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All Weather Ultimate – Results Update

Results Update 23rd March 2015

We have updated results for All Weather Ultimate, a system from the Winning Information Network stable. 

Two months into the trial and unfortunately it’s been a tough time for this system, which currently sits 56 points down.

Staking is quite high at between 1 and 5 points, with the average stake at 2.1 points per selection, so things wouldn’t look quite so bad at 1 point level stakes.

Anyway, we have a month to go so let’s see if this one can turn things around before the end of the trial.

Profit/loss: -56.7 pts

You can view full results here.




New Review 21st January 2015

All Weather Racing Service nets 600 points profit in 2014

You can check out All Weather Ultimate here

Today we are launching a review of All Weather Ultimate, a racing service from the Winning Information Network. 

Their claimed profits for 2014 were over 600 points, which is very impressive. We will be testing this one for three months to see if they can keep that kind of form up. 

The system behind the selections can be purchased for a very reasonable £23.96. Upon purchasing the system you are provided with an 8-page PDF, which explains the system.

A bit of time would be required to find the selections each day, using the Racing Post or similar racing publication.

However, the system author Marcus Haskell also provides the selections for £44.97 for the initial trial of 90 Day(s), and then £9.97 per month plus VAT at standard rate for EU Customers.

Let’s hope this one can keep up the impressive results obtained in 2014. Only time will tell!

In the meantime you can check out All Weather Ultimate here.


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