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Trade On Sports – Results Update

It’s been a bit of a step backwards for Trade On Sports HT Overs Bot this month, with a loss of £360 recorded to £100 stakes since our last update.

With the excellent profits made previously however the Bot is still £6,100 up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

The HT Unders Bot has also struggled a little with 2 points lost since our last update but it is still 7 points up for our trial overall (results are in the second tab of the spreadsheet above). 

The good news is that automation for TOS strategies is now available, so we are just in the process of setting that up. It involves an additional subscription to BF Bot Manager (although there is a free trial if you haven’t used it before) and you will need a VPS if you want it to operate 24/7 without having to leave your computer on all the time. 

Anyway, we will report back more on how the automation works and how it is going in our next update.





Trade On Sports – Results Update

31st July 2020

It’s been a better last few weeks for the Trade On Sports HT Overs Bot, with a profit of £220 made since our last update.

That means the Bot is now £6,460 up for our trial overall to £100 stakes. 

You can view full results here.

A bit of a step backwards for the HT Unders Bot however which has lost 3 points since our last update but sits 9 points up for our trial overall (results are in the second tab of the spreadsheet above). 

We are eagerly awaiting the automation option which should be available soon we understand.  





Trade On Sports – Results Update

9th July 2020

A small loss of £120 for the Trade on Sports HT Overs Bot since our last update a month ago. 

With the previous gains however the Bot is still £6,240 up for our trial overall.  

You can view full results for this here.

We are also monitoring the new Lay Overs Bot, which involves laying the overs for two goals ahead at HT – e.g. if the score is 1-0 at HT, you lay over 2.5 goals (effectively you are backing the unders). 

So far this system is 12 points up since starting up in late May. You can see the results in the second tab of our spreadsheet. The alerts are only for the 1-0 and 1-1 scorelines and ignore early goals. 

It is often a challenge to get the advised prices for these alerts though as the odds normally move a few ticks instantly, so we will endeavour to record the prices we actually get rather than the advised prices to give a fair indication of achievable results. 

Either way though this new Lay Overs Bot is looking promising and would be great to have another tool in the TOS amoury.  




Trade On Sports – Results Update

10th June 2020

A slight step backwards for Trade on Sports’ HT Overs Bot over the past couple of months, with a loss of £260 made since our last update.

With the excellent previous results however, they are still £6,360 up for our trial overall.

You can view full results for this here.

Automated trading of the bot via BF Bot Manager is due to be available by July, so we look forward to that being set up. 

Just a reminder that the HT Overs Bot is available with the Silver Football membership.

There is a lot more besides just the bot with Trade on Sports across their various memberships however, including:-

  • – Tennis lay bets that have made +84.93 pts with an 8.89% Return on Investment
  • – NFL bets: 327 Bets: staked 327 Pts, +72.12 pts, 22.05% ROI
  • – NHL: 186 Bets: Staked 152.79 pts, +16.57 pts, 10.84% ROI
  • – MLB: 126 Bets: Staked 82.32 pts, +16.77 pts, 20.37% ROI
  • – Football: 662 Bets: Staked 662 pts, +27.28 pts, 4.12% ROI

You can check out TOS’s full prospectus here.

With more football leagues coming back all the time there will be lots more action for TOS now and hopefully the Bot will pick up the pace again. 





Trade On Sports – Results Update

10th April 2020

Just a small gain for Trade on Sports’ HT Overs Bot recently, with a profit of £80 made since our last update a month ago. 

That means the Bot is now £6,600 up for our trial overall.

You can view full results for this here.

There have been no selections since 11th March with football having stopped obviously. There are reports of some European leagues planning restarts in May/June, which would be great if true but we will wait and see. The Premier League clubs would apparently lose £750m in revenue by not finishing the season so will obviously be doing everything they can to complete the season, presuming they can do so safely of course. 

What joy and excitement there will be when football finally does return though, whenever that ends up being! 





Trade On Sports – Results Update

4th March 2020

Another quiet month for Trade on Sports, with a loss of £40 made to £100 stakes since our last update. 

That means the Bot is now £6,520 up for our trial overall at £100 stakes.

You can view full results for this here.

