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Elite Ratings System – Final Review

We have come to the end of our trial of Elite Ratings System and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:  -16.4 points 
Strike Rate:  22%
Bank Growth:  -16%
Cost:  £35.94/month or £71.88/quarter 
ROI:  -2%
Average number of tips:  5 per day


You can view full results here.


Elite Ratings System Full Review


Sadly after being in profit for most of our trial, things took a decided turn for the worst for Elite Ratings System towards the end and they ended up in slight deficit at the conclusion of our 3 month testing period.

That means that after over 460 bets, they have finished 16 points down at advised prices and 24 points down at Betfair SP.

You can see how things went south for them after the half way point, made a nice rebound but then fell downwards again to finish in the red:


Elite Ratings System Profit Graph


It was no disaster however, as using a 100 point bank that equates to just a 16% loss of the bank. And to be fair to them, they did hit a lot of second places in the last few weeks, so things could easily have been better.

Perhaps we just hit them at the wrong time, as Stuart who runs the service said this is the worst run they’ve been on since they started.

However, we can only judge a service on what it achieves whilst we are following it, so on that basis it has been a little disappointing to finish in a loss.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Quite a demanding service to follow as there are 5 bets per day on average. If you are pressed for time it might be best to just use Betfair to back the selections. 

Availability of prices: Pretty good, there was certainly no stampede for prices and we were able to obtain prices fairly comfortably. There wasn’t much difference between the advised price results and Betfair SP results (just 8 points difference over 464 bets), so that seems to confirm that prices are obtainable.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 22% – which is a little lower than expected and for what would be needed to make a profit from this one. 

Advised Betting Bank: A betting bank was not advised but we used a 100 point bank for the trial, which seemed adequate based on past results and proved so during the trial, as it was never close to being threatened.

Subscription costs: The costs aren’t too bad at £35.94 per month or £71.88 per quarter.



We had high hopes coming into the trial of Elite Ratings System as it had amassed 800 points of profit in less than 2 years according to the results on the website and there were people claiming to have nearly paid off their mortgages by following the selections.

Well perhaps they had quite a small mortgage, or were betting with large stakes, but it certainly gave you the feeling this service had great potential.

It is also the first service we have reviewed that uses software to generate selections, so was a novelty in that sense.

And after a strong start, we thought we were on to something special here.

But sadly things hit the buffers in the last third of the trial and they have continued to struggle since our trial ended.

A loss of 16 points – which equated to just 16% of the bank – is certainly no disaster though so we feel a neutral rating is justified for Elite Ratings System.

It is one to keep an eye on to see if the recent dip in form is just a blip and they return to the form of old or whether a more permanent malaise has set in. 




Results Update

24th October 2015

Unfortunately things have taken a real downturn for Elite Ratings System since our last update. They have dropped 26 points at advised prices and a whopping 46 points at Befair SP.

That leaves the totals so far for the trial at:

Total Profit/Loss (advised prices): +17 points

Total Profit/Loss (Betfair SP): +2 points 

You can view full results here.

So still in profit on both measures, but disappointing to have seen a good deal of the profit accumulated early on being given back.

Plenty of time left in the trial though, so nothing to panic over yet.

Back soon with more updates.




Results Update

3rd October 2015

It is more positive news for Elite Ratings System, with more profits added since our last update.

At advised prices they have added a further 15 points profit and at Betfair SP a further 4 points.

So that brings the totals for the trial so far to:

Total Profit/Loss (advised prices): +43 points

Total Profit/Loss (Betfair SP): +48 points 

You can view full results here.

So a bit of a narrowing between the advised prices and Betfair SP, but the latter still stays ahead.

There is a lot to like about this service and we are very impressed with the results so far. Let’s hope they can continue in the same vein.



Results Update

19th September 2015

It has been an interesting time for Elite Ratings System since our last update, with a bit of a discrepancy between the results at advised prices and Betfair SP.

However, it probably isn’t in the way you would expect – it’s actually the Betfair SP that has done better, with less than one point lost since our last update two weeks ago, compared to the advised priced that have lost 19 points.

That means overall the results are as follows:

Total Profit/Loss (advised prices): +28 points

Total Profit/Loss (Betfair SP): +44 points 

You can view full results here.

Overall we are impressed with this service so far, it looks very promising. We are only a month into our trial though so plenty of time to go.

It will be interesting to see if they can retain the strong results at Betfair SP as well, that would be a real bonus.

Back soon with more updates.



Results Update

3rd September 2015

A great start to our trial of Elite Ratings System, which in less than two weeks has racked up 47 points of profit at advised prices and 44 points of profit at Betfair SP.

You can view full results here.

Always good to see the advised prices and Betfair SP results being very similar, that is encouraging. Hopefully it will continue like that for the rest of the trial.

This is a high volume service, with generally 6-8 bets per pay. The bets are normally given out the night before racing or early in the morning though, so there is plenty of time to place the bets. 

