Winning Systems FAQs

Yes, our experts have tested all of the systems themselves. Each system undergoes thorough testing for a period of least three months, the results of which are recorded in a spreadsheet to ensure accurate reporting. This spreadsheet is accessible via clicking on the link to the review.
While we test for a period of at least three months, this is by no means the point at which we stop. We continue to test the winning systems to ensure they are still profitable in the long run; the longer the period of profitable testing, the more confident you can be in the results.
Each and every tip/selection is recorded exactly as given out by the tipster/system. We input the results into a spreadsheet which we then make available to you for absolute transparency. For horse and greyhound racing, we record results both at the prices advised by the system and Betfair SP, so you can see for yourself how profitable they are using both metrics.
Yes - we also include in our review how obtainable advised prices are and how quickly they get pushed in.
The amount you’ll require will vary from system to system, and depends somewhat on subscription costs. As a rule, for most of the systems, you could start off with a bank as small as £200 and gradually increase from there.
Yes, you can subscribe to as many as you like! Just as long as you have a big enough bank to cover losing runs for each service, there’s no limit to the number you use. You can determine how much this will be by looking through our reviews, where you’ll find our advised betting bank is listed.
Many of the winning systems listed on this page do have the option of a trial - please check the individual reviews for details.
At Honest Betting Reviews, we have created our own formula to test and review each system. Our comprehensive metrics include strike rate, profit and loss, and return on investment (ROI), all of which will help you compare results between systems. The ultimate measure of a system is its bank growth - i.e. how much it grew the money you started off with - so you can use that to compare how good the systems are.
Some of the systems such as Bet Hawk, Football Trading Alerts, and Betfair Renegade can be used exclusively on Betfair. Many of the others are profitable at Betfair SP, but this depends on the system; with some systems, you won’t make as much money as if you have bookie accounts. Please see the individual reviews for the comparison between advised results and Betfair SP results.