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What is the Best Betting System?

A question we often get asked here at Honest Betting Reviews is “what is the best betting system?”

There are countless betting systems out there and we have tested hundreds of them here at Honest Betting Reviews. That covers all sports, from horse racing to football, tennis to golf.

Sadly most of these systems don’t work and will end up costing you your hard-earned cash. 

However, there are a few “diamonds in the rough” that have withstood a live trial here on the site and proven they can produce a profit in one of our independent reviews. 

Below we take a look at the very best of those systems in our list of the top five betting systems out there.


Best Betting Systems

Okay here are our top five betting systems, listed in descending over from five to one with the best saved for last. 

Each of these systems has undergone a full trial here at HBR with all results recorded for full transparency. 



5.  Sure Favs

One of the most significant changes in betting systems over the last twenty years has been the use of technology and software, which is a theme running throughout our list.

At number five in our list comes a system that utilises the best of modern technology. In a nutshell it uses cloud software called Cloud Bet Bot to place bets automatically on your Betfair account. You don’t even need a VPN or to have your computer running day and night. 

The betting system itself is called Sure Favs and is from the Exponential Bet team, who are serial betting system developers. The Sure Favs strategy focuses on favourites, one horse per race according to strict criteria identified by Exponential Bet. 

We ran a live trial of the system as part of a wider review of Exponential Bet strategies and it made an excellent 167 points profit.

We have carried on tracking the results since our review ended and it has continued to perform well. We have recently embarked on a new dedicated trial and it has also produced good profit to date.

Once the system is set up it is completely automatic, you don’t need to do anything – apart from check the results whenever you like.  There is lots of support from the Exponential Bet team, notably Ryan whose customer service is second to none, so if you do have any problems in getting set up or along the way, help is at hand and swiftly. 

For something that operates in the background like this, is used on Betfair (so no need to worry about bookie restrictions) and has produced strong profits to date, the Sure Favs betting system looks well worth a place on this list.    



 4.   Each-Way Sniper

Each-Way Sniper

From the same team behind Profit Maximiser, the third choice on our list is a betting system called Each-Way Sniper.

It’s based on the idea that in certain situations, there is excellent value to be had in the place part of an each-way bet. So what you can do is set things up in such a way, by using Betfair, to ensure that you make a profit whatever happens in these situations.

Everything in the software is done for you – the selections, which bookie to back with, the stake calculated and even click-throughs to place the bets.

We made close to £500 profit during our trial of Each-Way Sniper, but certainly you can make more than that if you spend more time finding selections and used higher stakes.

The good thing about it is that bookies are less suspicious of each-way bets then straight win bets, so you won’t necessarily have your accounts affected by using this. It is worth bearing in mind though that backing in races where there is a very short-odds favourite will get you in trouble because the bookies are very suspicious of those bets, so best not to use it in those races.

Overall Each-Way Sniper is a very good, solid system and is well worth adding to your betting armory.



3. The 20 Minute System

In a similar vein to Each Way Sniper is a golf strategy called the 20 Minute System. Named for the time it should take each week to operate, it is based on the same principles and developed by the same team as Each Way Sniper and uses the value in the place part of an each-way bet to get an edge over the bookies. 

These days there can be excellent value in the golf markets as the bookies often offer 8 places for an each-way bet, or even top 10 or top 11 in the majors and big tournaments. This can mean there is sometimes exceptional value to be had in each-way betting. 

Identifying which players represent value can be trickier though and that is where the 20 Minute System comes in. It has software that compares the bookmaker and exchange markets, constantly scanning them to find instances where the bookie odds represent value. Then it will display a bet when value has been identified and you go and place the bet at the relevant bookie. 

We ran a live trial of the software and it made an outstanding 302 points profit in our review, which would equate to £3020 profit at £10 per point stakes. There were a host of winners during our trial at tasty prices, including Thriston Lawrence at the Joburg Open at 200/1, Luke List at the Farmers Insurance Open at 80/1 and plenty of placed finishes at huge odds. 

Having tested this and the Each-Way Sniper software over a number of years we can attest to the logic behind the systems being absolutely sound. There are some risks of bookie restrictions, but you can take steps to mitigate that

Overall the 20 Minute System is a great piece of kit and well worth adding to your portfolio. 