We are awaiting news of the automation which would be a very welcome addition to the service and make things easier for subscribers. 

In the meantime let’s hope things kick on this month and we make some decent profits. 







Trade On Sports – Results Update

5th February 2020

A quiet month for the Trade On Sports HT Overs Bot, with a small loss of £120 made to £100 stakes since our last update. 

With the previous gains made however, the Bot is still £6,560 up for our trial overall to £100 stakes. 

You can view full results for this here.

(Please note signing up to the Silver football membership will give you access to the HT Overs Bot, plus other features).

There are some very exciting developments going on aswell, with the Trade on Sports team looking at automating the Bot selections – and the tennis bets – via BF Bot Manager. 

If that works it would be a great addition to the service in terms of both saving time and making sure you don’t miss any alerts, as they can come in at all times of day and night. They are aiming to have a live version available in early March so watch this space.

We mentioned last time about the pre-match trading alerts and those are now coming through. Basically they alert you to where the odds of a team may drift or come in a few ticks before kick-off. We haven’t been able to track these alerts unfortunately as a large number come in, again at all different times.

However, it is worth bearing in mind if you are going to follow them that you need a pretty big bank as trading £100 for each game for example would only give you a few quid profit per trade, so to make it worthwhile (or comparable to profits from the HT Overs Bot at least), you would probably need to stake around £1,000+ per game. And if there are a few alerts coming in at around the same time, then clearly you need a decent amount available in your Betfair account to cover them all.

If you are going to follow the pre-match trades, whatever you do make sure you don’t allow your bet to go in-play! The last thing you would want is to risk losing the whole stake for the sake of £10-£20 profit. 

Anyway, good to see lots of new developments happening with Trade On Sports and things are looking very positive for the future.  










Trade On Sports – Results Update

6th January 2020

The Trade On Sports HT Overs Bot finished 2019 in style, adding another £660 profit since our last update a month ago. 

That means the Bot is now £6,680 up to £100 stakes for our trial overall. 

You can view full results for this here.

As you may have seen, Trade On Sports scooped the award for Best (Other) Sports Service 2019 in our recent Members’ Choice Awards and the HT Overs Bot has been the bedrock of their success.

However, there are quite a few other elements to Trade On Sports’ service, including a pre-match trading tool which is about to start sending alerts for matches to trade (like the HT Bot), other football trading alerts, tennis trades and tips for US Sports. We haven’t been able to track the results for all of these as have been concentrating on the HT Overs Bot but we are sure these elements all offer value as well. 

As we say the pre-match trading alerts are due to be introduced shortly so hopefully we will be able to include news on those in our next update. 







Trade On Sports – Results Update

4th December 2019

Trade on Sports’ HT Overs Bot bounced back in tremendous fashion in November, amassing just under £1,000 profit since our last update. 

That means the Bot is now £6,020 up to £100 stakes for our trial overall (or 60 points up to 1 point level stakes). 

You can view full results for this here.

The last couple of months have been very instructive as to the value of adopting a long-term mindset in betting. In October there was a drawdown of £760 at one point which was tough to take, particularly if you had just joined the service. There was a drop-off in memberships at that point as some people obviously could not handle the losing streak and gave up.

However, those who stuck around were richly rewarded as things got back to winning ways in November, with those losses more than recouped and more profits made so far in December. 

The service has proved itself conclusively with over a year’s proofed results in our review comprising over 850 trades. Inevitably there will be occasional losing streaks as with any system but if you can adopt a long-term mindset and learn to handle the drawdowns the rewards have been tremendous.

One thing to ask yourself if you are getting really anxious and upset during a drawdown is whether you are staking too much money on each selection. A run of 5-10 losers in the course of a couple of weeks is possible – indeed likely – in just about any system and if you staking sensibly it should not bother you at all. 

For our part we would recommend a 30-50 point bank if following the service, so for example if you have a £1,000 starting bank that would mean risking £33.33 per trade if operating on a 30-point basis. 

As we say, with sensible staking like this a few losers now and then should be water off a duck’s back and not bother you at all. 

