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Ace Your Game: Discover the Top Tipsters for Tennis Betting

Tennis stands as one of the most popular sports globally, drawing millions of fans who eagerly follow major tournaments each year. Yet, beyond the game’s excitement to watch, an additional allure lies in the potential for substantial financial gains through tennis betting.

Achieving success in this pursuit demands possessing the right information and insider insights, a role aptly filled by tipsters.

These individuals specialize in providing valuable analyses and predictions for upcoming tennis matches.

However, given the abundance of tipsters available, finding out which ones merit trust can prove challenging.

This article aims to acquaint you with some of the premier tipsters in the field, shedding light on the qualities that set them apart.

Our exhaustive research and testing across the internet has helped us to identify the top tennis tipsters, subjecting numerous candidates to live trials on our site. We continue to evaluate new tipsters as we strive to pinpoint the most reliable sources.

Although tennis tipsters may not be as numerous as their football or horse racing counterparts, the scarcity does not mean there aren’t good ones out there – it’s a case of “quality rather than quantity” when it comes to tennis tipsters. 

The abundance of online statistics and extensive television coverage of tennis matches provides ample opportunities for studying form and developing profitable strategies. Successful tipsters leverage these resources to gain an edge in the markets and secure profits.

Our article below highlights the top six tennis tipsters, based on comprehensive research and testing conducted on our site.

Whether you’re a seasoned tennis betting professional or a novice, join us on this journey as we delve into the realm of the best tennis tipsters out there! 


Who are tipsters and why are they important?

Tipsters are individuals or groups with expertise in analyzing and forecasting the results of sports events.

In the realm of sports betting, tennis tipsters specialize in offering insights and predictions for upcoming tennis matches and tournament.

Their methodologies encompass diverse techniques and strategies, involving the scrutiny of player performance, match history, head-to-head records, the surface and other pertinent factors to produce precise predictions.

The significance of tipsters lies in their capacity to produce consistent profit in the long run, which is the bottom line all tipsters are judged on. 

Additionally, they undertake the laborious tasks of form study and match analysis, alleviating the need to do this yourself. 

What to Look For When Evaluating a Tennis Tipster

When analyzing the performance of a tennis tipster, it is important to consider several key factors:

  1. Strike Rate: This metric reveals the percentage of successful bets a tipster has attained, providing insights into the accuracy of their predictions. While strike rates can vary across markets, a typical range for tennis tipsters falls between 40-60%. Understanding the strike rate assists in gauging the number of successful outcomes and aids in determining an appropriate bank size.
  2. Return on Investment (ROI): A widely utilized measure of a tipster’s profitability, ROI quantifies the profit generated for every 100 units invested. For instance, an ROI of 30% signifies earning £30 for every £100 wagered. In tennis, an ROI exceeding 5% is generally considered favorable, and anything over 10% in the long term is deemed exceptional.
  3. Bank Growth: This metric tracks the increase in an initial betting bank over a specific period. For example, if a £1,000 bank experiences a 50% growth within a year, the balance reaches £1,500. Bank growth illustrates a tipster’s ability to consistently generate profits and provides an indication of potential capital growth in one’s betting endeavors.
  4. Longevity: The sustained success of a tipster over an extended period is a crucial factor in evaluating their credibility. Consistent profitability over time demonstrates expertise and an edge against bookmakers. While some tipsters may initially achieve impressive results, only a select few elite ones can consistently deliver profits year after year.

Considering these factors enables a comprehensive assessment of a tipster’s track record, aiding in determining their reliability and potential for long-term success in the realm of tennis betting.


Our Top 6 Tennis Tipsters

So here are our list of the best tennis tipsters and betting systems we have found, from six down to one. 


6. Ace Tennis Previews

Ace Tennis Previews is an Australian tipping service that has been delivering tennis tips since 2013. Initially, they operated on Twitter, and currently, they offer their services through their dedicated website, amassing a substantial following of over 10,000 enthusiasts.

The appeal of Ace Tennis Previews lies in their demonstrated expertise and profound knowledge of the sport, attracting a large follower base. Notably, the service distinguishes itself by concentrating on less prominent players, strategically aiming to capitalize on market inefficiencies by offering insights that others might overlook.

The service has yielded commendable results, amassing over 130 points in profit to date. The annual performance summaries are as follows:

  • 2023: -32 points
  • 2022: +63 points
  • 2021: -11 points
  • 2020: +17 points
  • 2019: +9 points
  • 2018: +92 points

Particularly noteworthy are their Betfair Hub previews, which stand out with a 12% return on investment compared to the overall tips’ 3%. This indicates that these previews are particularly reliable for followers seeking profitable outcomes.

Steve, the individual behind the service, complements the tips with detailed analyses, showcasing the team’s thorough research.

This comprehensive approach underscores their profound understanding of the sport, contributing to the accuracy of their selections and enhancing the overall value provided by Ace Tennis Previews.


