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Profit Maximiser – Final Review

We have completed our trial of Profit Maximiser and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:   +£2,469
Bank Growth:   123% 
Cost:   £1 for 14 day trial then £96 + VAT
ROI:   59%
Average number of bets:   Up to 20 per day


Profit Maximiser Full Review


Profit Maximiser is a sequel to Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging, which we evaluated positively at Honest Betting Reviews.

How does Profit Maximiser compare?

We are delighted to report that it surpasses Bonus Bagging in quality. In fact, it can be aptly described as an enhanced version of Bonus Bagging. The potential to earn substantial profits has excited us greatly at HBR Towers!

Profit Maximiser is essentially a system that capitalizes on the free bet offers provided by bookmakers to entice new customers.

Under normal circumstances, one must place a specific bet before receiving a free bet from bookmakers. This means that if you’re unfortunate enough to lose both the initial wager and the free bet, you would incur a loss.

However, Profit Maximiser enables you to set up risk-free (or very low-risk) bets, using some clever techniques. 

In addition to exploiting bookmakers’ free bets, Profit Maximiser expands its scope to include casino, bingo, games, and slots free bet offers.

Profit Maximiser takes advantage of a variety of free bets, including slots and games.


Profit Maximiser allows members to capitalize on casino offers.

While Bonus Bagging primarily focuses on introductory offers from bookmakers, Profit Maximiser emphasizes ongoing offers, although there are still plenty of introductory offers to capitalize on.

The system provides comprehensive instructions, including training videos and examples, ensuring that you can’t go wrong.

As we mentioned in our review of Bonus Bagging, the strategy of creating risk-free bets undoubtedly leads to profit. By following the provided instructions, you are guaranteed to make money. However, the exact amount you can earn depends on a few things, which we will go into below. 

How much money can you make?

This question is akin to inquiring about the length of a piece of string—it primarily depends on the amount of time and effort you invest.

Numerous individuals within the Profit Maximiser Facebook community assert that they are generating substantial amounts of money through the system. Here are a few excerpts from posts within this community, which consists of over 5,000 members:

Facebook Comment

So over £40k this guy claims to have made. There are others – this lady claims she has made over £12,000:

Facebook Comment 2

And another one here claiming to have made over £50k in two years:

Facebook Comment 3

It’s unlikely that he would actually buy all 5,000 members a pint, as that would cost him approximately £15,000 out of the £50,000 he won!

During our trial period, we didn’t achieve those kinds of earnings, but we still had a very successful outcome.

To simplify matters, let us divide our earnings into two parts: the profits we made from the introductory offers and the profits we made from the ongoing offers.

get a 14 Day Trial for £1

Introductory Offers

So first up are the introductory offers. These are the offers made for opening a new account with a bookie or betting company. Here is how much we made from these offers:


Type Deposited Profit  Risk Notes
Bookies’ free bets £1,840 £886 Risk-free  
Casino £400 £263 Not risk free Returns will vary – not guaranteed
Casino (no risk) £100 £100 Risk-free  
Financials £375 £225 Risk-free For new spread bet accounts
Bingo £300 £258 Not risk free Returns will vary – not guaranteed
TOTAL £3015 £1732    


The returns from the introductory offers were excellent, although our results could have been slightly better since we already had a couple of bookmaker accounts.

Profit Maximiser offers over 60 bingo offers for you to enjoy.

It’s important to note that not all the offers are risk-free. Certain casino and bingo offers involve some level of risk, meaning your results may not be the same as mine. However, it is possible to make even more profits depending on your luck and the number of offers you participate in. Among the 60+ bingo offers available, we personally chose to play the top 20 or so.

As always, Mike provides clear markings and instructions indicating which offers are risk-free and which are not. This ensures that you have a clear understanding of the potential risks involved before proceeding.


Ongoing Offers

Once you have completed all the introductory offers, which can be time-consuming, there are ongoing offers to explore.

Mike regularly sends out emails highlighting the most lucrative offers. Additionally, there are two valuable options available to access other offers:

  1. The Profit Maximiser website features a calendar that lists all the offers for the day. It provides brief descriptions of the key points of each offer and includes links for more information.
  2. The Profit Maximiser Facebook group, consisting of 5,794 members, serves as an excellent online community where people share the best offers of the day.