Another possible approach would be to stake a fixed percentage of your bank on each selection, e.g. 2-3%. We haven’t crunched the numbers on this but expect you would now be sitting on an extremely tidy profit, well above the amount for level staking we have used for our review. 

Anyway, just a few thoughts from us on how to approach things but the main point is that results have been excellent for this service and the odd drawdown now and then is to be expected and successful traders/gamblers don’t let it affect them.








Trade On Sports – Results Update

1st November 2019

It’s been a rare losing month for Trade on Sports‘ HT Overs Bot, with 4 points lost since our last update. 

With the positive results previously, they are still 51 points up for our trial overall (or £5,080 up using £100 flat stakes). 

You can view full results for this here.

As we say, it’s rare for the Bot to have a losing month so it’s come as a bit of a shock for members, but a reminder that having a large enough starting bank to withstand the losing runs and some patience is important when following any system. 

They recommend a £5,000 bank if you are betting at £100 stakes so in that context if you joined at the start of October although you would be over £400 down that would still represent less than 10% of the bank which is a small amount in the grand scheme of things. 

Anyway, let’s hope October was just a blip and they’ll be back to winning ways in November. 






Trade On Sports – Results Update

1st October 2019

Yet another good month for Trade on Sports’ HT Overs Bot, with an additional 6 points profit (or £640 profit to £100 stakes) made since our last update.

That means they are now 55 points up for our trial overall (or £5,520 up using £100 flat stakes).

You can view full results for this here.

We have now been following the HT Overs Bot for a full year and the results have been excellent. We often say the holy grail of betting is consistency and the Bot has demonstrated remarkable consistency over the past year, steadily churning out the profits month after month. You can’t ask for much more really, with over five grand profit made from £100 stakes. It is one of the best footy betting/trading tools we have come across in some time. 

Last time we mentioned the pre-match trading tool. We have followed a few of the live webinars with Pete which have been interesting, although there are a very low number of trades indicated from them – often just one or two, which isn’t really enough action in itself. Those with the time to use the tool themselves could find more trades of course, but it would be good if this could be turned into an alert service as well given that it works so well for the HT Overs Bot.

We will see what other things the team at Trade on Sports develop in the coming months, as it’s really a treasure trove of information and we feel the more of it they can automate for members the better.






Trade On Sports – Results Update

2nd September 2019

It’s been another good month for Trade on Sports’ HT Overs Bot, with an additional 6 points profit made since our last update.

That means the Bot is now 49 points up for our trial overall (or £4,880 up to £100 stakes).

You can view full results for this here.

Although the overall results were very good, it was actually a very up and down month with a run of seven consecutive losers early on in the month – the most the bot has had since starting up – followed by 12 straight winners. There was then another bad run over the weekend which just dragged the results down a bit unfortunately. 

Overall though you have to say the results have been excellent with nearly £5,000 profit made since we started following the bot.

Some people have asked about the Quick Response bot but our analysis suggests it is not profitable to lay the draw with. It might be profitable to use it in the same way as the HT Overs Bot (i.e. backing another goal at 1.6), but there isn’t enough data on that to draw any conclusions yet.  

We are also starting to investigating their pre-match trading tool which looks quite interesting so will report more on that in our next update.





Trade On Sports – Results Update

3rd August 2019

It’s been an excellent month for Trade On Sports’ HT Overs Bot, with another 9 point profit made since our last update.

That means they are now 43 points up for our trial overall (or £4,280 up at £100 stakes). 

You can view full results for this here.

These results are based on odds of 1.6 at 65 minutes, although the average seems to have been trending a little lower than that lately, but either way the results have been very good and solidly consistent throughout our trial. 

With a high strike rate of 72%, this is proving to be a top system for betting on football in-play and long may it continue. 





Trade On Sports – Results Update

2nd July 2019

It’s been a quiet month for the Trade On Sports Overs Bot, not surprisingly with very little football on at the moment. 

Since our last update the bot has made just one point profit, putting it 34 points up for our trial overall (or £3,440 up to £100 stakes).

You can view full results for this here.

As mentioned last time, the odds of overs in a number of the games selected by the bot is quite low these days, often around 1.16 at HT, meaning by 65 mins (when entering the bet) the odds are often lower than 1.6.

