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Who is the Best Horse Racing Tipster?

We recently did a post looking at who is the best football tipster, which provoked quite a bit of interest and debate among you, our visitors.

So we thought it would be a good idea to have a look at who is the best horse racing tipster.

This is a more competitive field, quite simply because there are a larger number of profitable horse racing tipsters out there. Perhaps the only logical conclusion to that is it must be easier to make money from horse racing than football.

Anyway, below is our definitive list of who we think are top 14 horse racing tipsters around. In judging this, we have mainly taken into account the tipster’s record but we also think a small allowance should be made for how follow-able their tips are – it is obviously a bonus if you can actually make money from following a tipster’s tips!

Top 14 Best Horse Racing Tipsters

We’ve reviewed hundreds of horse racing tipsters here at Honest Betting Reviews. Who are the best we’ve found? Read on to find out…

Here is our list of the top 14 most successful horse racing tipsters. Please let us know if you think there are any we have missed off the list that deserve to be on there!



1. Quentin Franks Racing

One of the most consistent horse racing tipsters we have ever come across is Quentin Franks Racing. 

With over 1500 points profit racked up since he started tipping back in June 2014, Quentin has made his subscribers a very healthy return for well over seven years now. It is a very simple service to follow, with just 3 bets per day on average, which are normally sent out around 9-10 am (UK time) on the day of racing.

With a return on investment of over 15% amassed over a period of well over seven years, Mr Franks has managed to have a very high ratio winning months, which is the kind of consistency we love to see.

As if that wasn’t enough, Quentin also runs another service called QF Value Tips, which provides tips the evening before racing rather than on the morning of racing like his main service.

And QF Value Tips has added another 500 points of profit, meaning that in total Quentin has made over 2000 points profit from his two services combined since he started tipping on the Betting Gods platform. 

That would be over £20,000 profit to just £10 stakes, a quite incredible achievement over the course of seven years tipping. That puts him in a very elite club of tipsters who have made over 2,000 points profit. 

All in all it is highly impressive stuff and exactly the kind of long-term, consistent profit that we as punters are looking for. Quentin Franks Racing comes strongly recommended and fully deserves his place at the top of our rankings.



2. Racing Intelligence

Most of the services on this list are tipsters in the traditional sense of studying form, watching races and providing tips. However, Racing Intelligence is a different beast altogether. Instead of studying form, it is based on inside info from a very-well placed source at one of the leading bookmakers. This industry insider gets to see where the “smart money” is being placed and then passes that info onto lucky members of the service. 

Normally we would be skeptical of such claims of “inside info” and the like but on this occasion the results we have seen in our own live trial have fully backed up that this service is actually for real. Making well over 100 points profit at advised prices during our trial and a very good profit at Betfair SP as well, this is proving to be one of the best horse racing services we have seen in some time. 

The long-term results are truly outstanding, with over 800 points profit made at advised prices if backing each-way and 464 points profit at Betfair SP. However, if backing to win-only then the results are even better, with over 1,000 points profit made to advised prices and over 600 points made to BSP. 

That’s a return of investment of over 30% at advised prices and over 18% at BSP, with strike rates of 39% if backing each-way and 20% if going win-only. The consistency has also been excellent with 22 out of 28 months so far having been profitable. 

All in all then, whilst Racing Intelligence might not fit the mold of a conventional “tipster” it is still one of the best horse racing services we have come across and well worthy of a place high on this list. 



3. Back Lucrative

It is a very elite club of tipsters who have managed to make over 1,000 points profit in their tipping careers. It is an even more elite club of those who have made over 1,500 points profit and includes only a handful of tipsters.

Back Lucrative is one of those very special few who have managed to amass over 1,500 points profit and is therefore a must to be included in a list of the best horse racing tipsters. That would be £15,000 profit at £10 per point and £37,500 profit at £25 per point. 

Tipping since 2013, Back Lucrative is one of the longest-running services out there, fully standing the test of time. During our own live trial their Value Bets amassed an impressive 180 points profit and they continue to go from strength to strength.  

They also have two other services – Flat Flyers and Hidden Winners – which have performed well under live trials we have conducted, with the latter making 61 points profit at advised prices. So these are additional strings to the bow of Back Lucrative.  

The main service has made a profit every year since 2013 without fail and is one of the very few – if only – services we have come across that offers a full one-year profit guarantee meaning if the service doesn’t make an absolute minimum of 100 points profit within the first year of your membership, they promise to refund your membership fees paid to date. 

That’s how confident Back Lucrative are of success and given their long-term track record we would be too if we were them!



4. Loves Racing

If you love horse racing, then you probably love having a few winners. Well then you may well “love” this service too – because it’s certainly good at picking winners! 