So a great start – this looks very promising.

Back soon with more updates!



Elite Ratings System – New Review

21st August 2015

I got an e-mail this morning asking me if I would like to make £300 per month. I think it was a rhetorical question, but was intrigued by the possibility so decided to investigate further.

The system that promised me this useful little extra income is called Elite Ratings System and is software that claims to be able to “predict tomorrow’s winners with such accuracy that you can now fleece the bookmakers without needing to be part of an illegal race-fixing syndicate.”

Now I hadn’t actually considered becoming part of an illegal race-fixing syndicate (how do you do that by the way?) but am interested in testing the claims of this software nonetheless.

So we have signed up to trial the Elite Ratings System for 3 months and will record the results exactly as they are given out.

The results published on the website are very impressive, with over 700 points profit since the system started in January 2014 and a very steady profit graph.

The bets are mainly sent out the evening before racing, with a points system of between 1 and 3 points per selection.

There are a good number of selections each day – apart from Sunday which is their day off.

Let’s see if this one can live up to its bold sales page and deliver us nice steady profits in the next three months.

We will provide regular updates on its progress, but in the meantime you can check out Elite Ratings System here.


Horse Racing

The Win Picker – Final Review

We have completed our trial of The Win Picker and here are the final results:


Profit/loss: -9 points
Strike Rate: 32%
Bank Growth: -9%
Cost: £20 for 100 days
ROI: -5%
Average number of tips: 2 per day


You can view full results here.


The Win Picker Full Review


We have come to the end of our trial of The Win Picker and it has unfortunately not picked quite enough winners.

The service has finished 9 points down, which is certainly no disaster and represents just a 9% loss of the 100 point bank we used, but fails to live up to the results claimed on the website prior to the trial.

On the plus side, all selections are given at Betfair SP so there is the possibility of beating the published results if you shopped around and used best odds guaranteed bookies.

They did have quite a few seconds during the trial as well, so things could have turned out better with a bit more luck.

Anyway, here are the results for the trial in graph format:

Win Picker Results Graph

Win Picker Results Graph

As you can see, it was in profit for most of the trial but then nosedived just at the end with a run of losers.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Very good, just two bets per day and all selections can simply be backed at Betfair SP.

Availability of prices: Excellent – as above, results are recorded at Betfair SP so you are guaranteed achieving the same results as those published.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was reasonably good at 32% – probably just needs to be a little higher in the long run to achieve sustained profit growth.

Advised Betting Bank: A betting bank was not advised but we used a notional 100 point bank, which was more than sufficient and with a 32% strike rate should be comfortable to cover drawdowns.

Subscription costs: Good value at £20 for 100 days.



A final total of -9 points for the trial was disappointing, given the results published on the website for the period prior to the trial and that they were in profit for the most of the trial only to nosedive at the end.

However, it was certainly no disaster, and could have been better had there not been a whole host of second place finishes during the trial. 

All results are published at Betfair SP, so there is also the possibility of beating those results with a bit of work.

Given these mitigating factors, we feel a neutral rating is a fair verdict for The Win Picker. Just need to pick a few more winners and few less seconds and this could be a profitable service.

We will keep a watching brief for now. 

You can check out the Win Picker here.




Results Update

6th October 2015

It continues to be very quiet for the Win Picker. They are just trotting along at the moment and can’t seem to get into a cantor, let alone a gallop.

Since our last update they have dropped a couple of points to stand at 6 points up overall for the trial so far.

You can view full results here.

There is a lot to like about this service – very simple to follow, all bets at Betfair SP and a good strike rate. It is still in profit for the trial, so certainly nothing to complain about here. But nothing to get too excited about either so far.

We have about 3 weeks left in the trial so let’s see if they can push on and finish with a flourish.




Results Update

16th September 2015

Still pretty quiet times for the Win Picker, dropping just a couple of points since our last update on the 5th September.

That means they are now 8 points up overall since the start of our trial about seven weeks ago.

You can view full results here.

They have continued to be unlucky however, with a whole host of seconds lately, including one of today’s runners.

Things could be a good deal better with just a little bit of fortune, so hopefully the luck will turn and we will see an uplift in results soon.

We do consider this to be quite a promising service as it is very simple to operate and with results recorded at Betfair SP there is no chance of missing prices etc.

Back soon with further updates.



The Win Picker – Results Update

5th September 2015

The Win Picker has rather trod water since our last update a couple of weeks ago. 

They were 10 points up at the time of our last update and are still 10 points up now – well, 9.65 points up to be exact.

You can view full results here.

There is a bit of a sense that they have been unlucky, with quite a few second place finishes lately. 

Hopefully things will pick up now for the Win Picker. Further updates to follow soon. 



The Win Picker – Results Update

25th August 2015

We are just under a month into our trial of The Win Picker so time for an update on how things are going.

So far the service is 10 points up, so a steady start.

You can view full results here.

