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Goal King – Results Update

It’s been a good turnaround for footy tipster the Goal King, with a profit of 56 points made since our last update a month ago. 

That means they are now 27 points up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

As mentioned last time, the staking is inflated at 5 points on every selection, so in reality they would be just over 5 points up at one point level stakes.

Still, it’s been good to witness the fightback here to get themselves into the green so let’s see if that continues. 





Goal King – Results Update

12th February 2021

More losses unfortunately for the Goal King in recent times, with another 21 points dropped since our last update at the end of December.

That means they are now 29 points down for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

As mentioned last time, the staking is inflated at 5 points on every selection. This is actually doing them a disservice at the moment, as at 1 point stakes they would only be 6 points down, which isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things. 

Hopefully this will be a lesson to this and other services that unnecessarily inflate their staking to make their results look better that it can also go the other way and make your results look worse. Stick to one point staking and everyone is happy.





Goal King – Results Update

31st December 2020

It’s been a little bit of a disappointing start to our trial of the Goal King, with a loss of 8 points made so far since they went live.

You can view full results here.

There are a few things that have given us concerns about this service.

Firstly, there have been quite a few instances of the website not working and we know a number of you have found this issue as well, with just a blank screen appearing and nothing happening. Sometimes it can be worth trying it in a different browser if you are getting this issue.

Secondly, the headline on the website states: “Football expert reveals secret goal betting system that makes £24,367 in 7 months,” but we are yet to have any “secret system” revealed to us. So far it’s just a straightforward tipster service offering tips on the BTS, over/under and Asian handicap markets.

And thirdly they stake 5 points on every selection. This is a real bugbear of ours when tipsters do this as it just looks like they are trying to inflate their results. Why not just stake 1 point on every selection? Essentially you need to divide the total by five to give a proper reflection of their results.

Anyway, these niggles of ours could recede somewhat if results were to improve so let’s see if that happens over the next month or two.  





Goal King – New Review

4th December 2020

Today we are starting a new review of a football betting strategy called the Goal King.

It has been designed by a guy called Steve Hudson who claims to have made £20,337 profit from it in 7 months, with a 64% win rate and 19.04% ROI.

Every month has apparently been profitable with the longest losing run being just 5 bets. And you can start with just £10.

We will be running a live trial of Goal King at Honest Betting Reviews and are quite intrigued by this one. It claims to have found a “secret goal betting system” which sounds interesting.

As ever the proof of the pudding will be in the eating though!

If you want to check it out in the meantime however you can do so here whilst they currently have a 63% discount on membership.

This offer will close at midnight (GMT) tomorrow 5th December.





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