our investment in Genesis Mining has descended into farce since our last update.

Firstly, they have set a minimum payout level of 0.4 Monero, in what seems to us a completely arbitrary and unnecessary move. They don’t even show how much Monero we have mined, so we can’t even update our figures here.

Secondly, Monero is undergoing a fork and will switch to a new algorithm, meaning Genesis won’t even be able to mine it anymore. They say it’s ok, they will switch to “mining the best coins available and converting them to Monero for you.” But forgive us if we are a little sceptical.

Finally, the returns from mining have crashed so badly it’s probably all irrelevant anyway. There is a very good article here explaining why investments in mining have suffered so badly, but suffice to say they aren’t likely to improve anytime soon. 

So the bottom line here is that it looks like we would have been better just buying some Monero at the outset and holding it rather than investing in mining.

We certainly wouldn’t advise anyone to invest in cryptocurrency mining from Genesis or anybody else for the time being, unless things radically change. The bubble has well and truly burst. 






Genesis Mining – Results Update

24th February 2018

We have earned another 0.08 Monero with Genesis Mining since our last update, which means we have now mined 0.81 Monero in total.

Unfortunately they have had problems with recording the payments so we aren’t able to update the daily results.

But the current situation is that we are earning around 0.004 Monero per day, compared to around 0.016 at the outset, so a massive drop. 

This is due to the mining difficulty increasing, which is indicative of more and more people entering the mining game, so the mining rewards are shared among a greater number of people. 

It’s not surprising really when you have something that’s so profitable and the barriers to entry are as low that every man and his dog wants a piece of the action.

The reality is that if the difficulty keeps increasing then we will end up mining pretty much zero Monero and it will be pointless.

At the moment it is looking like it probably would have been better to just buy six Monero with our $800 at the outset rather than buy a mining contract, because it looks very unlikely we are going to end up with more than six Monero. That is just how the cookie crumbles sometimes though, at the time it looked like a very profitable endeavour.

Anyway, we will keep on monitoring things and see if there is any way to improve our returns going forward. 




Genesis Mining – Results Update

5th February 2018

We have earned another 0.23 Monero from our Genesis Mining contract, which means we have now mined 0.73 Monero in total since our contract started in November.

You can view full results here.

For some reason on our Genesis Mining account there are a few days missing, which means the total on our spreadsheet is less than we have actually mined. We have contacted Genesis Mining to ask them why that is the case.

Anyway, the 0.73 Monero we have mined so far would be quite good, apart from the fact that the recent cryptocurrency market crash has meant the price of Monero is back down to just $193 whereas it was over $400 a month ago!

Whilst that is disappointing, at the same time prices may well bounce back over the next few months, so unless you are wanting to cash out your earnings then it shouldn’t really be a problem.






Genesis Mining – Results Update

3rd January 2018

We have now mined just over 0.5 Monero since our contract with Genesis Mining started around six weeks ago.

With Monero priced at $400 at the time of writing, that means we have made just over $200 worth of Monero in six weeks, which is pretty good.

You can view full results here.

Just a reminder that our original investment was $819, so we are nearly a quarter of the way to recouping our investment already.

As you can see from the results, the amount of Monero we are mining each day has dropped quite a lot since the start of the contract (by about half), but that is just a reflection of the price of Monero having more than doubled in that time, so the difficulty of the mining has increased and the two things pretty much cancel each other out.

Anyway, we are quite pleased with this as a passive income stream and once we have earned enough Monero, we could consider reinvesting it into more mining power to increase our earnings exponentially.

That time is quite a way off so we will have to wait and see what we do then, but it is a case of so far so good with Genesis Mining.






Genesis Mining – Results Update

3rd December 2017

We are a couple of weeks into our investment with Genesis Mining and so far things have been going well.

We have mined 0.218 Monero so far, which equates to around $45 at the time of writing with Monero priced at $205 per coin. Our investment at the start was $819.

You can view full results here.

If the current rates continued, then we would end up with approximately 11.5 Monero at the end of our 2-year contract, which would be a return of around $2,340.

Things aren’t likely to stay at the same rate in terms of the amount of Monero mined though, because as the price goes up, the mining difficulty also goes up and you end up mining less coin.

Roughly speaking though the two things should even themselves out.

Either way, it’s looking like an excellent passive income investment so far as we haven’t had to do anything – just sit back and watch the Monero roll in. Good stuff.





Genesis Mining – New Review

19th November 2017

Here at Honest Betting Review we have recently moved into the cryptocurrency space in the hope of landing some of the phenomenal returns that have been generated in it.

As well as buying some Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we have also participated in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) of companies like Electroneum and joined lending platforms such as Bitconnect.

Now we are investing in the mining of cryptocurrencies, another way to potentially profit from the crypto world.

We recently started a review of the BitClub Network and will be mining some Bitcoin through that platform.

