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Top 10 Golf Tipsters in the World – Ranked!

Golf betting has become increasingly popular over the years, as more and more sports enthusiasts are drawn to the excitement and thrill of wagering on their favorite golfers.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there are a some top tipsters out there who can increase your chances of winning big.

From understanding the course and the players, to analyzing the odds and making smart bets, these tipsters will provide you with expert insights and strategies to help you make the most of your golf betting experience.

We have looked at dozens of golf tipsters and betting systems over the years here at Honest Betting Reviews. Many of these we have subjected to in-depth reviews on this site, testing out if they can produce a profit under the spotlight of a live trial.

The majority of services we have tested have failed our trials, but there are a few who have succeeded and gone on to produce excellent long-term results.

These few “diamonds in the rough” (if you’ll excuse the pun!) are part of that select group of elite tipsters who have demonstrated an ability to beat the bookies on a regular basis and produce consistent profits. 

If you are going to follow a golf tipster you don’t want to risk your hard-earned cash on one with a poor record who loses money overall – despite shouting very loudly when they happen to hit a winner.  You want to follow a tipster with a proven track-record of success compiled over many years.

We have therefore put together our list of the world’s top 10 tipsters below, so you can see for yourself who is actually worth following.

**Please note – this list is constantly updated to ensure it reflects the latest results achieved by golf’s top tipsters. 

Golf Betting – Big Wins Possible but Patience Required

Making money on golf betting is very much a long-term endeavour, with patience and a decent betting bank required. There can be longer losing streaks and drawdowns compared to betting on other sports like horse racing or football.

This is because most golf tipsters are betting at much higher average odds than in those other sports – 20/1, 30/1 even 50/1, for example. So the strike rate is typically lower when betting at these kinds of odds. 

However, when you land a big winner at odds of 100/1 or better, it’s a great feeling and well worth the wait. And those who stick with a top golf service (like those listed below) for the long haul can boast of very substantial profits accumulated over time.  

So grab your clubs and get ready to hit the links, because with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful golf bettor in no time!


Top 10 Golf Tipsters

Without wasting any more time, we present our compilation of the top ten golf tipsters. This list is arranged in descending order, with the most impressive tipster placed at the end.

We trust you will find this list useful, and kindly inform us if we have unintentionally overlooked anyone who, in your opinion, deserves a spot on this list.


10. Steve Palmer

Currently, Steve Palmer serves as the primary golf correspondent for the Racing Post, offering selections for the PGA and DP World Tour events on a weekly basis. He had previously provided tips alongside the senior golf tipster, Jeremy Chapman, before assuming the top position himself.

Palmer gained notable recognition through his book, Born to Punt: Steve Palmer’s Betting Year, which provides an engaging account of an ordinary punter’s pursuit of substantial winnings. A prominent aspect of the book entails Palmer’s ambitious endeavors to secure enormous wins by placing audacious doubles on PGA and European tour winners, often at odds reaching thousands to one.

The objective behind this approach is to achieve a significant victory, generating at least £30,000 in the process, which would enable Palmer to leave his job at the Racing Post and become a full-time professional punter.

Palmer colorfully refers to this triumph as the “face-spitter,” symbolizing a monumental win that empowers one to bid farewell to their employment and perhaps indulge in a figurative act of defiance towards their boss. While the latter notion may be somewhat exaggerated, it resonates with those who harbor disdain for their superiors.

Published in 2011, the book does not document any instances of Palmer securing one of these substantial wins thus far. However, as any lottery winner would attest, all it takes is one stroke of luck.

Unfortunately, the Racing Post does not disclose the records of their tipsters, making it challenging for us to gauge Palmer’s long-term success. The only available evidence indicates that he achieved a profit of over 100 points during a six-month period in 2012, but no further data is available.

Based on Palmer’s own statements and the feedback from readers, our assessment is that he generally breaks even or achieves a modest profit. While this accomplishment is commendable, it does not currently warrant higher consideration in our list of the best golf tipsters.


9. PGA Profit

Next in our rankings, we have a long-running service known as PGA Profit, renowned for its remarkable consistency in tipping over a period exceeding four years.

PGA Profit relies on the expertise of a mathematics expert who has developed a sophisticated algorithm. This algorithm leverages comprehensive statistics, including strokes gained tee-to-green, driving accuracy, and more, to generate a list of potential picks. By analyzing the course characteristics and player suitability, the algorithm constructs a profile that identifies players who offer value for the specific tournament.

Furthermore, by incorporating additional player information, such as their current personal circumstances, PGA Profit establishes a powerful strategy to effectively navigate the golf markets.

