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Golf Insider – Final Review

We have reached the end of our six month trial of the Golf Insider and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:  +£4057 profit (+405.7pts profit)
Strike Rate:  11%
Bank Growth:  81%
ROI:  47%
Average number of bets:  8 per week 
Cost:  £37.00 + VAT per month


You can view full results here.


Golf Insider – Full Review



That’s all we can say really – wow. What a trial it’s been for the Golf Insider. Over 400 points profit made to advised prices is spectacular stuff and one of the best trials we have ever run here at Honest Betting Reviews.

In fact we’ve scoured the record and that is indeed the highest points total ever recorded by a tipster in a live trial in the nearly six years we’ve been running Honest Betting Reviews.

And the return on investment (ROI) of 47% is also one of the best ever recorded. 

They landed some massive winners during our trial – in fact in the very first week of our review they hit a 50/1 winner with Tyrrell Hatton at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. And they book-ended our trial with a winner in their very last tip as well, this time with a 15/2 shot in the shape of Messrs English & Kuchar at the QBE Shootout. 

In between those successes the Golf Insider also landed the following winners during our trial:-

  • – Martin Laird – Shriners Hospitals for Children Open – WON at 250/1
  • – Marc Warren – Austria Open – WON at 150/1
  • – Robert MacIntyre – Cyprus Showdown –  WON at 30/1
  • – Xander Schauffele – Tour Championship – WON at 12/1 
  • – Dustin Johnson – Northern Trust – WON at 20/1
  • – Camilo Villegas – RSM Classic – PLACED at 500/1 (i.e. 75/1 for the place)

So members have had a huge amount to celebrate this year with some fantastic winners and we have been very pleased to have been following the service with our own money. That’s how highly we rate the Golf Insider.

All in all there isn’t much else left to say apart from this is a definite PASSED rating and five stars. Congrats to the Golf Insider on a record-breaking trial! 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: It’s a pretty simple service to follow with around just 8 bets per week on average, nearly all in the outright markets. The tips are sent out by both e-mail and text message and usually a day or two before the tournaments start.  

Availability of prices: Most of the time the advised prices were generally available, although it is advisable to get on as soon as you can on the big prices (100/1+) as they tend to get pushed in. Within an hour or two of the tips being sent is usually fine – you certainly don’t want to leave it to the next day though. 

Strike rate: As with virtually all golf services, the strike rate was quite low at 11% so patience is required if following the tips. As long as you have a sensible bank though and are prepared to weather some losing runs, the rewards to date have been phenomenal. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 500 point bank is advised for following the service if using the advised staking, which we think is about the right level for this service. If using flat staking at 1pt e/w then a 200 point bank is recommend. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are £37 + VAT per month which is reasonable given the results achieved. 



Phenomenal. Fantastic. Unbelievable. We have run out of superlatives to describe the results of the Golf Insider, but it’s probably enough to say this was a record-breaking trial for us at Honest Betting Reviews, with the highest points total ever recorded by a tipster during one of our trials, at over 400 points profit made. That’s over £4,000 at advised stakes. 

The return on investment was a stunning 47% so it’s obviously no surprise that this receives a PASSED rating and is fully deserving of the rare award of 5 stars from us. It’s a service we have been following with our own money and we’ve had plenty of huge winners to toast this year. Congrats – and a big thank you – to the brilliant Golf Insider for the winners this year. 






Golf Insider – Results Update

19th November 2020

A small decline for the Golf Insider over the last month, with a loss of 19 points made since our last update.

With the excellent profits made previously however they are still 366 points up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

It was obviously the Masters last week and whilst their headline pick Brooks Koepka returned place money, none of the other picks got in the mix and of course Dustin Johnson rather ran away with things on the final day so it wasn’t quite the excitement we’ve come to expect from a Masters Sunday. 

Even though we are in late November there are still some high quality events left this season on the European Tour so hopefully we can pick up some more profit before the end of the year. 






Golf Insider – Results Update

19th October 2020

It’s been a cracking month for the Golf Insider, with another 200 points profit made since our last update. 

That means they are now 385 points up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

The profits are down in the main to a brilliant 250/1 winner in the shape of Martin Laird at the Shriners Open, which was wildly celebrated by members – ourselves included!