All selections are advised at Betfair SP, which means not only can you match the published results but it is super easy to follow and takes very little time to back the selections.

Prices are generally at the lower end of the spectrum at around the 4.0 mark, although some have been as low as 1.1 and some as high as 9.

So we are off to a solid start in the first month and let’s see if things continue in the same vein for the remainder of the trial.

In the meantime you can check out The Win Picker here. 

Draw Day

Value Football Betting – Seven Month Update

It has now been four months since our trial of Value Football Betting concluded, so how have things been going for them?

Well, sadly as seems to be a theme at the moment, things have not been going very well.

They have lost a large potion of the profit gained during our trial.

During our trial we remarked that they had changed the way they provided tips, going from Kevin (who runs the service) offering his tips, to a selection of “Daily Best Bets” produced by their database and a “£30k challenge” to try and turn £1,000 into £30,000 in 3 years.

Well they have changed things slightly again. It seems part of the Daily Best Bets – the Half Time bets – have been dropped and it is now just the match odds and goals bets. 

The progress of those two has not been too good unfortunately. Here are the totals since our trial ended:

Daily Best Bets

Match Odds: -5 points

Goals Bets: -45 points

Total: -50 points

So bearing in mind that they made 78 points profit during our trial, the daily best bets now sit at +28 points overall after seven months.

£30k Challenge

The £30k Challenge is slightly down after seven months, sitting at a reduction from a starting bank of £1,000 down to £914 now. That represents a 9% decrease in the bank so far.

Results Analysis

We think one of the main problems with Value Football Betting is that they keep changing what is offered with the service. 

It started off with Kevin providing his own tips, but then that was dropped and the Daily Best Bets were introduced, which had three different types of bets.

Then the “£30k Challenge” was introduced and part of the Daily Best Bets was dropped.

We appreciate that some services need to adjust how they provide tips, but there is a danger of tinkering too often so that people become confused or find it difficult to follow the service. We think Value Football Betting do need to settle on their chosen methods and stick with them rather than making more changes for the time being.

This aside, results have also been disappointing since the trial ended and the Daily Best Bets have fallen to just 28 points in profit whilst the £30k Challenge is £86 down. 


Taking into account subscription costs – which we note have fallen from £37 per month when we did our trial to £27 per month now – you would barely have made a profit from following the service over the last seven months.

We therefore have to downgrade this service from its previous passed rating to a neutral rating.

It is a service to keep an eye on because we believe it does have potential, but for the time being we recommend a watching brief until it has established a longer-term track record of success.






Value Football Betting – Final Review

23rd May 2015

You can get Value Football Betting here.

Profit/loss: +4 points
Strike rate: 51%
Bank Growth: 16%
Cost: £37 per month 
ROI: 5%
Average number of tips: 6 per week

You can view full results here


Value Football Betting Full Review

This has been a challenging review to conduct, primarily because the service has changed its offering and introduced a number of new things since the trial started.

The main offering – and the one used for the table above – is the e-mail service containing Kevin’s (who runs the service) bets for the day.

However, they have changed the way service operates since I started and it appears there are better options available than following just Kevin’s tips.

Below are the main aspects of the service that are available now.

Football betting tips

Kevin’s Selections

As mentioned above, these selections from Kevin, the owner of the site, which are sent by e-mail each day. The bets are focused mainly around the both teams to score and over/under markets.

At the end of the trial, we are 4 points up for these bets, which isn’t too bad but nothing to write home about.

You can view full results here.

So what about the other aspects of the service?

Daily Best Bets

These bets come from a database of statistical analysis the service has constructed, covering 17 different leagues from various countries. The database comes up with value ratings for every match in these leagues.

From this the service then picks out those bets that have the highest value ratings, which are the “Daily Best Bets.”

You are not advised to back all these selections – however doing so would have actually produced very good returns, as we detail further below:

Daily Best Bets Results:

First Half –      Profit +2 points

Match Odds – Profit +22 points

Goals bets –    Profit +54 points

Daily Best Bets Overall – Profit +78 points

This is a very good total to have amassed from 3 months of bets on football. The volume of bets would be high if backing all selections, so you could narrow it down to only backing some of the selections (e.g. just the goals bets). 

£30k challenge

This is an experiment Kevin is running to try to turn £1,000 into £30,000 in three years by betting on football. It started on 1st April 2015 and so far is 4 points in profit.

Trading Room

There is also the opportunity to join a forum on the site and follow the trades that Kevin makes. These are mainly based around the correct score market and seem like sensible strategies, but I have not managed to make any significant profit from them as yet so am not convinced they are a surefire way to become a professional trader or anything like that.


Whilst things have chopped and changed a bit since we began our trial, overall the results have been very good for Value Football Betting. Their main database, from which all the selections are ultimately derived, does seem to be able to identify value selections.

The total of 78 points profit for the Daily Best Bets is a very impressive return and there aren’t many football services out there that are able to match that. 

