Sports Betting Systems

Below are our reviews of sports betting systems and tipsters.Multi Sports Equipment

We review each sports betting system for 3 months as standard, although some may take longer if there are a low number of bets and not enough evidence to judge the service on.

We will record the results precisely as they are given by the system or tipster, nothing missed out, fudged or exaggerated.

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Sports Betting Systems

Betting on sports has now superseded horse racing in terms of the amounts that are bet. There are seemingly limitless events for people to have on punt on across sports of all kind. The new rule seems to be: if it moves, you can bet on it. To accompany the explosion in sports betting in recent years, there are now a plethora of sports tipsters and betting systems for the discerning punter to potentially utilise in their quest for profits. But how do you know if these are any good?

Finding the Edge in your Sports Betting

Here at Honest Betting Reviews we seek the very best in sports betting systems and tipsters. What we are talking about here is multi-sports tipsters. If you are looking  specifically for a football betting system, tennis betting system or golf betting system, please check out those particular specialist pages on our website. The systems we are interested in here are rather those that bet on a range of different sports. These tipsters have become increasingly popular in recent years and often involve teams of professional gamblers who come together to pool their knowledge of individual sports to form syndicates to beat the bookies. With a wealth of statistics available and so much sport televised across multiple channels, it is more than possible for the dedicated professional to become an expert in more than one sport. 

The good thing about betting on sports  such as football, tennis, cricket, snooker and American Football is that usually the odds are lower than on horse racing, so often you will have higher strike rates and shorter losing runs, which facilitates higher staking. This will not always be the case though and in sports such as golf, odds are actually than in horse racing.

Whatever the sports that are focused on though, the important thing is whether the system or tipster actually makes a profit. This is where our reviews come in….

Full unbiased reviews of sports tipsters

We conduct full unbiased reviews of sports betting systems and tipsters in an effort to find you the best ones. Every tip or selection is recorded exactly as given out, so you can see for yourself exactly how effective the strategy is. We then produce our full analysis of the system in question, looking at all aspects of its approach, from strike rate, to return on investment, to losing streaks, to cost and how long it takes a grow a bank. Then finally we give our final verdict on whether the strategy works and a star rating out of five. Only the very best will pass our rigorous review system. 

So please check out our reviews above and see if any of the betting products stood up to serious scrutiny. If you have any questions, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team at