And today we are starting a new trial of another mining platform called Genesis Mining.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the idea of mining crytocurrencies, basically what it entails is using considerable computing power to verify transactions made using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and to ensure their smooth functioning.

For providing these services, miners are provided with a share of the coin that is generated. This can be very lucrative if the coin being mined is valuable, for example with Bitcoin being worth over $7,000 currently.

Genesis Mining has been around for three years and is a reputable and well-known mining company. They apparently have over a million members and are the world’s leading cloud mining platform.

They have a level of transparency often absent from the crypto space, with members able to view their mining farms and there are a number of videos showing their mining operations in action.

By investing in a company like Genesis Mining, you are essentially renting the mining hardware for a fixed period for a given fee.

Then however much coin is mined each day is paid directly to you, which you can withdraw, invest in more mining or convert to another cryptocurrency.

Some of the advantages of Genesis Mining are that:

  • – The mining equipment is already set up so you can start earning straight away
  • – You can mine a range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero and Zcash.
  • – You can choose your payouts in different cryptocurrencies from the one mined in
  • – You can start mining with as little as $28
  • – You can pay by credit card so don’t need to go through the complex process of buying a cryptocurrency first

So all in all Genesis Mining looks like a very good offering and one we are looking forward to testing.

Unfortunately at the moment all their Bitcoin mining contracts are sold out, so having done some research we think the next best coin to mine at the moment is Monero.

So we have bought a Monero contract of 1000 H/s for $819.

The H/s is the mining power you are getting – the more powerful, the more coin you will mine.

Using the calculator at cryptocompare it estimates we would receive $825 profit per year, which would work out as a return on investment of over 200% over the 2-year lifetime of the contract.

However, that doesn’t account for the potential increase in the price of Monero over that time, nor for the potential to reinvest some of the earnings into more mining power.

So for example if we mined six Monero coins per year and the price of the coin doubled each year, we would actually receive $4680 worth of Monero and a return on investment of nearly 600%.

Of course, the price of Monero could actually drop and the difficulty of the mining could increase (reducing the amount of coin mined) so these numbers are just rough estimates really, but they give you some guidance as to what is possible anyway.

We will probably look to mine some other coins with Genesis Mining as well. It isn’t clear when Bitcoin will be available again, so we may mine some Ethereum and Litecoin in the meantime.

As we say with all cryptocurrency-related investments, if you are thinking of investing in this please only risk money you can afford to lose. Although Genesis Mining looks about as solid and legitimate as it gets in the crypto world, there is still a risk things could go wrong and you could lose your investment.

Anyway, in terms of th review we will update progress here regularly so you can see how we are doing with our mining.

In the meantime you can check out Genesis Mining and GET A 3% DISCOUNT on any purchase you make by using the Code 0yHBEq here.






Rods Runners-US

Rod’s US Runners – Final Review

We’ve been saying this quite a lot lately but sadly another service has been discontinued before we have even finished our review of it. 

Rod’s US Runners was actually doing well at the time of our last update, with 172 points profit  made to that point, but hit a bit of a tough run and it was agreed my mutual consent between Rod and Betting Gods to close both his US Runners service and his main Rod’s Runners service.

So this is another one to add to the FAILED/DEFUNCT pile unfortunately and another reminder of just how rare those really good systems and tipsters are that stick around for the long term. 






Rod’s US Runners – Results Update

8th October 2018

It’s been a tough run lately for Rod’s US Runners, with 56 points lost since our last update back in September. 

But even with that drawdown, Rod is still well up for the trial, 172 points up in fact.

You can view full results here.

It just goes to show once again the importance of having patience and a sufficient betting bank to cover the losing streaks. They will happen from time to time even with the best tipsters.

Hopefully the recent form is just a blip and Rod will get back to winning ways shortly. 





Rod’s US Runners – Results Update

12th September 2018

It’s been a good run for Rod’s US Runners since our last update, with another 51 points profit made in that time.

That means we are now 228 points up for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

As with the main Rod’s Runners service, there are a high quantity of bets with this service, so you need to set aside some time each afternoon/evening to place the bets – and have a decent sized bank too.

But from what we’ve seen so far this is looking very impressive and every bit as good as Rod’s main service. 





Rod’s US Runners – Results Update

3rd August 2018

A small decline for Rod’s US Runners since our last update, with 13 points lost in that time.

Overall though it is still doing very well, sitting at 177 points up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

The nice thing about betting on US racing is that it gives you something to focus on after UK racing has finished, with betting going on late into the evening. 

And the US Racing market could really open up now that gambling can be legalised in US states, so we could well see more interest and liquidity on the markets and that should be good for those wagering on the geegees stateside.  






Rod’s US Runners – Results Update

14th July 2018

It’s been a superb start to our trial of Rod’s US Runners, the first American racing service we have trialled here at Honest Betting Reviews.