 2. Little Acorns


One of the longest-running and most successful betting systems, it would be remiss not to include Little Acorns high up on this list. Having won numerous awards, Little Acorns is a very popular choice among bettors and it is easy to see why. 

It is a low liability laying system for use on the exchanges like Betfair and has been around since 2009, making it one of the few betting systems to have survived for the long haul while so many systems arrive in a flash of hype and then disappear soon after.

During our live trial it made an excellent 189 points profit and has done well in other live trials. It is a fairly simple system to operate, with just four rules to follow which are explained in a relatively short PDF guide you receive when purchasing the system. It should take no longer than ten to fifteen minutes each day to place the bets.

Each year since launching Little Acorns has made around 100 points profit, which is a very high level of consistency. The recommended staking system does involve loss-recovery which carries its own risks, but as long as you have a big enough bank and stake sensibly then it shouldn’t be a problem. And you can of course use flat staking if you wish, although the results won’t be quite as strong. 

All in all then Little Acorns is a top system that has won numerous awards, stood the test of time and is well worthy of a place high on the list of the best betting systems.



 1. Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser

At the top of the list has to be Profit Maximiser, quite simply the best betting system we have ever come across.

During our live trial, we made just shy of £2,500 profit from using the system, which represented 123% growth of our bank. That is pretty amazing going, but best of all – it came with pretty much no risk!

Yes, the best thing about Profit Maximiser is that it allows you to make money month after month, virtually risk free. How does it do that, you may ask?

Well, basically it takes advantage of all the hundreds of free bets and bonuses that bookies offer and shows you how to set these up to guarantee yourself a profit, whatever happens. Plus there are all the bingo and casino offers to take advantage of as well, which are all listed and explained as part of the package too.

If you do just a reasonable number of these offers, you can make a good £500 per month. There are members of Profit Maximiser however who do it almost as a full-time living and have made over £50,000 and some have even made over £100,000. Quite simply there is nothing else we have ever heard of that can make this kind of money.

When joining Profit Maximiser you are provided with a wealth of support, including training videos, guides and access to a private Facebook group with over 50,000 members. This is an invaluable resource, with members posting details of the latest offers and how to to do them.

Occasionally these offers contain loopholes which can be exploited. For example, recently William Hill did a casino offer that mistakenly made it almost impossible to lose. The offer was posted on the Profit Maximiser Facebook page and members who saw it made an estimated £2 million before the offer was taken down. Quite a good day for those people then!

As we explain in our review of Profit Maximiser, there are some things to be aware of when using it. Primarily, you will have to devote some time to learning how matched betting works and then doing the offers. And it is important to be careful of how many of the offers you do and how you exploit them to ensure you keep your bookie accounts open. 

As long as you aware of these things and take care though, Profit Maximiser can be a huge source of profit and you can join the thousands of people making a regular tax-free second income from it. Highly recommended.  




Most of the betting systems out there are junk. That is the fact of the matter unfortunately. 

The internet is something of a Wild West when it comes to things like this – so many scams and overhyped marketing nonsense out there, it kind of makes you sick.

Sadly in an arena like this without any regulation, that is the way things have gone.

We have tested hundreds of betting systems over the years and the vast majority haven’t worked. And worse than that, they have actually cost us money. 

Thankfully though, there are a few good ones out there among all the rubbish. These are the systems that can actually make you money and have been tested extensively by us.

Above is our list of the Top 5 Best Betting Systems we have found. Feel free to give them a go – most of them come with a trial period where you can have a go for a couple of weeks for a small fee, so you can see if they are for you without committing a great sum of money.

And hopefully you will join the many thousands of people making a regular tax-free income from these systems! 




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  1. Deborah Hosking
    Deborah Hosking says:

    Hi Dan, Would you say that your assessment of Accumulator Generator is still current, in particular with regard to potential profits from today’s offers – they seem to be restricted to mostly £10-£20 max stake refunds as a free bet? I’ve been deciding whether to buy it, so would value your opinion. Best regards

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes most of the offers are now in the £10-£20 range which obviously isn’t as good as they used to be. It could still be worth buying but you would need to do a lot of offers to extract the value. You may want to check out Profit Maximiser or Each Way Sniper which are very good, if you haven’t already.

      Kind regards,



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