With the other two main offerings – Kevin’s bets and the 30k challenge – both also being in profit it is a service I am happy to recommend and will form a valuable part of my portfolio going forward.

You can get Value Football Betting here.

Horse Race

Profit at the Races – Eight Month Update

We now have around 8 months of results for Profit at the Races so we thought it would be a good time for an update.

Here are the monthly totals since our trial finished on 9th June 2015:


Month Profit/loss (points)
June (from 9th onwards) -19
July -3.63
August -20.24
September 7.97
October (to 20th) 9.88
TOTAL -25.02


It has been a disappointing run since the trial ended, with the service dropping 25 points. That means since our trial commenced in March, the service is now 8 points down overall.

Unfortunately we do not think a service that is down after 8 months of proofed results merits a continued place on our winning systems list, so this one is downgraded to a neutral rating.

We do look for services to continue to perform consistently over a long period and to show monthly profit as far as possible.

Regrettably Profit at the Races has had quite a few losing months and with a losing record overall since we started following it about 8 months ago, we feel it leaves us little option but to downgrade the service.

However, a total of 8 points down overall is no disaster and with results recorded at Betfair SP, this is a transparent and simple service to follow.

We therefore consider that a downgrade to a neutral rating is a fair verdict.






Profit at the Races Final Review

9th June 2015

You can get Profit at the Races here.

Profit/loss: +17 points
Strike Rate: 18%
Bank Growth 17%
Cost: £29.99 per month
ROI: 11%
Average number of tips:  2 per day

You can view full results here


Profit at the Races Final Review

It’s been a solid trial for Profit at the Races here at Honest Betting Reviews. 

At the end of the three month trial period, they have finished 17 points in profit. Any profit is welcome so we are pleased with that, but things were going quite a bit better early on in the trial, reaching nearly 50 points in profit at one stage.

And just after the trial finished, they landed a 25/1 winner (sod’s law I think they call that!) so perhaps we were a little unlucky with timing.

The services focuses solely on All-Weather racing, so selections have been much fewer since the flat season got under way in May and quite a few days there are no selections at all at the moment. 

It’s very easy to follow though, with selections being provided in the morning by e-mail and you simply back them all at Betfair SP.

Here is a graph of the performance over the course of the trial: 

Profit at the Races Profit Graph

As you can see, it started off in storming fashion, booming up to nearly 50 points profit, before falling all the way back down to zero and then recovering once again to be in profit at the end.

Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Very good – bets are provided in the morning (UK time) and you are instructed to place them at Betfair SP, so very quick and easy to follow.

Availability of prices: Very good – as above, the services records results at Betfair SP so you can guarantee getting the same results as they publish.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 18% so patience will be required to deal with losing runs.

Advised Betting Bank: A 100 point betting bank is advised, which seems reasonable. We were never in deficit during the trial which was good, but with a fairly low strike rate you should expect some losing runs along the way. Our longest losing run during the trial was 22.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs aren’t too bad at £29.99 per month.


Overall I am pleased with the results of the service. It does exactly what it says on the tin – simple, easy to follow and profitable. 

I think we were a little unlucky with timing as just after the trial finished they landed a 25/1 and a 7/1 winner, so results could have been even better.

But as long as they continue to be profitable over the long run then this service warrants a place on our winning systems list. 

Big race bookie busters

Big Race Bookie Busters – Six Month Update

It has been six months now that we have been following Big Race Bookie Busters so we thought time for an update.

Sadly the news it not good. In fact, it’s very bad.

You may recall that Big Race Bookie Busters (or BRBB for short) racked up a hugely impressive 195 points of profit during our trial which ended in June (see below).

Well unfortunately since then the service has done its best impression of Charlie Sheen in Terminal Velocity and taken a spectacular nosedive.

Here are the results since our trial ended on 26th June 2015 in graph format:


Big Race Bookie Busters Profit Graph

BRBB since 26th June 2015


That represents a 94 point loss and with a 100 point bank advised, it is nothing short of a disaster. If you had joined a bit later in July or August at certain points, you could have lost the entire bank.

Now that is tough to take and we were backing their tips with our own money, so felt this just as keenly as anyone else.

Of course the overall picture for BRBB is that they are still over 300 points up since the service started under a year ago, which is impressive.

But the loss of the full 100 point bank is something no service should experience. It goes without saying that the advised bank was way too small and we think the advised bank should be at least 200 points, if not 250 points given the recent drawdown.

That would put the overall results into a bit of a clearer perspective, with the service having more than doubled that 250 point bank in under a year and having experienced a 40% drawdown during that period.

So the question then becomes:

Does this service still deserve its approved rating and 5 stars?

Well clearly not the 5-star rating, that will have to be revised downwards.

Overall, it is always best to take a long-term view of betting and not to judge any service on a short period like a couple of months. 

Since the start of our review, they are still over 100 points up, which is good. 

However, we appreciate that anyone who has joined this service since our trial finished at the end of June will have lost their entire bank and no doubt given up by now – perhaps rightly.