So far after six weeks of our trial they are an astonishing 190 points up.

You can view full results here.

Whilst the results have been amazing, it should be noted that Rod goes for big priced winners, meaning there are some extended losing streaks to contend with. So you need a big bank and some patience if you are going to follow the service. 

If that is you, then this is looking like a top notch service based on what we have seen so far during our trial.







Rod’s US Runners – New Review

1st June 2018

The recent US Supreme Court decision to legalize gambling in the US has opened up a whole new market for punters that has until recently been very restricted.

The decision means that individual states in the US can choose to allow people to legally gamble in their territory and it looks like most states will be doing so.

So the result means that we should see much more betting activity on US horse racing and there should be the kind of liquidity we see on UK and Irish racing in time.

Certainly a number of the big UK bookmakers like William Hill and Ladbrokes are already eyeing up big opportunities in America and staking their ground. 

All of this looks like good news for punters and with more coverage and liquidity it is likely we will see more tipsters focusing on US racing, as at the moment there is somewhat of a dearth of top quality on American racing.

One tipster who has staked out an early claim to lead the pack is Rod’s US Runners, from the Betting Gods stable. 

If you familiar with Betting Gods then you may have come across Rod before, as he already runs the very successful Rod’s Runners service that has been averaging around £1,000 profit per month to date. Now he has decided to launch this service focusing specifically on US racing. 

Having started up in December 2017, Rod has made an impressive 270 points profit, which equates to over £460 profit per month to just £10 stakes.

That has been achieved with a return on investment of over 44%, which is quite exceptional. 

The strike rate is a little on the low side at 14% but that is because Rod focuses on picking out longer-odds selections at 10/1 and above. 

There are quite a few selections – 4 or 5 per day normally – so you have to be ready to be fairly active with your betting.

The nice thing about a service focusing on US racing is that after your day of UK horse racing betting is over you can then turn to the US to enjoy some more action!

Anyway, this is looking like a very promising service and as we say it would be nice to have a profitable service on US racing as we don’t have any here yet at Honest Betting Reviews.

So we will commence a trial today and report back soon how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out Rod’s US Runners here. 








Centaur Planet Racing pic

Centaur Planet Racing Tips – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Centaur Planet Racing Tips and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:  -57 points
Strike Rate:  15%
Bank Growth:  -100%
ROI:  -27%
Average number of bets:  Two per day
Cost:  £1 for 1st 7 days then £28.99/month or £69.99/quarter


You can view full results here.


Centaur Planet Racing Tips – Full Review


Centaur Planet is a horse racing tipster from the BetInfo24 stable of tipsters and the service had won their tipping competition a number of times.

Coming into our trial their results looked promising, with 75 points profit made at a return on investment of 19% and a strike rate of 17%.

However, sadly this was one of those trials where everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

They ended our three month trial 57 points down, which actually meant losing the entire advised 50 point betting bank.

In these circumstances we have no choice but to award the service a FAILED rating unfortunately. 

It is another example of how difficult this tipping game is and that things can go badly wrong at times despite the best of intentions. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use:  A pretty simple service to follow with an average of around two bets per day, normally sent out late at night for the next day’s racing. 

Availability of prices: There was not much of a problem in getting the advised prices and the Betfair SP results ended up pretty similar to the advised price results, with just 3 points difference between them. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 15%, which was actually only slightly below the long term average of 17%, but even so the service still struggled badly during our trial. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 50 point betting bank is advised for following the service, which clearly was not enough and was more than wiped out. It is another example of an insufficient betting bank being advised, which we see quite often unfortunately. A 100 point bank should be advised as a minimum. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are £1 for the first 7 days then £28.99/month, £69.99/quarter or £189.99/year.



For horse racing tipster Centaur Planet it was something of a nightmare trial, with 57 points lost and a complete bank wipeout. 

Unsurprisingly it is therefore a FAILED rating for them on this occasion and one we will be giving a miss. 

Just shows once again how hard the tipping game is and that only a select few can make it work long-term. 








Centaur Planet Racing Tips – Results Update

14th September 2018

The tough times continue unfortunately for Centaur Planet Racing Tips, with another 12 points lost at advised prices since our last update.

That means they are now 30 points down at advised prices for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP it’s a similar story with another 9 points lost since our last update and 33 points lost for the trial overall.

Could do with a few big winners to turn things around and get back on track here. 








Centaur Planet Racing Tips – Results Update

14th July 2018

It’s been a tough start to our trial of Centaur Planet Racing Tips from the Bet Info 24 tipster stable, with 18 points lost so far at advised prices after one month of our trial. 

You can view full results here.

It’s a similar story at Betfair SP too, with 24 points lost so far. 

Let’s hope things have turned around for them by the time of our next update.





