Asian Handicap 1.5 Meaning

Have you ever wondered what the Asian Handicap 1.5 bet is or how it works? Well, dive into our guide where we break down this unique betting option.

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just starting out, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Asian Handicap 1.5.

This type of bet removes the possibility of a draw and evens the playing field for both teams.

But what exactly does that mean for your bets? How does it impact the odds? And most importantly, how can you use it to your advantage?

We’ll answer all these questions and more, providing clear examples to help you grasp the concept.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a solid understanding of Asian Handicap 1.5 and how to use it effectively in football betting.

Ready to level up your betting game? Let’s get started!


How Does the Asian Handicap Work? 

The Asian Handicap is a type of betting originating from Asia, now popular worldwide. Its goal is to prevent draws by giving one team a virtual advantage or disadvantage. 

You can read our full guide on how Asian handicap betting works here.

In “Asian Handicap 1.5” betting, a team marked as “+1.5” starts with a 1.5 goal lead, while the “-1.5” team begins with a 1.5 goal deficit.

The Asian handicap 1.5 bet is one of the more simple Asian handicap bets to understand as essentially you just need a team to win by two or more goals, if they are -1.5 on the Asian handicap, or not lose by two or more goals if they are +1.5 on the handicap. 

Since draws are eliminated in Asian handicap bets, only two outcomes are possible. 


How Can You Have Half a Goal in Football?

Now you may be wondering why the market says +1.5 goals – or how you can have half a goal in football.

Well, in fact the market is not suggesting there could be half a goal – rather it is a mechanism by which the draw result can be eliminated and there can only be two results. 

Either a team wins by two or more goals, or they do not. 

By adding (or subtracting) one and a half goals to a team’s score, this ensures a clear result and means the net result once the handicap has been applied cannot be a draw.

We can see this in action in some examples below. 


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Let’s have a look at some examples. Here is a match from the Premier League between Aston Villa and Liverpool, with the odds from the Betfair Exchange:

In this instance, you can back Aston Villa with a +1.5 goal headstart at odds of 1.47, or back Liverpool with a -1.5 goal deficit at odds of 3.05.

Liverpool are strong favourites for the game, but with a +1.5 goal headstart Aston Villa become favourites in this market. 

Let’s say you decided to back Aston Villa +1.5.

If you placed £10 on them at 1.47, this would be your position: 

As you can see, the scenarios are pretty simple for this bet. 

If Liverpool do NOT win by 2 or more goals, then you win your bet. That means everything including a Villa win, a draw and Liverpool winning by just one goal would result in a winning bet here.

So for a £10 stake at odds of 1.47 you would win £4.70 (minus commission). 

Of course the other option in this example is to back Liverpool at -1.5:

You need Liverpool to win by two goals to win your bet – at odds of 3.05.

Any other result means you lose your bet – so if Villa win, the game is drawn, or Liverpool win by just one goal.  

For a stake of £10, you would win £20.50 (minus commission) if Liverpool do win by two or more goals.


Example 2

You can of course do the whole thing in reverse and use the market that gives Liverpool a 1.5 goal Asian handicap headstart, i.e. Liverpool +1.5:

Here you can see that Liverpool are given the 1.5 goal headstart (+1.5) whilst Aston Villa are given a 1.5 goal deficit (-1.5). 

Liverpool are priced at 1.13 with this +1.5 headstart in the Asian handicap market. 

If you placed £10 on them at odds of 1.13, this would be your position:-












It works the same way as we saw previously – if Aston Villa fail to win by 2 or more goals, you win £1.30 (minus commission). 

If Aston Villa win by two or more goals however, your bet loses (you lose the full £10 stake). 

And finally, you could back Aston Villa with a 1.5 goal deficit (-1.5):


Here you need Aston Villa to win by two or more goals to win your bet – at high odds of 8.41

If they do not win by two or more goals however, you lose your bet.

So they could win 2-1 for example and you would still lose your bet in this instance.  

So that’s it in a nutshell really, the “Asian handicap 1.5” market is about backing a side with a 1.5 goal headstart or deficit. 

In the end, the match finished 3-3, meaning the Aston Villa +1.5 and Liverpool +1.5 bets would have won.  

Both Liverpool -1.5 and Aston Villa -1.5 would have been losing bets.


How to Use the Asian Handicap 1.5 market

In deciding whether to use the Asian handicap 1.5 market for your bets, it is worth delving into stats on the teams playing and their scorelines over the season. 

If a team has a habit of winning by big margins, it could be worth backing them on the -1.5 Asian handicap market, as they have had a habit of overcoming that margin. 

However, if a favourite tends to win a lot of games by narrow one goal margins, it might be better to back the other side with a +1.5 goal headstart. 

Or in the same vein, if when a team loses, they only lose by one goal, it may be worth taking them on the +1.5 Asian handicap market if the odds are favourable. 

The nice thing is that these days there is so much choice in terms of markets to bet on, you can study the stats and find which one is most suitable for the match you want to bet on. 


Common mistakes to avoid in Asian Handicap betting

To make the most of Asian Handicap betting, it’s important to steer clear of some common blunders that bettors often fall into. Here are a few to watch out for:

  1. Neglecting team updates and injuries: Keep an eye on the latest news about teams, including player injuries and lineup changes. Ignoring this info could lead to misguided predictions and bad bets.
  2. Skipping research: Doing your homework is crucial. Don’t overlook team performance, stats, and other relevant details. Without proper analysis, you might end up making bets based on guesswork rather than facts.
  3. Chasing losses: When you’re behind, resist the urge to bet big in hopes of recouping your losses quickly. This can lead to reckless decisions and more losses. Stick to your betting plan and avoid chasing after what you’ve lost.
  4. Letting emotions dictate: Emotions have a way of clouding judgment, especially when it comes to betting. Avoid making decisions based solely on personal feelings or biases toward a particular team. Stay objective and focus on making rational, calculated bets.

By steering clear of these pitfalls, you can refine your betting approach and boost your chances of success in Asian Handicap betting.


Conclusion – the Asian Handicap 1.5 Market

In conclusion, delving into the Asian Handicap 1.5 market opens up a realm of strategic betting opportunities.

Understanding its nuances, such as the elimination of draws and how the market operates, is essential for making informed decisions.

By studying team statistics, tendencies, and considering various betting scenarios, you can leverage this market to your advantage.

Whether it’s backing a team with a proven track record of wide-margin victories or capitalizing on underdog resilience, the Asian Handicap 1.5 offers a dynamic option for strategic betting.

However, to maximize your success, it’s crucial to avoid common pitfalls like neglecting team updates, skipping research, chasing losses, and letting emotions dictate your bets.

By staying disciplined and objective, you can refine your betting strategy and enhance your chances of success in the dynamic world of Asian Handicap betting.

So, armed with knowledge and a clear-headed approach, step into the Asian Handicap 1.5 market and elevate your betting game to new heights.

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