No service should ever come close to losing its entire bank – normally that would be an automatic fail for us.

So with these two conflicting points of view, we think a downgrade to a neutral rating and 3 stars is the only fair conclusion.

We believe that for the service to regain its credibility, it should revise the advised bank to 250 points and this should be sent out to all new and existing members.

It may seem a little harsh to give a service that has produced 100 points profit a neutral rating, but we believe that it is crucial that the correct bank sizes are advised and this will serve as a warning to this and all other services to make sure this aspect is carefully looked at.


The wheels have come off in spectacular fashion for BRBB and it has been a painful experience for all those following their tips over the last three months. The advised bank should have been much higher than 100 points – we believe 250 points would be reasonable.

So it is a downgrade to a neutral rating and 3 stars, with a note that hopefully a more realistic bank will be advised for future subscribers to this service.





Big Race Bookie Busters – Final Review

26th June 2015

We have come to the end of our three month trial of Big Race Bookie Busters and here are the final results:


Profit/loss: +195 points
Strike Rate: 35% (incl. placed horses)
Bank Growth: 195%
Cost: £4.95 for 1st month then £29.95 per month or £74.95 per quarter
ROI: 50%
Average number of tips: 1.5 per day


You can view full results here


Big Race Bookie Busters Final Review

It has been an excellent three month trial for Big Race Bookie Busters, amassing a fantastic 195 points profit and nearly trebling the bank over the course of the trial.

That means if you had started off with £1,000, it would be worth £2,950 now.

Even at Betfair SP they managed 134 points profit and 134% growth of the bank, which is pretty exceptional.

We thought when Banker Bets nearly doubled the bank over the course of a trial it might never be beaten. 

But now we have both Master Racing Tipster and Big Race Bookie Busters smashing their records and setting a new benchmark for tipping.

It’s a very simple service to follow – you normally have just one or two bets per day and as the name suggests, these tend to be in the big races. Tips are provided for both flat and national hunt racing.

There are detailed write-ups for the selections and you can see the thinking behind the tips. It is a traditional form-based approach, focusing on horses with a range of factors in their favour for the race.

During our trial they managed a superb 50% return on investment (ROI) and their long-term returns stand at just shy of 60%. 

That is phenomenal going and we have rarely seen such impressive figures from a tipster. It will be tough to maintain these ROI levels in the long run but as long as they keep up the consistent profits then that is the main thing.

Here is a graph of their performance over the trial: 

Big Race Bookie Busters Profit Graph

As you can see, they set off like a steam train and then continued to make steady profits throughout the trial. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Good – there are on average 1.5 bets per day so minimal work on the part of the subscriber. 

Availability of prices: OK – the tips do tend to get backed in, as evidenced by the 31% difference between results at advised prices and those at Betfair SP.

However, if you act reasonably quickly it is not impossible to get the advised prices or close to them. And even if you do just back at Betfair SP, the service still made 134 points profit over our trial, which is very good going.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was good at 35% – that’s if you include placed horses – or 15% if you talk only about winners.

Advised Betting Bank: They advise a 100 point bank, which seems just about OK. The staking ranges between 1 and 6 points for each selection, with the average being just under 3, so is quite high. If you are of the more cautious mindset you may want a 150 point bank just to be on the safe side.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are very good for a service of this quality at £4.95 for the first month then £29.95 per month, £74.95 per quarter or £199.95 for life.



It’s been a fantastic trial for Big Race Bookie Busters and there’s very little not to like about this service – simple to follow and consistent profits at a very reasonable cost.

To have nearly trebled the bank in three months is an outstanding achievement and they deserve great credit for that. 

This one definitely goes on our approved list and we have no hesitation in recommending it. Get on board if you want to bust the bookies too! 

You can get Big Race Bookie Busters here

Lucky 7 Naps

Lucky 7 Naps – Final Review

We have come to the end of our trial of Lucky 7 Naps and here are the final results:


Profit/loss: -80 points (Betfair SP); +449 points (advised prices)
Strike Rate: 25%
Bank Growth: -27% (Betfair SP)
Cost: £28.50/week, £66/month or £133.50/quarter
ROI: -5% (Betfair SP)
Average number of tips: 4.6 per day


You can view full results here.


Lucky 7 Naps Final Review

One of the things we pay most attention to when reviewing a service is ensuring that it is practical to follow for you good folk who read our reviews.

There is no point in a service achieving fantastic results at their advised prices, only for you to sign up and find out you can’t get anything like the advised prices and struggle to make a profit.

Well sadly in the case of Lucky 7 Naps, that has been exactly the scenario.

Whilst they have made a startling 449 points profit at advised prices, they have in fact made an 80 point loss at Betfair SP.

Now normally we would expect there to be a bit of a difference between advised prices and Betfair SP results. We would say a 25-35% difference would be acceptable.

