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Betting Mastermind Review

Betting Mastermind is a matched betting package from the original matched betting guru, Mike Cruickshank.

It claims that people using the package are making up to £3,500 per month in profit, which is quite a bold claim. 

Here we take a look at what it is, how it works and whether it is possible to make that kind of money from it. 


What Is It?

Betting Mastermind is the complete package of matched betting products and other betting systems that have been designed by Mike Cruickshank over the years. 

It contains all eleven of Mike’s products in one and signing up to all of them in one go represents a massive saving compared to the cost of signing up to the products individually.

This package is for everyone from a complete novice up to experienced matched bettors and whatever your level, this will offer you the opportunity to make consistent income from the techniques it will teach you.

There are some people out there making £2,000 to £3,000 per month from these matched betting products, which is quite a significant income.

Here we take a look at each of the eleven products that make up Betting Mastermind in turn and what they bring to the matched betting table:-


          1. Bonus Bagging

Bonus Bagging Banner

The original matched betting product and the first one we reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews, Bonus Bagging is for newbies to the art of matched betting.

It will introduce you in a step-by-step fashion to matched betting and show you how to utilise the bookies’ welcome offers to make risk-free cash. 

Even if you are complete a newbie, this will give you the guidance and support you need to start making a profit from bookmaker offers.  

You can expect to make up to £500 from the offers if you do not already have accounts with the bookies. 


      2. Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser

The ultimate matched betting tool and still in our opinion, the best. Profit Maximiser brings together all of the bookies offers for existing customers as well as bingo and casino offers and much more. You can read our original review of it here. 

Recently redesigned to improve the look and feel and enhance the user experience, Profit Maximiser has a massive following and a Facebook group of over 50,000 members.

In that group you can exchange ideas and get some help if you are struggling with any of the offers, plus people post the latest and best offers and how to do them.

Some of these offers can be very lucrative – indeed there was one incident not too long ago when Sky Bet had a casino offer with a loophole and Profit Maximiser members took an estimated £1 million combined from them just on that offer! Amazing stuff.

Even without offers like that though and just sticking to the regular bookie offers, people are making a regular £300 – £500 per month from Profit Maximiser and some even more than that – by devoting time to it people have turned it into a full-time job making £20,000 to £30,000 per year tax free!


        3. Matched Betting Software

Mike Cruickshank's Matched Betting Software

If you are serious about your matched betting then really you need to have access to some Matched Betting Software. 

Basically what it does is scan all the thousands of betting markets across the bookies and exchanges (e.g. Betfair) and find you instances where the odds are very close.

That can save you hours of searching for these yourself, plus it maximises what you can make from each of the bookie offers.

You can sort by sport, event, bookmaker and much more, so finding some odds for a particular event is easy.

We took a look at the Matched Betting Software here and gave it a solid thumbs up, so having this as part of your matched betting portfolio is a must really.


      4. Each Way Sniper

Each Way Sniper

Each Way Sniper is a tool for taking advantage of the value that each way bets present in certain situations. You can read our full review of it here. 

What you can do is use the software to find bets that will guarantee you a profit whatever happens. You just place a bet with the bookie and lay off at the exchange, much as you do with matched betting. 

Due to the fact that there is big value in the place part of particular each way bets, this is a strategy that works well and can be used over and over again. 

Making £5 – £10 per bet, you can make a good extra income from this if used regularly. 


     5. Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator

One of the flagship products in the matched betting portfolio, Accumulator Generator is a tool for use on football accumulators. You can check out our full review of it here.

Basically what it does is take advantage of the bookies accumulator offers on football, whereby if one leg of your acca lets you down, they will refund your stake as a losing bet up to a specified amount. 

With Accumulator Generator it shows you exactly how to set these up as very low risk bets so that you can consistently make a profit from them whatever happens to your acca.

With everything set up for you and all the accas found, it is just a question of entering the stakes and then placing your bets.

You can make £5-£10 per acca, so doing just one per day you could make a nice extra few hundred quid per month. 


    6. EV Maximiser

EV Maximiser

EV Maximiser is a tool devoted specifically to assisting you with casino offers.

Basically you enter the deposit required, the amount of the bonus and the wagering requirement into a calculator, as well as which game or slot you are doing and it will tell you what value the offer actually represents.

You see, casino offers vary hugely in terms of the actual value they offer you – some you are better off not doing at all because they are downright rip-offs where as some you have a good chance of making profit from – and it is not always obvious.

So EV Maximiser does the work for you so you can focus on those offers that are worth doing and leaving aside those that are not.

For a serious matched bettor devoting time to making substantial income from these offers, EV Maximiser could be worth thousands of pounds over the long term.


       7. Betfair Sniper

Betfair Sniper

A product that is a little different from most of the others in Betting Mastermind, Betfair Sniper is a strategy for finding value in exchange markets to trade certain selections.

What you do with Betfair Sniper is trade horse racing markets before the off for profit, you are not waiting for bets to go in-running to see if they win or not.

A sound strategy that is a worthy addition to your portfolio.


     8. Betfair Renegade

Betfair Renegade

Another piece of software that is slightly different to the other main offerings from Mike Cruickshank, Betfair Renegade is a method of finding value football bets on Betfair.

We undertook a live trial of Betfair Renegade here and it made 233 points profit to 10 point stakes, at a return on investment of 14%.

That is a very good return for football betting, where normally a 10% ROI is considered high.

Betfair Renegade achieved a recommended rating during our review and we would underline that again here.


    9. Bookie Blowout

Bookie Blowout

Up next in the Betting Mastermind package is Bookie Blowout.

With this one, you are sent e-mails the night before racing with certain selections and you back them with the bookies. Then the next day you lay them off at the exchanges for profit, presuming the odds have moved in the right direction.

Either way though you are just trading out, so again as with all of Mike’s products it is low risk. 


     10. Betfair 1% Club

The Betfair 1% Club is a low risk scalping strategy for the Betfair markets to trade before matches start.

The idea is to lock in profits before kick off and to make a nice £10 to £20 per game. You need to have a reasonable trading bank to make a decent profit out of each trade, but it is pretty low risk and a sound theory behind it.


    11. Project Prosperity Training System 

And finally, what you get is a training system that tells you in five steps how to make the most of the above 10 systems, spending just one hour per day on them.

This will guide you through the process, showing you the pitfalls and also the time-savers and “low hanging fruit” of the systems in the Betting Mastermind package. 


The Savings

If you were to purchase the eleven products listed above separately, it would set you back £1,127. Then you would have another £656 each year in renewal fees.

But if you join Betting Mastermind, you will instead pay £97 + VAT upfront, then three monthly payments of £197 + VAT.

So the savings over the course of a couple of years will add up to over a thousand pounds! A great value package.


Conclusion – PASSED

There are members of Mike Cruickshank’s products who make in excess of £3,500 per month from using his strategies.

These people take a professional approach to their matched betting and have taken the time to learn the processes involved to a tee. 

It takes dedication, but clearly it can be done and the Betting Mastermind package offers you the chance to join this elite group of matched bettors.

If you are ready to join that group, we can highly recommend Betting Mastermind as a superb all-round package. A definite five stars for this package and it is one of the best betting system packages we have ever come across.

You can check out Betting Mastermind here. 




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