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Who is the Best Tennis Tipster?

Tennis is one of the most popular sports to bet on, with nearly year-round events and great liquidity on the markets.

We have searched the internet far and wide to find the top tennis tipsters and continue to review new tipsters here on the site in our quest to find the best.

There aren’t as many tennis tipsters out there as football or horse racing ones, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t some high quality ones. 

With a wealth of stats now available online and so much tennis shown on TV, there is ample opportunity to study the form and create some profitable angles to approach tennis matches from. And this is what the top tipsters do in finding their edge in the markets and making their profits. 

Some of them have done so very successfully and the list below is our Top 5 Tennis Tipsters based on our extensive research and testing:-


Our Top 5 Tennis Tipsters

So here are our list of the best tennis tipsters and betting systems we have found, from five down to one. 


5. Ace Tennis Previews

Ace Tennis Previews is an Australian-based tipping service that has been providing tips since 2013, initially on Twitter but more recently via their own website. They have built up a big following on Twitter with over 10,000 followers and with their expert knowledge you can see why people have been so keen to follow their tips. 

Their focus is primarily on the lesser-known players who they feel they have an edge over the market on, as others may not follow their particular games and intricacies so closely. That edge appears to be strong, with around a 10% ROI (return on investment) achieved on the tips to date. From reading the in-depth analysis you receive with the tips you can see their knowledge is indeed very in-depth and a great deal of research goes into the selections. 


4. Tennis Only

This service is from the Tipstrr platform and is the appropriately-named  “Tennis Only” – indicating that it tips just on tennis and no other sports. That choice to specialise certainly seems to have worked very well for them, with an excellent return on investment of over 20% achieved to date with a very high strike rate of over 60%. 

Many of the tips are accumulator bets including doubles, trebles and four-folds and come in both men’s and women’s tournaments, mainly on the main ATP and WTA tours. The bets are quite selective, with just four tips per week so they are looking at value bets rather than volume. In grand slams there will be more bets of course, as would be the case with most tennis services. 

With strong results achieved to date, Tennis Only is a service worth checking out.  



3. Love Winners

Love Winners is a sports betting service that covers a range of sports, including tennis. Their tennis service is impressive, having made considerable profits to date. They offer both free tips, which have achieved a return on investment of 8% to date, and Premium Tips which have averaged a return on investment of 21%. That has been achieved over the course of a large number of bets, with over 400 match tips for the free tips and over 600 for the Premium Tips. 

Their tipster is particularly strong on WTA events, in which his return is an excellent 47% and they enjoy the grand slam events, having achieved a 34% ROI on the French Open and 24% ROI on Wimbledon.  

So all in all Love Winners is well worth checking out for their tennis tips. 



2. The Goat

This service deserves an award simply for having such an interesting name, but in fact they have established a very strong tipping record in their own right. We thought at first the “Goat” might refer to “greatest of all time” but with a picture of a goat on the homepage we are not so sure. 

However, the important thing is that the tips have been very profitable so far, with a return on investment over 15% and a strike rate of just under 50%. That has contributed to over 80 points profit made to date, which is an impressive haul to have made in tennis. Bets come in a variety of markets including match odds, Asian handicap games and Asian handicap sets and also double and treble bets in addition to singles. 

Whatever the real story behind the name, The Goat is an impressive tennis betting service. 


1. Tennis Goldmine

More a complete tennis betting package than just a tipping service, Tennis Goldmine is run by renowned tennis expert Patrick Ross. The main Tennis Goldmine service is a betting system that revolves around laying players that fit certain criteria. It performed very well during our live trial, showing consistent and solid profits. 

Included in the package are also Patrick’s betting tips and Spartan Trading Tips, both of which are profitable in their own right.  The trading tips in particular have grown a starting bank of 100 points into over 1500 points to date, which is a very decent effort. Patrick is renowned for his stats analysis and reading of the game which is reflected in the fact that he has consistently made excellent profits over a number of years and is widely regarded as one of the leaders in his field. 

You can check out Tennis Goldmine here. 




So there you have it, our Top 5 Tennis Tipsters. Although there aren’t nearly as many tennis tipsters out there as football and horse racing ones, there are still some very good services you can take advantage of.

If there are any others you think should be on this list, please let us know in the comments below. 

Otherwise, good luck with your tennis betting and please remember to always gamble responsibly.







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