However, mere strategy is meaningless unless it yields results. Fortunately, PGA Profit has achieved precisely that, as evidenced by their annual record since their inception:

  • 2018: +274 points profit
  • 2019: +286 points profit
  • 2020: +208 points profit
  • 2021: +500 points profit
  • 2022: -91 point loss
  • 2023: -234 point loss (so far)

The total profit since starting tipping adds up to over 860 points profit a return on investment of just under 22%.

Recent winners include:

  • Mackenzie Hughes at the Sandersons Farms at 100/1
  • Max Homa at the Genesis Invitational at 66/1
  • Garrick Higgo at the Gran Canaria Open at 40/1
  • Abraham Ancer at the WGC Fedex at 45/1
  • Max Homa at the Fortinet Championship at 66/1

The last couple of years have been tough which has detracted from the previous results which were excellent. 

For the time being we will keep PGA Profit on this list based on their long-term results, but that might need to be reconsidered if the recent losses continue. 


8. Golf Betting Club

The Golf Betting Club is a website run by two brothers from Scotland, Duncan and Neil. Their father, a golf journalist, ignited their passion for tour predictions and golf betting.

With over 20 years of experience in betting on golf, their journey with the Golf Betting Club commenced in March 2020 during the temporary suspension of professional golf caused by the coronavirus outbreak. During this break, the two brothers utilized their accumulated knowledge to curate free golf bet tips accessible to anyone. Although these tips were initially provided for free in 2020, they now require a subscription fee.

Drawing from their extensive betting background, Duncan and Neil meticulously crafted over 100 player profiles for the world’s top golfers. These profiles grant them a competitive advantage, and each year they refine, enhance, and expand upon them.

The Golf Betting Club have managed some massively priced winners over the years. They tip on the main PGA and DP World (previously European) and LIV tours.  

Some of their top winners over the years have included:

  • Jim Herman @ 300/1
  • Martin Laird @ 275/1
  • Brian Gay @ 100/1
  • Ockie Strydom @ 100/1
  • Daniel Gavins 110/1
  • Guido Migliozzi 80/1

Their overall record stands at 760 points profit made at a return on investment of 19%.

And the yearly totals are as follows:-

  • 2023: +150 pts
  • 2022: +8 pts
  • 2021: +229 pts
  • 2020: +366 pts

With a record that is highly commendable over the last four years, the Golf Betting Club is a deserved new entry to our list. 


7. Golfbetsgold

GolfBetsGold is a reputable service with a proven track record and a devoted following. Martin Colwell, a certified accountant and financial auditor, leads the service, utilizing his expertise in a data-driven and analytical approach. This combination has proven to be highly effective for achieving success in golf betting.

The service offers selections for both pre-tournament and in-play betting on the PGA and European Tours. During our comprehensive nine-month trial, GolfBetsGold demonstrated impressive results, generating a commendable profit of 93 points.

Notable winners during our trial period include:

  • Billy Horschel at the BMW PGA Championship, odds 28/1 – WON
  • Nacho Elvira at the Cazoo Open, odds 22/1 – WON
  • Garrick Higgo at the Palmetto Championship, odds 16/1 – WON (in-play)
  • Sam Horsfield as first-round leader at the Scandinavian Mixed, odds 28/1 – WON (dead heat)
  • John Catlin at the Austrian Open, odds 45/1 – WON
  • Rory McIlroy at the Wells Fargo, odds 20/1 – WON
  • Jon Rahm at the US Open, odds 10/1 – WON

The long-term results stack up very well too. Here are the yearly results for Golfbetsgold since 2018:

  • 2023: +75 points (to date)
  • 2022: -35 points
  • 2021: +143 points
  • 2020: +65 points
  • 2019: +123 points
  • 2018: +60 points
  • TOTAL: +431 points profit

So as you can see, a very nice total of over 400 points profit made since starting out. 

GolfBetsGold is a straightforward service to follow, with only a few selections per week, requiring minimal effort. Typically, there are detailed write-ups accompanying the tips, providing logical reasoning behind each selection. Based on our observations, their logic appears to be sound.

In summary, GolfBetsGold is a highly recommended golf tipster that deserves your attention.


6. Bookie Insiders Golf Tips

Next on our list, we have Bookie Insiders Golf Tips, a tipster who has amassed an incredibly impressive record since its launch. This service stands out by utilizing a sophisticated algorithm that exploits pricing errors in bookmakers’ models, establishing itself as one of the premier options in the industry.

Initially focused on the top 20 market, Bookie Insiders Golf achieved remarkable success in that niche, generating over 350 points profit since commencing tipping in 2019. These results translate to an outstanding return on investment (ROI) of over 23%.