Centaur Planet Racing Tips – New Review

14th July 2018

After having recently started a trial of a new horse racing tipster called the VIP Service from the BetInfo24 tipster stable, we are going to take a look at another promising tipster from that stable. 

This one is called Centaur Planet Racing and has been providing tips since December 2017.

The service is run by one of the leading players from their Tipping competition. They continually churn out profits month after month by backing value selections with a high level of consistency

This tipster has won BetInfo24’s tipping competition a number of times and continues to prove himself as a professional horse racing tipster and leading expert in the industry.

To date they have managed over 75 points profit at a return on investment of 19% and a strike rate of 17%. That has equated to an average payout of £354 per month, which is not a bad little extra income.

There are around 3 tips per day on average, so a pretty manageable workload.

This looks like a promising tipster and we are looking forward to see how it gets on during our trial.

So on that note, we will kick things off on a three month trial. We have actually been receiving tips for over a week so will record results from when we started receiving tips.

You can check out Centaur Planet Racing here. 






JB Racing Tips

JB Racing Tips – Final Review

Well this is something we seem to say quite often these days, but unfortunately another tipster has given up the ghost before our review of them has even been completed. 

Yes this time it is JB Racing Tips, who sent out an e-mail recently informing members that:

“I’m going to fall on my sword and surrender this service. Despite a great few months early 2018 it’s been up and down, mostly downs during summer.”

At the time they were 75 points down for September and nearly 100 points down for our trial before that, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise to be honest. 

In some ways though we think it’s a shame that some tipsters don’t stick at it longer and see if they can turn things around – after all it’s the long term that matters and in the case of JB Racing Tips he may well have still finished the year well in profit.

But that is the nature of the tipping game sadly. There are so many out there willing to have a go that if you don’t succeed almost immediately out the gate then you won’t survive.

So it’s another FAILED rating unfortunately and another service to add to the defunct/no longer in operation pile…a pile that is getting quite big now!









JB Racing Tips – Results Update

19th August 2018

More losses unfortunately for JB Racing Tips since our last update, with 19 points lost at advised prices over the last three weeks.

That means they are now 92 points down for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP there has been something of an improvement, with a profit of 34 points made since our last update. Sadly though that still leaves them 109 points down for the trial overall at Betfair SP.

As we have mentioned before, staking is high here with an average of 5 points per bet, so that tends to inflate the results and should be borne in mind when looking at the figures. 




JB Racing Tips – Results Update

30th July 2018

It’s been a rough time lately for JB Racing Tips, with 93 points lost at advised prices since our last update. 

That means they are now 73 points down at advised prices for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

At Betfair SP it has been even worse, with 96 points lost since our last update and 143 points lost for our trial overall.

As we mentioned during our last update, the results are exaggerated by the fact that the average stake is 5 points per bet. We don’t really know why services use staking like this (other than to inflate results) and really if your staking is generally level then why not just use 1 point each-way?

Anyway, whichever way you spin it this has been a disappointing trial so far and is in need of a turnaround in form quickly. 








JB Racing Tips – Results Update

29th June 2018

It’s been a solid start to our trial of JB Racing Tips, with 20 points profit made so far after just over a month.

You can view full results here.

It’s a different story at Betfair SP however, with a loss of 47 points having been made so far.

One of the things to note about this service is that the average stake per bet is 5 points (usually 2.5pts e/w), so that exaggerates everything. At 1 point level stakes they would approximately 4 points up at advised prices and 10 points down at BSP.

Whilst obviously a much smaller gap, that is still quite a difference between the advised prices and BSP and is something we will keep an eye on going forward.






JB Racing Tips – New Review

23rd May 2018

How would you fancy making £800 per month profit from following a tipster with just £10 per point stakes?

Well that is the strapline of the latest horse racing tipster we are going to take a look at here at Honest Betting Reviews.

The tipster in question is called JB Racing and they hail from the renowned Betting Gods stable of tipsters. 

So just how have they managed to achieve such spectacular results?

Well, not much is given away about ole’ JB, but apparently he is an experienced pro horse racing better who has been finding winners at high odds for a number of years.

Certainly the results so far look very impressive, with over 500 points profit made in just seven months of tipping. 

The return on investment looks strong too at over 25% and the strike rate isn’t too shabby either considering the service targets higher-odds selections, registering at 26%.

Even with a 200 point bank, the tips would have made your bank grow by 280% since the service started, so nearly a quadrupling.

All in all it looks like a fairly awesome service, although it must be stressed it’s still relatively early days with tips having only been provided to Betting Gods since November 2017.

As ever the proof of the pudding will be in the eating, but it’s good to see Betting Gods have uncovered another promising tipster and let’s hope they turn out to be as impressive as the likes of Master Racing Tipster and Rod’s Runners.

So will commence a trial of JB’s tips and will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out JB Racing here.