Looking at two recent successful reviews for example, Master Racing Tipster and Big Race Bookie Busters, there was a 32% and 31% difference respectively between their advised prices and Betfair SP results.

In the case of Lucky 7 Naps however, the difference is over 100%! That’s because the Betfair SP is a minus number so we are talking about a minus percentage!

We are not mathematicians, but let’s just say the difference is over 100% and basically means the service has made a substantial loss at Betfair SP, meaning we don’t think the service is practical to follow at Betfair SP.

Here are the Betfair SP results in graph format anyway:

Lucky 7 Naps Profit Graph

As you can see, after a good start, it went quite steeply into negative territory and despite a rally late on, still ended up 80 points down. 

So if you exclude backing at Betfair SP, what about trying to match the advised prices?

Well unfortunately we found that incredibly difficult as well. Often prices would crash as soon as the e-mail containing the tips was sent out.

By the time we had logged onto Oddschecker, found the best price, logged into the relevant bookie and found the race, the price would have crashed. In some cases it would have halved in just a few minutes.

As the comments below by some of our readers suggests, that is very frustrating and we found this service a trying one to follow to say the least.

We are not sure if prices crash because the service is so popular, because bookies slash the prices as soon as they see the e-mail, or whether the tips are due to information being passed on and the insiders have already backed the tips. But whatever the reason, the prices were simply unobtainable the majority of the time. 

At advised prices, we just about broke even over the trial – and that involved a lot of work just to achieve that.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: As above – quite tough. Leaving aside the aforementioned problem with prices, there are on average 4.6 bets per day, so you will be quite busy placing the bets and finding the best prices before they disappear.

Availability of prices: As we have said, very poor. Prices tend to crash very quickly and we found often as soon as we had logged into our bookie accounts after receiving the e-mail. Expect 30-50% drops in prices quite regularly.

Strike rate: The strike rate during the trial was 25%, which was ok and about in line with the long-term results we believe.

Advised Betting Bank: The advised bank was 300 points, which seems reasonable as staking is normally 5 points per bet. As Betfair SP the bank reduced by 27% over the trial.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are high at £28.50 per week, £66 per month or £133.50 per quarter.



This is a difficult service to give an overall verdict on. 

On the one hand, we were tempted to give it a failed rating, based on the 80 point loss at Betfair SP and the frustrations at trying to get the prices matched.

However, to be fair if you really tried hard you might just have eeked out a profit during the period we conducted our trial, if you were really on the ball and acted the very second you received the e-mail.

In reality, we expect most people would have done as we did and broke even or made a small loss.

So whilst we cannot recommend this service and found it difficult to follow, we do not believe it deserves an outright fail either. 

We believe only services that make a big loss at all price levels should receive a failed rating and this one didn’t do that.

So on balance a neutral rating seems the fairest verdict, but with a substantial health warning that prices are very difficult to obtain.

If you fancy chancing your arm, you can check out Lucky 7 Naps here


Racing Professionals AW

Racing Professionals AW – Seven Month Update

It is now four months since we completed our trial of Racing Professionals AW and gave it an approved rating.

We like to keep an eye on our winning systems here at Honest Betting Reviews rather than just reviewing products and then forgetting about them.

So how have things been going since we reviewed this tipster back in March?

Well unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worse and they have dropped 35 points since the end of our trial.

You can view full results here.

That leaves them just 20 points up after seven months of bets, which translates into a 4% ROI and 20% bank growth over that period.

Unfortunately we are going to have to downgrade Racing Professionals AW to a neutral rating.

We look for services to have an ROI over 10% to be on our approved list, unless they have exceptionally high bet volume or strike rate.

More importantly though, we would look for bank growth to be significantly higher than 20% after seven months and perhaps to have doubled or more in that time.

So all in all this one doesn’t quite justify a place on our recommended list at the moment. But who knows, they do tend to tip some big priced winners, so maybe a 100/1 winner is just around the corner…

In the meantime we will continue to keep an eye on things and see if they can pick up their form again.




Final Review

23rd March 2015


Over £24,000 profit in 2014. Did it continue during our trial?

You can get the Racing Professionals AW service here

Here are the final results of our three month trial of the Racing Professionals AW service:


Profit/loss: +55 pts
Strike rate: 20%
Bank growth: 55%
Cost:        £29.99 per month
ROI: 18%
Average number of tips: 3 per day


You can view full results here


Racing Professionals AW Final Review

This is a service that advises 1 point level stakes bets at Betfair SP on the All-Weather. It is a complimentary service to their principal one which runs during the main flat season on the turf.

The published results on the website are excellent, running back to 2008 and range between 100 and 478 points profit a year.

Digging a little deeper though, there are some massive priced winners that make up quite a large portion of those profits.

For example, in 2014 they made 244 points profit, which is an impressive £24,400 to £100 level stakes. However, a big portion of that was made up of one winner at 100/1.

And in 2013, they made 462 points profit, but nearly half of that was made up of one winner at over 200/1.