So whilst we have been using average odds of 1.6 to record results, the actual average may be closer to 1.55, which would mean the total profit for the bot during our trial would be around 25 points. Either way though that is still a very nice amount of profit with such a high strike rate (around 70%) so you can’t complain.

Of the other bots they are testing, the HT 2 Ahead looks the most promising from what we can tell, with around 26 points profit made so far if backing two more goals at 61 minutes.

Trade On Sports have some live webinars planned soon to demonstrate some of their live trading and explain how some of the tools on their platform work, so those should be interesting. 

We will report back on how they go, together with how the bots are doing, in our next update.







Trade On Sports – Results Update

5th June 2019

It’s been an excellent month for the Trade On Sports Overs Bot since our last update, with another 9 points profit made. 

That means the bot is now an estimated* 33 points up for our trial overall (or £3,320 to £100 stakes).

You can view full results for this here.

*We say “estimated” because essentially we are using a best guess of what the average odds of over 1.5 goals at 65 minutes are in the selected matches.

As alerts come in at all times of day and night it has not been possible to track the odds live, so we have had to do our best to estimate what that average odds would be.

Up until now we have assumed 1.6, but after tracking more of the odds live lately we believe the average may be closer to 1.55. 

There are a number of Dutch matches and selections from high-scoring leagues where the odds are quite a bit below 1.6 at 65 minutes. 

So if you took the average odds at 65 minutes to be 1.55 then the overall results would be 24 points up rather than 33. 

That is still very good going whichever way you look at it though and with the high strike rate of around 70% this has been a very consistent and impressive performer. 

Some people take a different approach and just request odds of 1.6 and then leave the bet to either be matched or not, which would mean some of the results recorded as winners on our spreadsheet would not have been matched – and conversely some recorded as voided would have been winners. Overall it would probably even itself out so we doubt the results would be very different doing it that way. 

Anyway, they have also been testing some additional bots which have recorded some very promising results so we expect them to go live shortly.

Their bots operate in the Summer leagues as well so there are still alerts coming through, although of course not as many as during the main season as there are fewer fixtures. 






Trade On Sports – Results Update

3rd May 2019

More profits for Trade on Sports’ main Overs Bot, with another 2 points profit made since our last update a month ago.

That means the Overs Bot is now 24 points up (or £2,360 up to £100 stakes) for our trial overall.*

You can view full results for this here.

The results on our spreadsheet are for backing the bot’s selections at 65 mins at average odds of 1.6, although there are other ways you could trade the selections (e.g. dripping them at 45, 60 and 75 mins). Some members have studied the different ways of following the bot and it appears the option we have recorded of backing at 65 mins is the most profitable.

There are also some other bots in beta mode which are showing a lot of promise, one which is over 50 points up and another two which are more than 20 points up each, so these are looking very good indeed.

Just to clarify that with the “bots” they have developed you still have to place the bets yourself, it is just that the bots are scanning the markets to find the opportunities.

Perhaps at some stage in the future they will have an auto-trade option, but for the time being you get the live alerts via the Telegram messenger app, which is straightforward to set up and follow, and then place the bets yourself.

All in all then we are really liking the look of Trade On Sports so far and think this is a very promising service. 


*Correction – please note this previously stated the total profit was 25 points but there were a couple of errors in our spreadsheet that have now been corrected.




Trade On Sports – Results Update

4th April 2019

We have been taking a look at Trade On Sports for a while now and there is a lot to take in about the service. 

They have a whole variety of features you can use, including:

  • – Stats Databases 
  • – Chat Rooms
  • – Bets in a variety of sports including tennis, NHL, NBA and more
  • – Live in-play alerts for football
  • – Prematch to inplay stats
  • – And more besides

It can be a little overwhelming at first and difficult to know where to start.

However, the main feature at the moment in our opinion is their live “GameState Bot” which gives alerts at HT in football matches where it expects at least one more goal.

This has been operating since the start of October and has made substantial profit since starting up.

There are different ways you can follow the alerts, but it seems the most profitable is to put in a bet at the next goal up (so if it is 1-0 at HT, to back over 1.5 goals) at odds of 1.6, which on average gets matched at around the 65th minute if there are no goals up to that point. 