That was nearly followed up by another winner last night as Xander Schauffele just missed out at the CJ Cup, finishing second after being tied for the lead with three holes to play. 

Still it’s been a great month and a great trial for this service which is almost certainly heading for a passed rating – with bells on! 





Golf Insider – Results Update

21st September 2020

A bit of a step backwards over the last month for the Golf Insider, with a loss of 29 points made since our last update.

With the excellent profits made previously however, they are still 185 points up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

Even with the dip over the last month they have still managed 20/1 and 12/1 winners in the shape of Dustin Johnson and Xander Schauffele, so at least members have had some returns to soften the blow. 

The US Open last week was a tough ask with many fancied players finding it too tough but the regular season is back underway again and there is the Masters to look forward to in November so plenty of golf action to get stuck into. 





Golf Insider – Results Update

12th August 2020

It’s been another good month for the Golf Insider, with another 92 points profit made since our last update.

That means they are now an excellent 214 points up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

Most of the profits came from a stunning 150/1 winner in the shape of Marc Warren at the Austrian Open which came in very welcome for members judging by some of the messages received! 

Since then it’s been a little up and down but some good place finishes have been landed to keep things ticking along. Jason Day went close to bagging a big win at the PGA on Sunday but was just pipped at the post by the brilliance of Collin Morikawa down the stretch. 

Anyway, good to see the continued progress here of what looks like a top class service.






Golf Insider – Results Update

10th July 2020

Our trial of the Golf Insider got off to a fantastic start before the covid break, as they landed a 50/1 winner at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in the shape of Tyrrell Hatton.

That was the last tournament before the enforced break so it was rather frustrating to get stopped in our tracks as the service was clearly in very good form. However, that was how things went so there was nothing that could be done about it of course.

Since golf has resumed there have been four events on the PGA Tour, where they’ve landed a few places, most notably a very unlucky second at the Charles Schawb Challenge for Collin Morikawa at 45/1 who just missed out on the win when his 8-foot putt at the last hole slid by.

All in all though it’s been an excellent start to our trial, with a profit of 122 points made so far. 

You can view full results here.

Hopefully now that we have a month of form in the bank things will be settling down and they can get back to hitting the winners again. 




Golf Insider – New Review

3rd March 2020

Today we are starting a new trial of a top golf tipster who has an established and impressive long-term record. 

The tipster in question is the Golf Insider and they have been tipping since 2014, having made an incredible 1874 points profit since starting up. 

That has been achieved with an excellent return on investment of 27%, which is very good going over such a long period. 

They have landed some fantastic winners at massive prices, including:-

  • – Chris Kirk – WON at 125/1
  • – Rasmus Hojgaard – WON at 200/1
  • – Andrew Dodt – WON at 150/1
  • – Corey Conners – WON at 175/1
  • – Cameron Champ – WON at 150/1
  • – Hennie Otto – WON at 80/1
  • – Thomas Pieters – WON at 66/1
  • – Martin Kaymer – WON at 70/1

So as you can see some massive winners there. 

As a special bonus feature, new members now receive exclusive extra betting advice for the four golf Majors (US Masters, PGA Championship, US Open and Open Championship). 

These have done well, producing winners like Charley Hoffman at 90/1 in the first round leader market at the Masters and Erik Van Rooyen who was second at 125/1 in the Open at Carnoustie. 

All in all then this looks like a top service and it should be an interesting trial. If it can reproduce previous results then it could certainly warrant entering our best golf tipster rankings. 

As ever with golf services, the tricky part is having a big enough bank and being able to endure the inevitable losing runs, as when you are betting at odds of 100/1+ the drawdowns can be extensive, as we’ve experienced with some of the other golf services we’re reviewed. 

The flip side of course is that when they land a winner at 150/1 or more it is a fantastic feeling and makes it all worthwhile. 

So let’s hope we have more of the latter experiences than the former! 

Anyway, we will aim to carry out a six month trial here to ensure enough time for a proper look at the service and to hopefully see out the short-term ups and downs. 

We will update things here as the trial goes along so you can see how they are doing.

In the meantime you can check out the Golf Insider here.