Recently, the service has expanded its offerings to include outright market tips, providing members with a broader range of choices. By offering selections at both bookmakers’ odds and Betfair exchange odds, Bookie Insiders Golf accommodates those who may have faced restrictions in the top 20 market. The Betfair exchange model has delivered impressive results, with over 800 points profit in 2020 and continued profits in 2021.

Notable winners include:

  • Andrew Landry at the American Express – WON @ 460
  • Hudson Swafford at the Corales Puntacanes – WON @ 260
  • Stewart Cink at the Safeway Open – WON @ 230
  • Nick Taylor at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am – WON @ 180

Expanding further, the service now provides selections in Korn Ferry Tour and Ladies tour events, as well as the top 10 markets, offering an extensive array of options to members. Whether following all the tips or focusing on specific tours and markets, there is a wealth of opportunities with this service.

Throughout our review of Bookie Insiders Golf, they consistently performed admirably, yielding over 150 points profit on top 20 bets and over 50 points profit on Betfair outright bets.

Bookie Insiders Golf Tips, now operating as a standalone service named +EV Golf Tips, is a premium service that has undeniably earned its place among the best golf tipsters available. Please contact us at if you are interested in signing up, as there is currently no website available for the service.


5. Edwards Tips

Craig Edwards, formerly a professional snooker player, has transitioned into a highly successful career as a tipster. His Edwards Tips service covers both golf and snooker, but the majority of profits stem from his golf selections.

Since its inception in 2018, Craig has achieved an impressive total of 647 points profit on his golf tips. This includes 261 points from his place betting tips (e.g., Top 20, Top 10) and a remarkable 386 points profit from his outright picks.

The place picks have delivered a commendable return on investment (ROI) of 25%, while the outright picks boast an impressive ROI of 41%.

Notable winners from his selections include:

  • Richard McEvoy at the European Masters @ 150/1
  • Tom Lewis at the Portugal Masters @ 66/1
  • Bubba Watson at the Travellers Championship @ 50/1
  • Mito Pereira at the Bogota Championship @ 125/1
  • Kevin Na at the Colonial @ 66/1
  • Christian Bezuidenhout at the Andalucia Masters @ 100/1

These examples showcase the substantial prices Craig identifies. His dedication to thorough research and ability to spot value in the markets are evident.

During our own trial, the service performed exceptionally well, generating a profit of 41 points on the golf tips. It is important to note that Craig employs low staking, so if using a standard one-point each-way staking approach, the results would be more comparable to 410 points profit, an outstanding total.

Given the volume of tips provided, it is important to consider the workload involved. However, if it feels overwhelming, one can choose to exclusively follow either the outright tips or place tips.

In any case, Edwards Tips is a premium service with outstanding long-term results.


4. Golf Forecast

Next up on our list is Golf Forecast, which is a little different from most other golf services. That is because it would not strictly be classed as a “tipster” in the typical sense, as it produces its selections via an algorithm rather than a tipster reading the form.

The algorithm is based on the Shotlink data that compiles a huge array of stats on each player and the strengths and weaknesses of their game. When the algorithm identifies instances where the odds on a player are higher than they should be, that player is then selected as a bet. 

The algorithm also apparently uses machine learning to update itself and improve in light of new data, which should allow it to maintain its edge over the market in the long term.  Golf Forecast’s record certainly stands up to scrutiny with close to 1,180 points profit made since starting up in 2017. The return on investment is an exceptional 40%, which is the amongst the highest of any golf service we have come across.

The average monthly profit so far has been around £190 per month at £10 per point, which is quite a nice bit of extra income!  

Some of their most notable winners include:-

  • Ian Poulter at the Houston Open – WON at 100/1
  • Bryson DeChambeau at the Northern Trust – WON at 90/1
  • Matt Kuchar at the Sony Open – WON at 40/1
  • Patrick Reed at the Masters – WON at 55/1
  • Lanto Griffin at the Houston Open – WON at 60/1

As you can see some very nice winners there. We have run two trials of the service and it has performed well in both, proving itself under the spotlight.  We had no hesitation in awarding Golf Forecast a PASSED rating in our review and we have no hesitation awarding it a place high on this list. 


3. Sporting Life Golf (Ben Coley)

The main golf tipster for The Sporting Life is a gentleman named Ben Coley, who has garnered a formidable reputation through a series of remarkable triumphs in recent times.

Ben’s performance in 2020 was exceptionally strong, with notable victories such as Marc Warren’s triumph at the Austrian Open at odds of 150/1, Sami Valimaki’s sensational win at 250/1 in the Oman Open, and Cameron Smith’s impressive victory at 50/1 in the Sony Open.