Following this method has produced over 22 points profit (or £2200 to £100 flat stakes), which is pretty good going. 

You can view full results for this here.

They have a number of other bots in live beta testing which are showing promise. One in particular involves betting that there will be at least one first half goal and has already amassed over 50 points profit. 

There are also tennis bets sent out each day for players to lay and back and these are around 15 points up for the year so far.

Overall then we have been quite impressed with Trade On Sports so far. The TOS Gamestate Bot has delivered very good profits so far and there is lots of potential in their other strategies under development. 

It still feels a little like a work in progress rather than the finished article, but the service certainly seems to be going in the right direction.






Trade On Sports – New Review

25th February 2019

Recently we have been spending more time looking at trading services rather than just tipsters and betting systems.

That’s because increasingly we are seeing that trading offers some advantages over traditional forms of betting.

Firstly, trading normally involves using the exchanges rather than the bookies, thus offering an attractive option for those who have had their bookie accounts restricted.

Secondly, with pre-event betting it can be difficult to find an edge with markets being so efficient these days. But once you go in-running, events can unfold in fast and unpredictable ways, offering the potential for the shrewd trader to find value by reacting quickly to how things are changing.

Thirdly – and in a related way – prices can fluctuate wildly in-running, meaning there is the potential to capitalise on these swings and make a decent profit from well-executed trades.

So with those advantages in mind we are looking at a relatively new but promising trading service called Trade On Sports.

The site is co-run by the respected Pete Nordsted, who some of you may know from his previous ventures including Premier Betting and numerous books on gambling he has published. 

Together with some professional traders Pete has put together a range of resources for sports trading.

At the moment Trade on Sports covers 3 services:

• Trade on Tennis
• Trade on Football
• Ratings & Bets

You can join each service separately or you can join the Platinum service and receive everything. As a member you get access to a wealth of data and statistics via their apps, chat groups on Telegram and alerts for in-play trades on the relevant sports covered. 

We have been following the service in a personal capacity for a while so decided it was about time we got a formal review going to record some of our findings and results.

Apparently they have some new software in the works for tennis trading so hopefully that will be available soon.

In the meantime though there is lots for us to get our teeth stuck into for the purposes of the review.

We will report back here soon with our initial findings on the trading services on offer and results achieved. 

In the meantime you can check out Trade On Sports here. 






premium boxing tips

Premium Boxing Tips – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of Premium Boxing Tips and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:  +117 points
Strike Rate:  76%
Bank Growth:  47%
ROI:  40%
Average number of bets:  4 per week
Cost:  £19/month or £208/year


You can view full results here.


Premium Boxing Tips – Full Review


Premium Boxing Tips is only the second boxing tipster we have reviewed here at Honest Betting Reviews. Whilst a lot of money is gambled on the big fights in boxing, it is still quite a niche sport in betting terms when compared to the “big two” of football and horse racing. 

However, perhaps that is a good thing because it opens up the potential for angles to exploit and value to be found where others aren’t paying so much attention.

That certainly seems to be the case with Premium Boxing Tips in any event, with an excellent profit of 117 points made during our trial. 

That was generated with a return on investment of 40%, which is absolutely top-notch. 

The strike rate was also a very healthy 76%, meaning long winning streaks and short losing ones, so really there was nothing not to like about the service!

Here you can see how steady the progress was during the trial:

You can tell from their very detailed write-ups that accompany the tips they really know their stuff, with an exceptionally in-depth knowledge of boxing. 

Most of the tips are accumulators of doubles, trebles or four-folds (which they refer to as parlays) and they advise which bookmaker to place the bets with – in most cases it is Bet365. A lot of the fights are not the really big clashes like Joshua v Povetkin etc but lesser-known figures. 

Overall it’s a pretty simple service to follow though and with results like these there is no question that this receives a PASSED rating – with bells on!


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: The tips are normally sent out well before the fights are due to start, with some accas spread out over a few weeks. With an average of just 4 bets per week, there isn’t too much effort involved in following the tips either.  