Yes Loves Racing is run by a guy called Brett Love – hence the nice pun on the name “Loves Racing.” Brett was a professional footballer whose career was sadly cut short by injury, but he then turned his attention to horse racing. With his family having been in the business (mainly on the bookmaking side) for generations, it seemed like an obvious choice.

With intimate knowledge of the sport and a great aptitude for finding high-priced winners, Brett first provided his tips privately to a select group of high-net worth individuals who profited handsomely from his selections. Then he opened up his service to the public in 2017 and hasn’t looked back since, racking up an awesome 950 points profit.

We conducted our own trial of the service in 2019 and it passed with flying colours making 84 points profit. We have continued to proof the tips since then and they have kept up that excellent level of form, making an additional 150 points profit since our trial ended. The 2021 flat season was particularly impressive with regular high priced winners at over 20/1.

One of the attractive things about Loves Racing is that it’s actually four services in one, with Brett providing his main selections alongside his festival bets, system selections and horses to follow. Each of the four strategies has made over 100 points profit so it’s a versatile attack to take on the bookies with. 

As we say, Brett has a great eye for picking out big-priced winners in handicaps and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed backing those ourselves and cheering them home for some monster profits!  



5. Bet Alchemist

Bet Alchemist is a horse racing tipster that has delivered superb levels of profit for its members over a sustained period of time.

Since starting tipping in 2011, the service has brought home over 600 points of profit at an excellent return on investment of over 15%, which is an impressive level of consistency to have achieved over a period of over nine years and many hundreds of bets.

It is a very well run service as well, with detailed reasoning behind the tips and you can tell that Nicky who runs the service really knows his stuff. And they don’t always just quote the best price available when sending out the tips, but rather prices that are generally available with more than one bookie, so you have at least a reasonable chance of matching their results.

Their specialty is the big festivals like Cheltenham, where they have an exceptional record of success and hitting big-priced winners at prices of 40/1, 33/1, 20/1 and more. 

If you had a large enough bankroll to have staked £50 per point since the service started in 2011, you would now be over £32,000 better off. Now most of us mortals won’t have quite enough cash to stake at £50 per point, but even if you had staked just £10 per point, you would be £6,000 better off. 

So with results like those, we really can’t argue with Bet Alchemist being right towards the top of this list of the best horse racing tipsters. 



6. Always Back Winners

Next up in our list is the excellent Always Back Winners service. They specialise in flat racing (both turf and all-weather) and have amassed some impressive returns since starting up in 2015.

Their total profit stands at just under 1,000 points to one point each-way level stakes, with nearly two hundred points profit coming in the last two years.

We ran our own review of the service over the course of nine months and they made an excellent 105 points profit at a 21% return on investment and with a 42% strike rate. That represented a more than doubling of the recommended 100 point betting bank.

We have continued to follow the service since our review ended and it has maintained its strong performance, which is good to see.

One of the interesting things about Always Back Winners is that they focus on the Class 3, 4 & 5 races where gambling stables like a touch or where improving horses can be ‘under the radar.’

We like tipsters who focus on a particular niche to give them an edge and it’s an approach that has certainly seems to have paid off for Always Back Winners.



7. USA Racing Tipster

One It’s quite surprising in a way that there aren’t many successful US racing tipsters (or handicappers as they’re known Stateside). In fact in over six years of running this site we’ve only found one. 

Thankfully that one happens to be good – very good in fact. That tipster is the USA Racing Tipster and we have been following them in a personal capacity for quite some time, before launching an official review here on the site. 

The results speak for themselves: over 360 points profit at advised staking with over 50% ROI and over 450 points profit at level stakes with a 58% ROI. 

Those are the highest ROI figures we have ever seen from a horse racing over an extended period of time, which really sets this tipster apart from the crowd. Normally if a tipster can achieve 20% it is classed as excellent going and over 30% long-term ROI is exceptional. So to have hit 50% over more than three years is something pretty special.

Inevitably though with any tipster as successful as this, there is a flipside and that is how the bookies react to the tips. Prices are often cut drastically after the selections are sent out, so if you are a member of the service you have to react very quickly to obtain the prices – or even something close to them. Sometimes in the bigger races prices do bounce back closer to the off time but it is not guaranteed and on most occasions the prices stay below the advised odds. 

Even taking that into account and allowing for achieving slightly less than the advised prices, you can still do very well from following this service, as we have been doing for two years now ourselves.

Unfortunately the tipster doesn’t have a website at the moment, but if you are interested in joining, please drop us a line at and we will provide details for joining. 