5. Love Winners

Love Winners is a sports betting service that offers tips across various sports, including tennis, showcasing impressive results and generating substantial profits. The service offers both free tips and Premium Tips, each demonstrating solid returns on investment (ROI).

For the free tips, an 8% ROI on the ATP tour and a 7% ROI on the WTA have been achieved. The Premium Tips category boasts an outstanding 20% ROI, accumulating a total profit of 186 points.

With a substantial track record, Love Winners has provided over 800 match tips for the free category and over 700 for the Premium Tips.

Notably, their tipster excels in WTA events, delivering an exceptional 47% ROI. Additionally, the service has showcased success in grand slam events, achieving a 35% ROI at the French Open and a 24% ROI at Wimbledon.

Given their robust performance and noteworthy ROI figures, Love Winners is a compelling option for individuals in search of reliable tennis tips.


4. BR Tennis

BR Tennis is a service from the Tipstrr platform of tipsters and they have been operating since October 2021.   

Since starting up the tips have proven highly profitable, yielding a return on investment of over 4% and an impressive 51% strike rate.

This has resulted in a total profit of over 50 points from their tennis betting tips. Bets encompass various markets, such as match odds, Asian handicap games and sets, as well as double and treble bets, in addition to singles.

There are an average of 1-2 tips per day, which are sent out by e-mail to subscribers’ inboxes making it a simple service to follow. 

With a solid record going back the best part of two years, BR Tennis is a tennis betting tipster to keep a close eye on. 


3. Tennis Profits

Distinguishing itself from traditional tennis tipsters, Tennis Profits goes the extra mile by offering an extensive array of betting tools and resources for its members.

Beyond conventional tips, the service provides a stats database, trading guides, a live stats tool for in-play trading, strategies for trading tennis matches, a live chat room, and more.

What sets Tennis Profits apart is its association with the team behind the highly acclaimed Goal Profits. The service leverages the expertise of professional tennis trader Paul Shires, known for his contributions to the renowned Trade Shark Tennis service.

Members have the unique opportunity to benefit from live trading sessions with Paul, gaining valuable insights and learning opportunities to enhance their skills in tennis trading.

Although Tennis Profits doesn’t offer traditional betting tips, its emphasis on education is a notable feature.

Being a member provides a distinctive opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional like Paul, extending beyond the realm of receiving tips alone. This educational focus, combined with comprehensive resources, positions Tennis Profits as a valuable choice for those looking to deepen their understanding and skills in tennis trading.


2. Tennis Goldmine

Led by the esteemed tennis expert Patrick Ross, this service differs from the conventional tipping approach by offering a comprehensive tennis betting package.

At its core is the Tennis Goldmine betting system, designed by Patrick to lay players based on specific criteria, consistently yielding substantial profits during our live trial.

In addition to the innovative Tennis Goldmine system, Patrick provides his valuable betting tips and Spartan Trading Tips, both independently proven to be profitable.

Notably, the trading tips have remarkably transformed a starting bank of 100 points into an impressive 1500 points to date.

This achievement underscores Patrick’s exceptional statistical analysis skills and profound understanding of the intricacies of the game. Over several years, he has consistently delivered outstanding profits, establishing himself as a leading figure in the industry.

You can check out Tennis Goldmine here. 


1. The Rolling Aces

The Rolling Aces is a tipster from the Betting Gods platform of tipsters and has established a formidable reputation since starting up in August 2021. 

Since that time the tipster has made an excellent 180 points profit, which would work out at £4,500 profit at £25 per point stakes. 

That has been achieved at an impressive return on investment (ROI) of 11% and an excellent strike rate of 62%.

The service also performed very well during our live trial, producing consistent profits over more than 12 months. 

The bets tend to come in a variety of markets including match odds, handicaps, number of games, breaks of serve etc and are principally on the main tours, the ATP and WTA Tours. 

The twist with this service though is that they use rolling accumulator staking.

In essence they roll on the stakes and profit from the previous bet, until 10 points profit is made (or hitting a loser) and then they start again. So much like an accumulator but doing it manually because the bets are over a few days so it wouldn’t be possible to place them in an acca as the odds wouldn’t be available.

It’s a smart approach and has allowed them to really steamroller the profits over the last couple of years. There isn’t inherently more risk with the approach either, as you are only using the profits made from previous wins and your starting stake is always just one point. 

With tips sent out by e-mail each day and just one tip per day on average, it’s a simple service to follow and having achieved excellent results to date, The Rolling Aces is well worth a place at the top of our list of tennis tipsters. 



So there you have it, our Top 5 Tennis Tipsters. Although there aren’t nearly as many tennis tipsters out there as football and horse racing ones, there are still some very good services you can take advantage of.

If there are any others you think should be on this list, please let us know in the comments below. 

Otherwise, good luck with your tennis betting and please remember to always gamble responsibly.







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