Availability of prices: We didn’t have too many problems getting the advised prices, most of the bets are advised with Bet365 but there are other bookies to choose from if you don’t have an account with them.

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 76%, which is excellent and meant healthy bank growth during our trial. 

Advised Betting Bank: We didn’t see any bank recommended but used a 250 point bank for the trial, which seemed adequate to us given the strike rate and staking. 

Subscription costs: The subscription costs are very reasonable given the results achieved at just £19 per month or £208 per year.



Boxing is still quite a niche sport in betting terms but that opens up opportunities to find value for those in the know and Premium Boxing Tips clearly demonstrated during our trial that they are in the know. 

With an excellent profit of 117 points at a return on investment of 40% this passes our trial with flying colours. 

So if you fancy a bet on the boxing or just want to add a high quality tipster to your portfolio, then Premium Boxing Tips certainly fits the bill.







Premium Boxing Tips – Results Update

17th April 2019

It’s been a good run for Premium Boxing Tips since our last update a month ago, with another 42 points profit added in that time.

That means they are now 57 points up for our trial overall.

You can view full results here.

As mentioned previously, most of the selections are accumulators (normally doubles or trebles), also referred to as parlays and are odds-on. 

Very nice smooth progress here and living up to the pre-trial results which is a rarity. Long may that continue.  






Premium Boxing Tips – Results Update

16th March 2019

It’s been a positive start to our trial of Premium Boxing Tips, with a profit of 15 points made so far after one month.

You can view full results here.

Quite a lot of the tips are accumulators (or “parlays” as they refer to them) on selections with low odds that combined are still often odds-on. 

That approach is working well so far so let’s hope for more of the same going forward. 





Premium Boxing Tips – New Review

18th February 2019

So far here at Honest Betting Reviews we have only reviewed one boxing tipster in the four years we have run the site. 

So it’s nice today to have another tipster to review and that is the aptly-named Premium Boxing Tips.

This is a service that’s been going for over three years and the results published on their website for that time look very good. 

In that time they’ve made over 440 points profit at a return on investment of over 15%.

What we really like about the results though is the steady profit graph. This is the kind of smooth progress we love to see from a tipster:

If they could repeat that over the course of our trial (and beyond) they would certainly be a tipster worth adding to the portfolio.

One of their expert tipsters says that:

“I’ve been an avid follower of boxing for many years. The advent of fights broadcast and downloadable over the Internet has allowed me to study the sport in greater depth. I started gambling on boxing seriously around 8 years ago.”

Well that dedication seems to be working well based on the results published on their website but let’s see how they perform under a live trial. 

So we will run our normal three month trial of this service and will report back here regularly on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Premium Boxing Tips for yourself here. 








Multiple Sports Equipment

Betting Bias – Final Review

We have completed our trial of Betting Bias and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:  +285 points
Strike Rate:  16%
Bank Growth:  144%
Cost:  FREE
ROI:  82%
Average number of tips:  3 per day


You can view full results here.


Betting Bias Full Review


It was a good finish to our trial of Betting Bias – a tipping service run by a group of professional gamblers who bet on a range of sports including golf, horse racing, football, rugby and tennis – with a further 16 points added at advised prices and 17 points at Betfair SP.

That meant over the course of the trial they amassed a whopping 285 points of profit at advised prices and 284 points at Betfair SP.

That came at a return on investment of 82%, which is pretty incredible stuff.

Breaking things down, it is worth noting that the vast majority of that profit came from one selection – Smylie Kaufman winning the Shriners Open at 250/1, which returned 313 points profit all on its own.

Here are the results in graph format:

Betting Bias Graph

Haha quite a graph! Looks like one of those charts you see of a company on the stock market that’s just about to be bought out or has discovered some new wonder drug or something else pretty amazing. 

In this case the wonder drug was Smylie Kaufman winning the Shriner’s Open!

Of course there may be some of you saying that if they hadn’t had that one winner, they would have actually finished down for the trial.

However, having followed Betting Bias’s tips for a number of years, we have seen that this is the way they do things and they have had a number of 100/1+ winners on golf, so this is certainly not just a one-off.