8. Hugh Taylor

Hugh Taylor

It is difficult to argue with the record of At the Races tipster-in-chief Hugh Taylor. Since he began tipping six and a half years ago, Hugh has managed a whopping 1,897 points profit at a return on investment of 29%. 

That works out at 283 points profit per year on average. And that hasn’t been achieved in just one or two great years and then some blank ones. He has managed a minimum of 200 points profit (well, 199.79 to be precise) each year since he started tipping, with his best year being 2009 when he racked up a mind-boggling 500 points profit.

What one has to bear in mind with Mr Taylor is that the vast majority of his tips are one point win bets, with the occasional one point each-way bet. So there is no crazy staking system to make the results seem better than they actually are.

There are generally just one or two bets per day as well, so we are not talking about a service that requires a huge turnover to generate its profit either.

This is quite simply just a well-oiled value-finding machine. Going on for seven years at nearly a 30% ROI is something even the great hedge fund managers in the City could only dream of.

Now sadly there is a small snag to all this brilliance: it is damn hard to make money following Hugh’s tips – as we are finding out in our own review of Hugh Taylor Tips! Even Hugh acknowledges this himself, saying that you should only back his tips if you can get 80% of the advised price.

Secrets of his success: Hugh says the main tool he uses to analyse form is Computer Timeform, commenting “it remains an excellent guide to the merits of past performances and it provides a very good overview of a race in terms of ratings as well as the interpretative comments on each horse’s past performances.” In addition Taylor says he also uses the Query feature of Raceform Interactive for statistical purposes, but that his most potent weapon is studying videos of past races. In fact he has an archive of 6 months worth of races stored on DVD – so no shortcuts to success for Mr Taylor it seems!



9. Laurence Lambourn

Laurence Lambourn

He may look slightly sinister in this photo, but rest assured that Laurence Lambourn is a renowned and highly respected tipster – and seems like a thoroughly decent chap in all the correspondence I have had with him. A former senior computer operator with Lloyds TSB, Laurence turned to professional gambling about 15 years ago. He set up the website Equine Investments in 2003 and over the next 10 years amassed over 1,000 points profit at an ROI of 30%.

In 2013, the tipping service was switched to a performance-based service as quite simply the tips had become too popular and it was virtually impossible to make a profit. Much in the same way as with Hugh Taylor’s tips, as soon as tips were released, prices would absolutely plunge, making it quite frustrating for subscribers to the service.

The idea of the performance based subscription was to split subscribers into two smaller groups – one that would receive tips on a daily basis (or most days anyway) and the other just on weekends and during festivals, where prices would hold up better.

Since going to this model, the service has continued its excellent form and continues to produce the same very high ROI and the problems with prices have been mitigated to a certain extent, particularly with the weekend/festival group.

Much like Hugh Taylor, Laurence’s great strength is his level of consistency. He has never had a losing year since the service began, managing at least 15% ROI every year for the last 13 years.

Those who have been in since the beginning and backed at £100 per point would be over £100,000 in profit now, presuming they had been able to obtain somewhere close to the advised prices. Not bad going for a few minutes work each day.

Such excellence does come at a price though. The current subscription cost is £825 per cycle, with each cycle being 30 points of profit – so if you were betting at £100 per point that would be £3,000 of profit.

And if you want to join the service, you have to go on a waiting list as it is currently full. Places do become available, but you normally have to wait a good few months.

For consistently excellent results over a hugely long period – getting on for 13 years now – there is nothing to quite rival the achievements of Equine Investments. 

If you can afford the subscription fee and don’t mind a bit of a wait to join the service, this comes highly recommended.

Secrets of his success: In the highly educational Thoughts and Secrets of Successful PuntersLaurence says he uses the Racing Systems Builder database to generate his positive and negative factors about horses, which he then uses to get the shape of a race. Like Hugh Taylor, Laurence spends hours studying videos of past races. From there he estimates his true odds for the contenders and looks for any horse that is priced 30% or more above his true odds as a potential selection. On advice for us punters, Laurence says “it’s all about the prices. Perhaps try and come up with prices for your fancies and stick with them. If the prices don’t appear then leave the bet.” Sounds like good advice to us from one of the very best in the game.



10. Tom Segal

Tom Segal

No account of the top racing tipsters in the game would be complete without mention of Tom Segal, aka Pricewise from the Racing Post. Gaining his education at the same school as our editor in chief Dan (a coincidence you may ask?), Tom Segal has amassed an army of loyal followers after years of successful tipping in the Racing Post.