Determining the exact amount of money one can make from these ongoing offers is challenging.

As seen in the aforementioned Facebook posts, some individuals claim to have turned it into a full-time profession, earning over £20,000 per year. While we cannot verify these stories, it is plausible considering the abundance of available offers.

In our own experience, we primarily focused on the best risk-free offers sent via email by Mike. These offers were usually quick to complete and yielded satisfactory profits.

Additionally, we participated in as many other offers as time allowed, prioritizing those that provided the best value with minimal risk. Here are the results we achieved during the month of October:


 Type Deposited Profit Risk
Mike’s e-mails £860 £536 Risk-free
Other offers £345 £201 Mixture of risk-free and non risk-free
TOTAL £1205 £737


A very good return of £737 for very little risk. Again, you could have just done the risk-free offers that Mike e-mails out and made over £500 no problem.

So overall from the introductory offers and ongoing offers, We made £2,469 profit during the trial. And the majority of it with no risk. Pretty awesome!

get a 14 Day Trial for £1

£1 million taken from Sky Bet in a day


Achieving £2,469 in virtually risk-free profits was indeed commendable. However, there was an opportunity for much greater success.

On September 8th, Sky Bet presented an offer called Red 10 that appeared too good to be true, except that this time it was genuine.

The offer revolved around their casino games, specifically the roulette game. Participants were required to place a minimum bet of £5 on the roulette game, and if the color red appeared 10 times, they would win £10.

Observant members of the Profit Maximiser Facebook Group noticed this exceptionally favorable offer and shared it on the forum for others to benefit from.

And benefit they did. People were able to continuously play and accumulate the bonus every time enough reds appeared. It was an opportunity that came close to being entirely risk-free.

The most remarkable aspect was that there was no limit to the number of times one could win the bonus. Consequently, individuals played throughout the day and night, with some winning approximately £6,000. Here are a few of the posts illustrating these achievements:

Sky Bet Facebook Comment

Sky Bet Facebook Comment 2

Sky Bet Facebook Comment 3

Sky Bet eventually removed the offer on September 9th, once they realized the extent of the situation. By that point, it is estimated that around £1 million had been claimed through the offer.

Whoever was responsible for creating the offer at Sky Bet seemed to either be exceptionally generous or remarkably careless. Nonetheless, savvy individuals took advantage of the opportunity and profited greatly.

Regrettably, we missed out on the offer entirely since we were not astute enough to check the Facebook forum that day. However, this incident underscores the value of the forum and the incredible offers that emerge there.

Roulette Machine

Sky Bet reportedly lost over £1 million to punters on a special offer on roulette

And apparently it isn’t the first time something like that has happened on the Facebook group either – so chances are it will happen again…and this time we will make sure we don’t miss out!


What to Watch Out For

While Profit Maximiser is an exceptional product, there are a few aspects to be mindful of when using it. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Time: Understanding the intricacies of the offers and how to optimize them requires a significant time investment. It is crucial to watch Mike’s training videos thoroughly and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the system.
  2. Record-keeping: Keeping track of the accounts you open, their details, and the offers you have already completed is vital. With numerous offers to navigate, it’s easy to forget important details, so maintaining a record is essential.
  3. Varying quality of offers: Not all offers are equally advantageous. Some may have high wagering requirements or complexity that makes them less appealing. Mike provides guidance on which offers to prioritize and warns about offers that may be more suitable for experienced players.
  4. Play strategically: Engaging solely in the offers without engaging in regular betting activities may lead to bookmakers limiting your accounts. It is advisable to incorporate “mug bets” (for more information, refer to the forum or consult Mike) to maintain account longevity.
  5. Time and patience: To achieve results similar to those who make a living from Profit Maximiser, time and patience are crucial. Initially, you need time to learn the system, and subsequently, you require sufficient time to participate in all the available offers.
  6. Location limitations: Individuals residing outside the UK and Ireland may have restricted access to some offers. For further information, it is recommended to contact Mike via the Profit Maximiser homepage.