As you will see from the list of golf winners at the start of the review below, there have been some fantastic golfing successes for them and that list at the bottom is just a summary; there have been plenty of other golf winners and some tasty-priced each-way shots as well.

So we are happy to give Betting Bias a big thumbs up and a five star rating based on their performance both during our review and over the long-term.

After five years of tipping they are 1600 points up at a return on investment of 28%, which is superb going and there aren’t many tipsters out there with such a great record over a sustained period.

And what’s more, the tips are completely FREE – can’t ask for much more than that can you really?

Sport-by-Sport Breakdown

One thing we did think worthy of consideration is the breakdown of how things went for each of the sports they tip in. Here are the results for each sport in table format:


SportNumber of BetsProfit/Loss 
Golf  63+252 points
Horse Racing     114+32 points
Football  96+6 points
Rugby  3-3 points
Tennis  1-1 points
General  1-1 points


The table breaks down things very much in the way we have experienced things with Betting Bias over the years: the golf is the most impressive and brings in the lion’s share of the profit; the horse racing is good and seems to do better on the all-weather where their sectional timings come into their own; the football tips more or less break even or perhaps make a small profit and the other sports make up just a tiny portion of the bets so are less significant. 

So really there could be an argument for just following their golf tips – and perversely actually staking higher amounts on their long-odds selections (66/1+) because those are the ones that have really excelled and brought home the bacon over the years.

My personal view is that the horse racing tips are also worth following, particularly over the all-weather season and we are seeing that at the moment with some very good results.

Of course, you may not want to pick and choose the bets like this and just back everything instead, which would cover all bases and ensure you don’t miss anything.

Anyway, however you choose to the follow the tips, we think Betting Bias is a great service and it’s amazing that everything is provided for free.


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: There is a bit of work to do as there are 3 bets per day on average. The only thing they could do to perhaps improve the service is provide the tips by e-mail, as at the moment you have to visit the site every day to get the tips and it is easy to forget as tips are posted at different times of day – which can be a great shame if you happen to miss one of their big winners!

Availability of prices: The prices are generally widely available and we had no problems getting on. The advised prices and Betfair SP results were almost identical, at 285 points and 284 points profit respectively, which is another plus point for the service. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 16% – so some patience is required to follow this service, particularly on the golf tips which can go lengthy periods without a winner due to tipping at high odds (but patience is richly rewarded if you do stick with them).

Advised Betting Bank: A betting bank was not advised but we used a 200 point bank for the trial, which seemed sufficient for the historic strike rate and was very comfortable as it turned out.

Subscription costs: Completely FREE! Can we say that again? FREE! Amazing stuff for a service that has made over 1600 points profit.



It’s been a very profitable trial for Betting Bias and we are pleased to give this an approved rating. A fantastic winner at 250/1 winner was the highlight of the review period.

They have an incredible knack of picking long-priced winners on the golf in the last few years and we feel that is the real strength of the service.

The horse racing on the all-weather is also good and worth following.

All you need is a bit of patience to wait for the golf winners and a decent-sized bank to cover the losing periods.

As long as you have those two things, you are all set and can strap yourself for some great long-term profits. And did I mention that it is all provided for free?…

You can check out Betting Bias here.





Betting Bias – Results Update

18th November 2015

There has been a slight downturn for Betting Bias, who have lost 20 points at advised prices and 36 points at Betfair SP since our last update.

You can view full results here.

They are still 269 points up for the trial at advised prices and 258 points up at Betfair SP, so no real harm done to the great profits made during the trial.

We have around three weeks to go, so even if every bet loses between now and the end of the trial, we would still be well up, so can’t really see anything other than a massive thumbs up here!

Anyway, will be back with our final verdict on Betting Bias in early December. 



Betting Bias – Results Update

26th October 2015

Last time we updated the results for Betting Bias a month ago we remarked that things had got off to a little bit of a slow start. 

We had also remarked in our opening comments when commencing the trial that they have a habit of landing big priced winners on the golf.

Well late on Sunday night they proved true to form.

Golfer Smylie Kaufman, a graduate of the tour (a satellite tour for the main PGA Tour) had been tipped up by Betting Bias for the week’s tournament – the rather long-winded Shriners Hospitals for Children Open – at a massive 250/1.