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Golf Betting Expert – Final Review

We have reached the end of our six month trial of the Golf Betting Expert and here are the final results:-


Profit/loss:   +41 points
Strike Rate:   7%
Bank Growth:   13.6%
Cost:  £1 for first month then £49.95/month or £99.95/quarter 
ROI:  6%
Average number of tips:  14 per week


You can view full results here.


Golf Betting Expert Full Review


It’s been something of a roller coaster ride during our trial of the Golf Betting Expert, with big losing runs followed by big wins.

That – if you’ll excuse the pun – is par for the course with golf betting. 

When you are betting at such long odds (with average odds of 93/1 during our trial), then you are going to get long losing runs.

So you need two things when following the Golf Betting Expert – and indeed most golf tipsters:

  1. A big betting bank
  2. Nerves of steel

Yes, it can be very trying on the patience when you have week after week with no returns. But stick with it and you should be rewarded. 

That was the case here, when we were over 100 points down before Cody Gribble went and landed the spoils at the Sandersons Farms Championship at 155/1, completely changing the picture.

Overall we have finished in profit, which is the main thing, with 41 points made over the six month trial.

From the graph below though you will see the roller coaster nature of the journey:

Golf Betting Expert Profit Graph

As you can see, we were down for the most of the trial before a big leap upwards at the end. 

With these commendable results we are happy to award this a PASSED rating and to place it on our top 10 golf services list.

Service Breakdown

Ease of use: Tips are sent out on Tuesdays, giving you plenty of time to get the bets on before the tournaments tee off on Thursday. There are slightly more bets than most golf services though, with around 12-14 bets per week. 

Availability of prices: There were no problems obtaining the advised prices and using Betfair can get you a significantly higher price on the win part of most bets (although slightly lower on the place part). 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 7%, which as we say will test the patience of just about anyone. But those who stuck with the service will have been rewarded. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 200 point betting bank is advised for the service, but that is clearly not enough as we were 164 points down at one point. So we used a 300 point bank, which should be sufficient but you may want to try a 400 point bank to be on the safe side. 

Subscription costs: Subscription costs are £1 for the 1st month then £39.95 per month or £99.95 per quarter. 



Whilst the Golf Betting Expert made a decent profit of 41 points over the course of our six month trial, it was a roller coaster ride.

We were over 160 points down at one stage during the trial, which certainly tests your fortitude.

At the same though, we had some superb winners, with Cody Gribble at 155/1, Michael Thompson at 110/1, Aaron Baddeley at 55/1 and Patrick Reed at 50/1.

So the question is whether you are prepared to accept the long losing runs in return for the massive winners that come in intermittently.

If you are, then the Golf Betting Expert is a good service and has proved it can generate a profit over a long period of time.

This won’t be for everyone though and certainly not those who like a high frequency of winners.

The choice is yours…






Golf Betting Expert – Results Update

29th October 2016

A slight downturn for the Golf Betting Expert since our last, with 17 points being lost over the last month.

That means they are now 83 points down for our trial overall, which is disappointing stuff.

You can view full results here.

As we have said before though, just one winner can turn that all around, so let’s hope they hit one soon!

Back soon with more updates.




Golf Betting Expert – Results Update

1st October 2016

There has been a small downturn for the Golf Betting Expert since our last update, with 21 points dropped over the last month. 

That means they are now 68 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

That is despite having a tasty 110/1 winner in the form of Michael Thompson at the Boise Open. 

But it just goes to show that when you are tipping five or six players per tournament, the losses can also add up quickly.

Still, the other side of the coin is that a couple of winners could completely turn things around for the Golf Betting Expert. 





Golf Betting Expert – Results Update

2nd September 2016

Last time we pointed out the importance of staying patient with a golf tipster, as you can often go long periods without a winner.

Well if you had stuck with the Golf Betting Expert then your patience would have been rewarded further this month, as they landed a 50/1 winner in the shape of Patrick Reed at the Barclays last week.

That came on the back of some good placed finishes, including Matt Fitzpatrick at the Czech Masters at 16/1, David Lipsky at the Made in Denmark at 60/1 and Emilliano Grillo at 90/1, also at the Barclays.

That meant the Golf Betting Expert made 57 points profit on the month.

You can view full results here.