It is important to be aware of these factors to maximize the effectiveness of Profit Maximiser and tailor the experience to individual circumstances.

get a 14 Day Trial for £1


Throughout the years, we have encountered numerous betting systems and strategies, many of which make extravagant claims of wealth and the ability to quit one’s job. However, none of them have ever lived up to those promises—until we discovered Profit Maximiser.

Profit Maximiser is a game-changer as it delivers on its promise of consistent, risk-free profits, amounting to hundreds of pounds per month or even more.

When you really think about it, this achievement is quite remarkable. Even the most skilled tipsters can experience losing streaks or suddenly lose their touch, resulting in losses. However, with Profit Maximiser, you can eliminate the frustrations and concerns of traditional gambling and guarantee yourself a stream of free money.

The amount you can make ultimately depends on your efforts. We believe that you should be able to earn at least £1,000 from the introductory offers alone, followed by an additional £500 per month from the offers Mike sends via email.

A fellow Profit Maximiser member expressed our sentiments perfectly in this Facebook post:

Facebook Comment 5

With some effort, it is quite achievable to make £500 per month from Profit Maximiser. However, if you aspire to go beyond that and increase your earnings, the opportunity is definitely present. It will require time, dedication, and perseverance, but it is certainly possible. We recommend immersing yourself in the Profit Maximiser Facebook forum, learning from the training videos, and absorbing as much knowledge as you can if you wish to pursue this path.

Overall, we can confidently say that Profit Maximiser is the best betting product we have encountered thus far. We will continue to take advantage of the ongoing offers and aim to generate a steady income of £500 or more per month. Moreover, we may even delve deeper into the system to truly “maximise” our profits, if you’ll excuse the pun. 🙂

We wholeheartedly recommend Profit Maximiser, and considering the potential returns it can bring, the £97 investment may very well be the best money you ever spend.

Great news! You can now get a 14 day trial of Profit Maximiser for just £1 here.






Profit Maximiser – New Review

11th August 2015

Today we are commencing a Profit Maximiser review, a system that focuses on taking advantage of bonuses from the multitude of online betting sites.

This is a follow-up to Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging, which we are also reviewing at the moment.

Mike is widely known as an expert in exploiting bookies for their bonuses and is perhaps the doyen of this particular niche.

Profit Maximiser is a more advanced version of Bonus Bagging and covers everything from traditional bookmakers to casinos, bingo, spread betting and more.

The sales page promises “100% zero risk, tax free profits, any time, day or night.”

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Well we will see if it can deliver that during our trial.

There are also various posts on the sales page of people claiming to have made £20k plus from Profit Maximiser, which seems pretty amazing considering it is meant to be risk-free.

Have we found something potentially life changing here or will it turn out to be another false dawn?

Only time will tell…

In the meantime you can check out Profit Maximiser here.

get a 14 Day Trial for £1


4 replies
  1. Cathal
    Cathal says:

    How has it been since? I’ve done my own match betting but have enough restricted accounts from non matched betting activity already I wonder if this is worth it. Already have accounts with most bookies and some bookies with good intro offers not available in Ireland.

    At this time when I wouldn’t be doing much normal betting due to everything closed I wouldn’t think it would be a good idea to start this now?

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Hi Cathal,

      There are lots of casino offers you can still do even if you have gone through the bookies’ offers. Most of them are not risk free but they have an EV (estimated value) so you can see how good the offer is and whether it’s worth doing. Can be worth doing as there are some excellent intro offers from casinos.

      Kind regards,


  2. Mikel
    Mikel says:

    Is it possible to use PM as a NON UK resident ? Could either use it from Germany or Austria. Any tipps if it works for my countrys ?
    Germany has a 5% tax per bet (which would minimize profits – but still works for Matched Betting). I would be more interested in the Casino offers.

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Hi Mikel,

      I am not sure if it would work in Germany/Austria. It only works if you have access to free bets/bonuses from the bookies so I don’t know the situation in each country but would recommend contacting to check on the situation in your country.

      Kind regards,



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