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Ladbrokes betting shop

Maximum Bookies Payout in Cash

You have had a big win on a bet you placed at your local betting shop and decide to collect it that Saturday evening as you need the cash for something important. You eagerly hand over your betting slip only to be told that your winnings exceed their maximum cash payment so you will need […]

Men trading stocks

Tradescape – A Trading Revolution

If we said there was a fully automatic horse trading system which selects the horses, places the bets and then lays them locking in the profit and has made over £800.00 per month without you lifting a finger, would it interest you? Well there is something just like this and it’s called “TradeScape” Using advanced […]


Does Betfair Ban Winners?

It is a frequent complaint from successful gamblers that their accounts at high street bookmakers frequently get closed down with the only explanation given that is it was a business decision. Other bettors find that their accounts have been capped, with bets reduced to small amounts. Ultimately bookmakers are in the game to make a […]

tennis racquet and ball

Top Tennis Tipster – Results Update

Not much change for Top Tennis Tipster since our last update a month ago, with 5 points lost in that time.  Overall that means they are 10 points down for our trial so far.  You can view full results here. They have continued tipping through the off season with bets in challenger and lesser events, […]