Football Betting Systems

Below are our reviews of football betting systems and football tipsters. 

We review each betting product for 3 months as standard, although some may take longer if there are a low volume of bets and therefore not enough action to judge the service properly.

We will record the results exactly as they are given out, nothing fudged or missing, just the honest, unbiased truth.

Want to get the best football betting tips? Well check out the reviews below.

Winning Football Betting Systems

These are the approved football services that we have tested over an extended period and found to consistently generate a profit.

We use all these services ourselves and we will regularly update results to ensure a continued place on our approved list is merited

Neutral Football Betting Systems

These are the football services that performed reasonably during our trial and have either broken even or close to it, so have warranted a neutral rating.

Failed Football Systems

These are the football systems that have failed to cut the mustard during our trial.

Current Football Betting System Reviews

These are the football service we are currently reviewing. See below for updates on how the trials are going.

over under pro final review


Football betting has grown phenomenally over recent years and is now estimated to be worth over £500bn per year, making up over 70% of the money that is gambled on sport.

The internet is full of football betting systems, many of which are well known like the classic “lay the draw” strategy and some of the more established football tipsters like Kevin Pullein in the Racing Post. Here at Honest Betting Reviews we review a range of football betting systems, including trading strategies, tipsters and betting systems in our search for some winning football systems. All the results are recorded in spreadsheets exactly as they are given out, so you can judge for yourself if the service is worth following.


Our aim is to find you winning football betting systems by scouring all corners of the internet. The truth is, there aren’t that many profitable football betting strategies out there – it is notoriously hard to make long-term profit from football and it is thought of as harder than horse racing to make money from for example. But we have found there are a few gems out there – please see our winning betting systems category above. And of course we will keep searching the internet and trying out new football tipsters and betting systems in our search for the best ones.


There are literally hundreds of markets now in football betting – you can bet on anything from the number of cards, to which team will take the most corners, over/under goal markets, first goalscorer and so many others. So you would think the opportunity is there for those willing to put the time in to find an edge over the market. With betting exchanges like Betfair, Betdaq, Smarkets and Matchbook, the punter doesn’t have to worry about having their account closed if they win either. Add to that the wealth of statistics that are available online and the punter has never had it so good!

But the flip side of the coin is that everyone else has access to all that data too, so if you aren’t able to put in the time studying form and stats, you may be at a disadvantage. That is where tipsters and betting systems can help – they put in the time so you don’t have to. But of course, you need to know if those footy tipsters and betting systems actually work…


Here at Honest Betting Reviews we show you whether those tipsters and systems do work or not. We don’t let any scams or rubbish through the net. Each service we trial is subject to a thorough and rigorous review process. We look at every aspect of a service, from the availability of prices, to the practicality of following it, to the cost, return on investment and ultimately – how much your bank will grow from following the system. Many services claim to make a profit, but how can you be sure that they actually do? By following our reviews, you can see for yourself if something works first before you part with your hard-earned cash! So please check out our reviews and see for yourself what the best systems are. 

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