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Rob Brown Betting – Results Update

It’s been a quiet time lately for MMA tipster Rob Brown Betting, with a profit of just 1 point made since our last update.

That means he is now 16 points up for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

As we say it’s been a quiet time for this tipster recently, with just one bet placed since our last update. We mentioned in previous updates that this is a low volume tipster but that is very low volume!

In any event, at least the one bet was a winner and the results continue to be impressive with 13 winners from 14 bets for our trial so far (and one void).





Rob Brown Betting – Results Update

11th April 2022

It’s been an excellent start to our trial of MMA tipster Rob Brown Betting, with a profit of 11 points made so far.

You can view full results here.

It’s quite a selective service with just 1-2 bets per week on average for our trial so far, which means it is easy to follow and doesn’t involve too much work.

With nine out of the ten bets so far having been winners, we couldn’t ask for much more really.





Rob Brown Betting – New Review

2nd March 2022

Combat sports like MMA and boxing are becoming increasingly popular to bet on these days and there have been more tipsters popping up in these genres recently too.

We have previously given passed ratings to services like Premium Boxing Tips and Lucrative MMA Betting tips after trials here at Honest Betting Reviews.

The latest service we are looking at today looks promising too and it is called Rob Brown Betting.

Rob says he takes a long-term approach to his betting and treats it as an analytical, process-driven investment.

His tips have been proofed to the site since 2016 and in that time he has made an impressive 237 units profit at a return on investment (ROI) of 12%.

That has been achieved with a very good strike rate of 61%, meaning a high proportion of winners.

Every year since he started has been a profitable one and the results graph shows a nice upward trend.

So this has all the attributes we like to see from a tipping service – strong, consistent long-term results with good metrics in terms of ROI and strike rate.

As ever though we will have to wait to see how it performs under a live trial before we draw any conclusions.

Results will be updated here as we go along so you can see how Rob is getting on.

In the meantime you can check out Rob Brown Betting for yourself here.




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