Sadly though, they are still 47 points down for the trial overall.

However, just one more month like that and we will be back in the black after being 160 points down at one point – let’s hope so.





Golf Betting Expert – Results Update

1st August 2016

In our last update for Golf Betting Expert, we emphasised the importance of patience when following a golf tipster.

Well if you shown patience and stuck with them this month, you would have been rewarded with a winner in the form of Aaron Baddeley at the Barbasol Championship at 55/1.

That helped bring in 30 points profit for the month since our last update.

Sadly though, the trial overall still stands at 104 points down.

You can view full results here.

So still quite a long way down unfortunately.

But at least things have improved and let’s hope it’s the beginning of a recovery for the Golf Betting Expert.





Golf Betting Expert – Results Update

1st June 2016

Things have been tough for Golf Betting Expert since our last update.

They have lost a further 85 points to stand at -134 points for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

This proves once again that you normally need two things to follow a golf tipster:

  1. A big betting bank
  2. A lot of patience!

Due to the odds of the tips being so high – in this case the average odds so far have been 95/1 – that means you generally have to wait 95 bets for each winner, which requires nerves of steel.

But most importantly it requires a betting bank that is sufficient to cover the losing runs. So in a case such as this, we would recommend a bank of between 500 and 1,000 points.

Anyway, let’s hope things pick up for the Golf Betting Expert over the next few weeks as there are some cracking tournaments coming up, so plenty of opportunities.

Back soon with more updates.





Golf Betting Expert – Results Update

1st June 2016

It has been a slow time for the Golf Betting Expert, with 49 points lost since our last update a few weeks ago.

That means they are now 41 points down for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

It is quite normal in golf betting though to go a long time without a winner, as you are betting at long odds most of the time.

So no need to get alarmed yet, although it would certainly be nice to hit a winner.

The high points since our last update have been placed finishes for Tyrell Hatton at 66/1 and Nicolas Colsearts at 33/1, so decent returns from those two.

But hopefully we will have more positive news to report in our next update.  





Golf Betting Expert – Results Update

6th May 2016

It has been a good start to our trial of the Golf Betting Expert – and it nearly could have been very good.

You can view full results here.

So far we are 8 points in profit after three weeks of the trial, but it was very close to being 66 points better than that on Monday at the rain-affected Zurich Classic New Orleans.

Those of you who – like me – managed to catch some coverage on Monday (I listened to it on PGA Tour Radio myself) would have noted the amazing final round of Beyong Hun-An, who unfortunately just missed out on winning in a playoff.

So it was a close run thing for the Golf Betting Expert, who nearly added another big-priced winner to his collection.

But there have been some nice place finishes to keep things chugging along and good to see a positive start to the trial of this very promising golf tipster.

Back soon with our next update.




Golf Betting Expert – New Review

13th April 2016

Well what a thrilling – and unexpected – ending it was to the US Masters on Sunday. 

I don’t think anyone was expecting Spieth to implode in the way he did. He looked to be cruising to his second Green Jacket when five ahead going into the back nine, but just shows you what a strange game golf is.

Well done to Danny Willett though on staying cool and securing his first major title. 

Traditionally the Masters has been seen as the start of the golfing season proper, even though these days there are plenty of good tournaments in the months before Augusta.

But it is certainly the start of a good time for golf, with the next few months seeing the Players Championship, US Open and Open Championship as well as lots of good tournaments on both sides of the Atlantic.

So it seems like a good time to start a trial of a new golf tipster.

The one we have for you today is called Golf Betting Expert from the reputable Tipping Gurus stable.

They have made a very impressive 280 points profit this year at a return on investment of 126%! 

That works out at a cool £700 per month betting to just £10 stakes.

That’s pretty phenomenal going. Their winners this year have included:

  • Fabian Gomez at 100/1 for the Sony Open
  • Danny Willett at 40/1 for the Dubai Desert Classic
  • SSP Chowrasia at 40/1 for the Indian Open 

Plus some very good place finishes as well.

So although it’s early days for the Golf Betting Expert, this seems like a very promising service and hopefully they will continue the excellent form shown so far this season.

We will revert back soon with our first update.

In the meantime, you can check out Golf Betting Expert here.