Still, even if you take off those massive winners they are still turning a decent profit so I started out the trial with high hopes for this service.

So, how did it pan out?

I began subscribing to this service on 28th November 2014 and it has been something of a rollercoaster ride to say the least over my 3 month trial!

As you might expect by looking at past results, there were some tough losing runs during the trial.

Then all of a sudden a big priced winner would pop up to turn things around.

As it did on 24th February when Atwix won at a BSP of 74! That turned what had been a losing 2015 up until then into a nicely profitable one.

Overall  a very pleasing return of 55 points, or £2,750 to £50 level stakes during the course of the trial, for what is very little work on the part of the subscriber.

You can see the kind of rollercoaster ride it was from the graph below:



Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Good, tips are sent out by e-mail and usually arrive by midday.

Availability of prices: Excellent. I particularly like that bets are advised at Betfair SP (BSP) so no fancy prices that nobody can obtain and very little time needed to place the bets.

Strike rate: The strike rate is surprisingly high for a service that picks out such huge priced winners, being around 20-30% historically. That is basically because whilst they tip at some massive prices, they also have quite a few at odds-on – and everything in between!

Advised Betting Bank: They advise a 100 point bank, which seems a little on the low side considering we were nearly 50 points down at one stage during the trial. That would have equated to half the bank. I would think a 150 point bank would be more appropriate here.

Subscription costs: A fairly reasonable £29.99 per month


The trial finished with a nice profit of +55 points at BSP, so good results for a couple of minutes work a day.

You could say that if it hadn’t been for that one winner at 74 BSP then the trial would have finished down.

To be fair to them though, they also had second places at over 50/1 and 20/1, so as football managers are often keen to point out, luck has a tendency to level itself out over the course of a season. That seems to have been the case here rather than them having been “bailed out” with one lucky winner.

All in all then it gets the thumbs up from me and goes onto the approved list.

It does come with a bit of a health warning though – expect some big ups and downs, this is not a ride for the feint hearted!

But a great feeling when one of those massive outsiders comes romping home.

I will continue to monitor the service and provide updates on how this one performs.

You can get the Racing Professionals AW service here

keith elliott golf tips

Elliott’s Sports Analysis – Final Review

Here are the final results of our three month trial of Elliott Sports Analysis:


Profit/loss: -16 points
Strike Rate: 17%
Bank Growth: -6%
Cost: £29/month, £78/quarter or £275/year
ROI: -5%
Average number of tips: 15 per week

You can view the full results here


Elliott Sports Analysis Final Review

We have completed our three month trial of Elliott’s Sports Analysis, a sports tipping service that focuses mainly on golf, from the renowned tipster and writer Keith Elliott.

Keith is a well known figure in the golf tipping world, some would even call him the “doyen” given his long-established record and having published numerous books on golf betting over the years.

So how did he get on during our trial?

Well unfortunately the trial resulted in a 16 point loss overall.

Things could have been much worse however, as we were over 100 points down at one stage before Keith launched something of a recovery towards the latter part of the trial.

Tips are provided for both European and PGA Tour events, with outright tips as well as some of the more specialist markets such as top nationalities and 3-ball betting.

Keith also throws in two “Trans-Atlantic Doubles” each week (perhaps inspired by Steve Palmer’s book) combining some of his selections into massive-odds doubles.

There are also some football tips, focusing mainly on the Premiership and those made just over one point loss over the trial. 

So overall a disappointing trial and once again we see that despite a tipster having a long-established and respected record, achieving consistent profit in betting is a very tough ask.

Here are the results in graph format:


As you can see, things went downhill quite a bit early on, but Keith recovered well to nearly break even in the end.

A Profitable Approach? 

Rather than just discarding this as another failed service, we did notice a potentially profitable trend during our trial.profit

By following the tips in the big events – i.e. the major championships and World Golf Championship events – you would have done pretty well over the last couple of years.

Indeed, in the last 19 of such events over the last two years, Keith has amassed a very impressive 303 points profit, with 8 outright winners being selected.

This trend has been backed up in our trial, where Keith has done somewhat better in the big events than the regular tour events. His total for such tournaments during the trial – i.e. the Masters, US Open and WGC Matchplay – has been 8 points profit, compared to the overall total of a 14 point loss.

So it may be that you could make a profit by just concentrating on the big tournaments and giving the smaller events a miss – you might call it the Adam Scott approach to golf. 🙂

Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Not bad – bets are given out at consistent times each week but you need a bit of time to place the bets at various bookies.

Availability of prices: OK – prices do tend to go reasonably quickly, perhaps testament to the popularity of the service, so be warned that you may not match the advised prices all the time.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was low at 17%, so there will be some long losing runs with this service. Indeed, we were over 100 points down at one stage, so patience, as they say, will be a virtue with this one.

