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20 Minute System – New Review

We are starting a new trial today of a betting strategy called The 20 Minute System. 

This is the latest system from perennial systems developer Mike Cruickshank, who as long-term followers will know we are big fans of. 

Mike was the original matched betting guru, releasing the excellent Bonus Bagging and then Profit Maximiser, giving punters the tools to match-bet successfully and finally put one over on the bookies. Those systems were then copied by countless other system developers.

Mike has gone on to develop more and more sophisticated systems however, most notably his Each Way Sniper Auto Software. It’s an ingenious piece of software that places bets for you automatically with the bookies. You can read our full review of that one here.

His latest system as we say is The 20 Minute System, which is a golf system. It has reportedly made a very impressive 519 points profit in 18 months at one-point level stakes, which is excellent stuff.

At £20 per bet that would equate to £10,380 profit. 

The “20 minutes” refers to the time it supposedly takes to place the bets each week, which is something we like the sound of. That’s one of the benefits of golf betting in that with only two tournaments per week normally it can be a fairly low-workload sport to bet on. 

You will need bookie accounts to follow this system – and preferably a few of them. The good news though is that supposedly you can use gubbed accounts. That may be because you can follow the system with small £1 stakes and still make a decent profit. 

In any event, we will learn more as we get into the trial and start using the system ourselves. We will look to get going next week, which will be good timing as it happens to be the Open Championship! 

Anyway, as ever we will update results here as we go along.

In the meantime you can check out The 20 Minute System for yourself here. 




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