Much in the same way as Hugh Taylor and Laurence Lambourn, such is Mr Segal’s popularity that it is very tough to make a profit from his tips. As soon as the tips are released, prices crash to a fraction of their advised level, particularly on long shots. It wouldn’t surprise us if the bookies pay a premium to the Racing Post to get the tips a few minutes early so they can cut the prices in advance of the avalanche of money that will shortly descend on one of Pricewise’s selections.

Although the Racing Post don’t publish a detailed record of Tom’s results, whenever he has been proofed to other publications he has consistently made a profit at a return on investment of over 20%. Few who have followed his tips for an extended period would question how good the Racing Post’s tipster-in-chief is.

It is also arguably a tougher job that Segal has than most other tipsters as he is expected to tip in the big races as part of his job in the Racing Post to satisfy punter demand, so does not necessarily have free reign to select only the races he wants to tip in.

But there is certainly a great thrill from following one of his juicy 20-1 tips at one of big race meetings and cheering it home alongside thousands of fellow punters who have also faithfully followed Pricewise’s tips in that morning’s edition of the Racing Post.

Secrets of his success: In The Secrets of Pricewise: The World’s Number One Tipster Revealed, Segal talks quite a bit about the value of trainers and jockeys being underestimated by punters. Talking about master trainer John Gosden, Segal comments “If Gosden is running a horse in a Royal Ascot handicap that’s only won a stupid maiden at Southwell or somewhere, people will say ‘that one’s got an awful lot to find on the form book.’ Yes, it might have an awful lot to find on the form but it’s also trained by John Gosden. He’s got 150 horses, he’s won this race countless times before and he knows exactly the level of horse he needs to win it again. So for Gosden to be running it is a tip in itself. You might get 10/1 about a horse when it should really be a 5/1 shot.” Commenting on jockeys in Thoughts and Secrets of Successful Punters, he asserts “I strongly believe they are the most important factor in any race after the ability of the horse.” Finally, much like just about all of his colleagues on this list, Tom says he watches past races many times over to find his selections.



11. Steve Lewis Hamilton

Steve Lewis Hamilton

Another name synonymous with horse racing tipping is Steve Lewis Hamilton, who is one of the old pros who has been around the game for many years and has established a deserved reputation as an honest, successful professional punter.

Perhaps a testament to his roots in the pre-internet days of tipping is the fact that Steve still provides his tips via a phone line. Now whilst we would ideally prefer Steve to provide his tips via e-mail or a website log in, it should not detract from the quality of his tipping or his record over the years.

His main “Private Service” generated over 650 points profit between 2008 and 2014 at a return on investment of 35%, which is an exceptionally high rate of return. That was supplemented by his “Exchange Service,” which has made over 250 points profit since its inception in 2009 at a strike rate of over 50% and an ROI of over 20%. So all in all you are talking about 900 points of profit over a seven year period, which is most commendable.

Steve is also one of the few tipsters to subject himself to live proofing on both television and to a major newspaper study. A few years ago, the Observer ran a year-long investigation to see if gambling could be a legitimate form of investment and whether the average punter could make a profit following his tips.

Well the answer to the two questions of the Observer study was in the affirmative, big time. Steve amassed 113 points profit, or £11,345 to advised £100 stakes at a return on investment of 48%. The Observer adjudged it “a master class in tactical, value betting” and dubbed Steve “Britain’s foremost professional backer.”

Steve has also appeared on BBC and ITV features on gambling, proving each time his effective betting skills and doing his public profile no harm. All in all, he comes across as honest and successful, which is rare in the world of tipping. For consistency achieved over a long period, Steve ranks alongside the best in the game and is deserving of a place in the top five in our view.

Secrets of his success:  In Thoughts and Secrets of Successful Punters, Hamilton says he forms tissues which are basically his own view of the prices horses in a race should be. To do this, he first reduces races to contenders and non-contenders. Then “it is down to form study and looking at how the race will be run, the conditions and who it will suit and then allocating prices based on this.” Interestingly, he says with the advent of Betfair, you have to be aware of a price that is considerably higher than it should be – it may be due a reason that isn’t general knowledge. If he and trusted colleagues “agree on a price and it’s twice that on the exchanges, then the alarm bells start ringing.” Again, it looks like a combination of hard work and forming your own prices are the key to successful punting.



12. Mark Layden

Systematic Betting - Professional Profitable Betting

Mark Layden is a university lecturer in computer science so knows a thing or two about statistics and how to operate computer systems. About fifteen years ago Mark turned his considerable skills to professional punting and has done remarkably well since then.  He operates the highly successful Systematic Betting website and contributes to the Smarter Sig forum.

Between starting in 2003 until 2014, Systematic Betting amassed a staggering 3,479 points profit, which works out at 290 points per year. In terms of a points total, that puts him pretty much ahead of his competitors and shows a remarkable level of consistency over 12 years of tipping.