Advised Betting Bank: There was no stipulation on the size of the betting bank but I used a 250 point bank to give adequate cover, given that long losing runs are likely with a low strike rate service. This was tested a little during the trial, going 40% down at one stage, so perhaps a 300 point bank would be advisable.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are reasonable at £29 per month, £78 per quarter, £150 for six months or £275 per year.


Although the service made a 16 point loss during the trial, that only represented a 6% loss of the betting bank so was certainly no disaster.

We feel that rather than writing this off as a failure, there is a potentially profitable angle by following the tips just for the big events (majors and WGCs), where a 300 point profit has been made over the last 2 years, which is not to be sniffed at.

There maybe an element with a service like this feeling a pressure to provide tips every week in every event, even when the quality is poor and chances of picking a winner are tough. 

But when the quality is higher and form more reliable, Keith does seem able to pick some good winners.

So overall we think it deserves a neutral rating, with this proviso that if you do subscribe, it may be best to stick to the big events, or at least use smaller staking for the lower quality events.

You can view Elliott’s Sports Analysis here


Dark Horses betting tips

Dark Horses – Final Review

Did it light our way to profits?

You can get Dark Horses here.

Profit/loss: 2 points
Strike rate: 19%
Bank growth: 4%
Cost: £30 per month
Average number of tips: 10 per week
ROI: 1.4%


You can view full results here


Dark Horses Final Review

The third and final of our trials of Tony Gibson’s betting systems, Dark Horses is a simple betting system selecting just one or two horses per day to back.

The service claimed profits of over 300 points coming into our trial, but unfortunately as with our two other reviews of Tony’s services – the Value Seeker and Tim Russell’s Private Service – it has failed to live up to previous results during our trial.

A profit of two points was made at advised prices, whilst backing at Betfair SP (BSP) resulted in a 9 point loss.

So nothing too bad, but not something to get excited about either I’m afraid.

Ease of use: OK – you have to log in to a forum to find the selections rather than receiving them by e-mail. Tips are available by around 10 am daily (UK time) and bets are simply backed at Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) bookmakers each morning after selections are given out. There are a maximum of 2 bets per day so shouldn’t take long to place the bets.

Availability of prices: Fairly good – prices were generally available for long enough to enable you to place bets. There was a difference of around 10 points between results at advised prices and BSP, which isn’t too bad. 

Strike rate: The strike rate during our review was 19%, which means there will be some drawdowns along the way using this service.

Advised Betting Bank: A 50 point betting bank is advised, which was never in danger of being lost during the trial and seems reasonable.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are very reasonable at £30 per month, which includes not just the Dark Horses betting tips but a suite of other systems and tips from Tony Gibson’ website.


As the service just made a small profit of 2 points during our trial, it doesn’t seem to quite warrant inclusion in our passed systems, and it seems fairer to put it in our neutral category for now.

I had been hoping for better things from our reviews of Tony Gibson’s systems but that is betting for you – don’t rely on anything!

Perhaps things will pick up for these systems – we will keep an eye on them and report back in due course.

Value Seeker Review

The Value Seeker Final Review

Did it find the value?

You can get the Value Seeker here

Profit/loss: 0.26 points
Strike rate: 14%
Bank growth: 0.1%
Cost: £30 per month
ROI: 0.1%
Average number of tips: 2 per day


You can view full results here


The Value Seeker Final Review

Coming into this review the Value Seeker had notched up one of the most impressive points totals I have come across. Indeed, they asked the question themselves “Is this the greatest proofing period ever?”

With over 1200 points profit in 18 months, it was not a ridiculous claim to make. So how did it get on during our trial?

Well things got off to a rip-roaring start and I was suitably excited when just two days in, the service landed a 65/1 winner in the form of Lough Derg Walk. 

However, sadly that profit has been steadily eroded over the subsequent three months and we end up back where we started at break even point.

So no real damage done, but nothing to write home about either.

The provider of the selections Tony Gibson has clearly spent a good deal of time coming up the system and this is evidenced in his book of the same name, The Value Seeker, which is an interesting read.

Essentially it is a system for selecting unexposed horses from some of the top trainers, but I can’t really say more than that without giving too much away.

Ease of use: OK – you have to log in to a forum to find the selections rather than having them e-mailed to you. Tips are available by around 10 am daily (UK time) and it is advised to use Betfair SP, which makes things easy. There are on average about 2 bets per day so using Betfair only it shouldn’t take long to place the bets.

Availability of prices: Very good – as above, you are advised to use Betfair SP so no problem in getting the bets on and you know you can match the advertised results. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was just 14%, so patience and a good size betting bank are required.

Advised Betting Bank: A 200 point betting bank is advised, which seems more than adequate to deal with the losing runs.

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are very reasonable at £30 per month, which includes not just the Value Seeker selections but a suite of other systems and tips from Tony Gibson’s website.


As the service broke even over the course of the trial, the only fair verdict seems to be a placing in our neutral category.

Given the previous results and the fact that this has a well-researched and carefully thought out system behind it, we will continue to monitor results and see if there is an improvement.