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Get 2% Commission on Betfair!

There was some great news for Betfair exchange customers recently with the announcement that you can get just 2% commission on your winnings – down from the 5% it has been up until now.  This represents a huge discount and for those who trade regularly on the exchange, could represent hundreds or even thousands of […]

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Is Matched Betting Safe?

Done correctly, matched betting is as safe as houses, but some things can go wrong if you don’t take care. We will look in detail at some potential pitfalls and how to stay safe. But first, a quick refresher as to what matched betting is all about. What is matched betting? Matched betting is a […]

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Expected Goals – Explained

While the term “expected goals” (xG) has entered the football lexicon over the past few years, the concept has been well established for much longer. Analysts and researchers have been using the metric to assess the performance of football teams since the early 1990s. What exactly do we mean by xG? So what exactly do […]


Sports Arbitrage – Does It Work?

There is much debate about sports arbitrage betting. Advocates consider it to be a great way to deliver an almost guaranteed profit, while many detractors find it too risky due to its complications and possible implications once bookmakers discover this is what you are doing.  Here we will look at both sides of this argument […]