Here is what they said about the young player:

“Having highlighted Smylie Kaufman as a rookie to watch in 2015/16 he almost blew his cover with a T10 at the last week.

“The 23-year-old finished the week T3 for birdies and more of the same is required at TPC Summerlin.

“Kaufman’s strength is driving and putting (ranked fifth for putting average last season) and like Tony Finau last year he can follow up a good showing at the Frys with an even higher finish at the Shriners.

“Back him each-way at 250/1 with Paddy Power and get 1/4 odds for a top-6 finish.”

And guess what happened? Well he only went and won didn’t he!

Holing a great 20 foot putt on the last, a couple of hours before the leaders finished their rounds, Kaufman posted -16 and no-one could catch him as he finished one shot ahead of six players.

That brought in a whopping 313 points profit in one fell swoop for Betting Bias and skyrocketed the results for the trial to +289 points profit at advised prices and 294 at Betfair SP. 

You can view full results here.

Amazing stuff. The only downside was that we didn’t back Kaufman ourselves! Oh well, we hope a few of you did and got to celebrate the win.

As we said at the start of the trial, this is what Betting Bias tend to do – move along slowly for a while then hit a massive winner. 

So they have been true to form. Let’s hope they can land a few more winners before the end of the trial – although we don’t expect them to be at 250/1! (but wouldn’t complain if they are)…

You can check out the completely FREE tips from Betting Bias here.




Betting Bias – Results Update

26th September 2015

It has been a little bit of a slow start to our trial of Betting Bias, who after 3 weeks are 19 points down at advised prices but level (+0 points) at Betfair SP.

You can view full results here.

It is quite unusual for the Betfair SP to be considerably better than the advised prices, but in this case it was down to two winners.

Firstly, Realtra at Doncaster on 10th September that was advised at 25/1 but won at a Betfair SP of 40. Then on 19th September, Tatlisu was advised at 22/1 and won at a Betfair SP of 27.

There have been some massive priced golf selections during the trial so far, including 500/1 Oliver Farr at the Italian Open. If one of those come in then we are really laughing!

We will return soon with more updates.



Betting Bias – New Review

4th September 2015

It is not often that you find a really good tipster with an impressive record over a number of years. It is even rarer that you find such a tipster who provides their tips FREE. 

Well with the tipping team at Betting Bias, that is exactly what you get. 

They tip across a range of sports including horse racing, golf, football, tennis and cricket.

Tips are posted on the website daily so you just have to click on the website each day to see the latest tips – couldn’t be simpler. 🙂

They have amassed an outstanding 1324 points profit at a return on investment of 24% since the service started in December 2010. We have followed their tips for a number of years and can verify the results on their website are accurate.

So that’s about 284 points profit a year on average, or 24 points per month.

Probably their most impressive returns have come on golf, where they have tipped some amazing winners over the years, including:

  • Keegan Bradley to win the USPGA in 2011 at 150/1
  • Bubba Watson to win the 2012 Masters (ante-post) at 55/1
  • Patrick Reed to win the Wyndham Championship in 2013 at 80/1
  • Kevin Stadler to win the Phoenix Open in 2014 at 125/1
  • Pablo Larrazabal to win the Abu Dhabi Championship in 2014 at 125/1
  • Alex Cejka to win the Columbia Championship in 2014 at 66/1
  • Brian Harman to win the John Deere Classic in 2014 at 100/1
  • Smylie Kaufman to win the United Leasing Championship in 2015 at 66/1
  • Roope Kakko to win the Madeira Islands Open in 2015 at 66/1

So some pretty incredible winners as you can see. 2014 was a particularly impressive year.

In fact, in January 2014 alone they made 359 points profit. That’s more than some services make in a year – or perhaps ever make!

They also have a decent record in other sports like football and horse racing, although without the huge-priced winners that you get betting on the golf.

In many ways we would be happy to place this straight in the approved systems list, but for the purposes of comparison with our other services we will run a normal three month trial so we can crunch the numbers and look at availability of prices etc.

In the meantime, you can check out the completely FREE tips provided by Betting Bias here.