While Ben’s results in 2019 were not as remarkable, he achieved profitability in each of the preceding three years, which is certainly commendable. He then really kicked on in 2021 and 2022, achieving superb results as you can see from his annual totals:

  • 2022: +585.04pts
  • 2021: +692.51pts
  • 2020: +363.56pts
  • 2019: -145.12pts
  • 2018: +50.73pts
  • 2017: +316.45pts
  • 2016: +190.87pts
  • TOTAL: +2054 pts

Throughout his career, Ben has secured several significant successes, including:

  • Russell Henley for the Honda Classic in 2014 at 300/1
  • Richie Ramsay for the Omega European Masters in 2012 at 100/1
  • Brett Rumford for the Ballantines Championship in 2013 at 80/1
  • Billy Horschel for the BMW Championship in 2014 at 70/1
  • Kyle Stanley for the Waste Management Phoenix Open in 2012 at 66/1
  • Hunter Mahan for the Barclays in 2014 at 50/1

Some outstanding results there, although it should be noted that given the popularity of the tips (and the fact they are free), the advised prices are extremely hard – if not impossible – to achieve and most followers will have to take odds somewhat below advised prices. That is not Ben’s fault of course, but in some ways he has become a victim of his own success.

Prior to joining the tipping team at The Sporting Life, Ben had a background of providing betting tips on Sports Live Radio and also had experience working for one of the UK’s leading bookmakers. His dedication to studying golf form for countless hours has undoubtedly paid off, as evidenced by his successful track record over the years.

With Ben’s tips provided for free and with a record like he has established, you really can’t go wrong following his golf selections. Highly recommended.


2. The 20 Minute System

While not fitting the traditional definition of a “tipster,” The 20 Minute System has delivered exceptional results that warrant its inclusion on this list.

It is a piece of software designed by Mike Cruickshank, renowned for his expertise in matched betting. The system scans both exchange and bookmaker markets to identify value each-way bets in golf, particularly focusing on instances where the place part of a bet offers value compared to Betfair’s win and place odds.

Operating the system is straightforward, requiring only around 20 minutes per week to find the recommended bets (hence the name). The results have been highly impressive, generating 519 points profit in the initial 18 months of operation and an additional 302 points profit during our nine-month live trial.

Our trial period witnessed remarkable winners, such as Thriston Lawrence triumphing in the Joburg Open at 200/1 and Luke List winning the Farmers Insurance Open at 80/1, along with other victories at 45/1 and 33/1.

With bookmakers offering generous place terms, including up to 10 or 11 places in major tournaments and prominent tour events, each-way betting presents excellent value, which The 20 Minute System capitalizes on very effectively.


1. The Golf Insider

Securing the coveted top spot on our list is the Golf Insider, a tipster who has demonstrated an extraordinary track record of success over a span of more than seven years. With an exceptional ability to identify and deliver remarkable winners at significant odds, the Golf Insider has consistently maintained a remarkable return on investment.

Since commencing their tipping service in 2014, the Golf Insider has accumulated an unparalleled profit of over 2,000 points, equivalent to an impressive £20,000 profit at £10 per point stakes.

This remarkable achievement has been accomplished with an outstanding return on investment of 30%, firmly establishing the Golf Insider as one of the premier names in golf tipping. During our live trial of the service, the Golf Insider continued to excel, securing victories at odds of 150/1 and 50/1.

Noteworthy triumphs by the Golf Insider include:

  • Marc Warren at 150/1
  • Chris Kirk at 125/1
  • Rasmus Hojgaard at 200/1
  • Andrew Dodt at 150/1
  • Corey Conners at 175/1
  • Cameron Champ at 150/1
  • Hennie Otto at 80/1
  • Thomas Pieters at 66/1
  • Martin Kaymer at 70/1

These achievements stand as a testament to the Golf Insider’s ability to identify undervalued players using their computer model and value ratings, which incorporate crucial statistics such as strokes gained off the tee, greens in regulation, and putting performance.

The Golf Insider’s longevity and consistent success over such a substantial period serve as a testament to their skill and expertise. With an unrivaled record of excellence and longevity, it is no surprise that the Golf Insider secures the top position on our list.



In conclusion, we have presented our Top Ten Golf Tipsters, each of whom has demonstrated their expertise and reliability over a considerable period of time. While some offer free tips and others charge a fee, all have established themselves as trusted sources in the industry.

It is important to note that golf tipsters generally have lower strike rates compared to horse racing and football tipsters. This necessitates a larger betting bank and a greater degree of patience, as there may be extended periods of losses despite the overall strength of the tipster.

However, with the right mindset and an understanding of these dynamics, following a top golf tipster from our list can yield significant success. The thrill of landing one of their 100/1+ winners is truly rewarding.

As always, responsible gambling is paramount, and it is crucial to only wager amounts that you can afford to lose.





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