1,000 Points Profit During the World Cup!

Well the World Cup is over and it’s well done to France after their 4-2 win over Croatia in an enthralling final.

At the start of the tournament we advised taking a look at a service called Sports Spread Betting who had a very ambitious target of making 1,000 points profit on the World Cup.

We thought that target would be very difficult to achieve but we really hope you signed up to them because amazingly they actually achieved it, making 1,065 points profit during the World Cup.

Even staking at just £1 per point that would be over £1,000 profit in just a month!

We have been following the service since it started and it has now made over 3,350 points profit in total, which is incredible stuff.

And you don’t need to be a high-roller to follow the service because you can stake from as low as 10p per point with spread betting firms like Sporting Index.

Now is a great time to join Sports Spread Betting with the new Premier League season just around the corner and they will be expanding on their cricket selections with a whole host of new stats they have collected.

Plus their horse racing selections wil start to pick up soon as well as the National Hunt season gets going.

You can check out Sports Spread Betting here.

[To sign up just go about half way down the homepage under “What Next” and click on “click here to purchase”].

So don’t miss out on all these profits any longer and sign up today.








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