Mark takes a statistical and objective approach to betting and it takes him about half an hour per day to generate his selections. His skills as a computer programmer have come in very useful and have allowed him to go beyond the racing software packages available to most punters like Racing Systems Builder and Raceform Interactive.

The Systematic Betting website has been on a break since October 2014 but we very much hope it returns soon given its record over the years. Be warned however, membership does not come cheap at £750 for six months or £1,400 for 12 months. I suppose if you want top tips in this game you have to pay top dollar!

Secrets of his success: Mark advises ignoring the comments of pundits in the mass media, saying “forget the rubbish the media throws out, whether it be this horse is 3lb better off or this race has thrown up two winners and three seconds since it was run. These are all well observed by other punters and are frankly of little use as a means of finding betting value.” Layden also says “If there was one simple piece of advice I would give to other more casual punters it would be to find out how much you are beating SP by and do you shop around for prices; if not then you should.” Wise words indeed!


13. Morning Value Service

Entering our list at number thirteen is the Morning Value Service, which is an established tipping service provided by a professional punter called Kieran Ward.

Since launching the service, it has managed to accumulate over 2730 points of profit across its morning and evening selection services, which is pretty phenomenal going.

This is a high volume service, churning out around 20 bets per day on average, so you have to be prepared to put in a bit of work to follow the selections. It isn’t cheap to subscribe to either, with subscription costs of £700 for six months or £1200 for a year. It seems one thing to be learned from this list is that the best don’t come cheap! Or if they are free, they are impossible to make a profit from!

There can be periods of standing still or making losses for a while, so this is a service that needs a bit of patience. But with results like Kieran has achieved, it’s worth putting the time and money into this service.


14. Ben Linfoot

Ben Linfoot

We weren’t sure if this mysterious silhouetted  man is Ben Linfoot or not – perhaps yes, perhaps no. Nevertheless, Ben Linfoot has been part of the Sporting Life’s tipping team since 2005 and has written his highly-acclaimed Value Bet column for the betting zone since 2010.

He has amassed quite a reputation for tipping long-odds winners, encapsulated quite well at Royal Ascot in 2015 where he tipped winners at 28/1, 14/1 and 9/1.

Tips for the Value Bet column are normally only sent out at weekends or the really big festivals, so this is very selective betting. But it has proved to be very profitable over the years and Ben consistently makes 100 points profit per year at a decent ROI.

His full record at the time of writing stands at +291 points profit at a return on investment of 11%, which is more than respectable for tips you can pick up for free at the Sporting Life.

What’s more, the tips are free which is great and they don’t tend to suffer from the same incredible pressure as tips from the likes of Hugh Taylor and Pricewise.

You probably won’t make quite the same profits as following some of the other tipsters on this list with the low volume of bets, but Ben is still a formidable tipster with an excellent record and is worthy of a place in the top 10 in our view.

Secrets of his success: Ben is clearly a man who looks for value in his tipping and only tends to go for long-odds selections that aren’t always obvious on the bare form. However, by taking into account a variety of factors and getting a close sense of how the race is likely to be run, he has found a winning angle to big weekend and festival races. You will often see Ben look at the weights and handicapping when choosing his selections as well as how the form of past races has worked out. Once again you can see a lot of work goes into choosing the selections.



So there you have it, our complete guide to the top horse racing tipsters out there. Please let us know if you think there are any we have missed. 

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    I think you have missed out in my eyes who is the best tippster and that would be Elite Betting Syndicate.

    Since January 2017 it has only had 3 losing months and has a profit of 235 units.

  2. adaham
    adaham says:

    I am following Hugh taylor tips since long years very smart tipster,but now days not much like earliest tips even not even in the frame.But still in respectable way.
    can you send me Mr Hugh taylor personel email address pls,,


    DODGER says:

    12 DECEMBER 2918


  4. Ray McHugh
    Ray McHugh says:

    When I was 8 in 1958 my parents took me to Ascot and on the walk from the station was
    a tipster Prince ? and he was shouting “I gotta horse…I gotta horse today…”
    Anyone tell me his full name<

    Thank you

  5. john childs
    john childs says:

    i agree with quinton franks being very good but you will not be able to get much more than 75% of advised prices
    had to drop him from my portfolio as after costs i was left with 8% ROI

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your comments. There is some price pressure on Quentin’s tips but we have still found the advised odds can be obtained in most cases if you act fast. If not then the service has still proven profitable at BSP. And an 8% ROI is not to be sneezed at! A lot of tipsters would love to have that kind of return.

      Kind regards,



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