5 Ways to Be Green and Love Your Winning Race Horse

Buying, rearing and training a race horse can be an incredibly rich and exciting process. Your love of racing is transferred into reality when you are training and looking after your racehorse investment. The sheer thrill of getting your horse into prime peak condition and seeing it romp home over a race or just pip the second at the post is a fantastic feeling and one that many equestrian lovers have each month. It will often take time money and energy to get to that point, of which of course will be paid back with winnings.

Looking after a prime race horse is of course paramount and something to look at when choosing the right runner for your betting. The extra care that the stables put into the care of the horse can make a real difference. Why not check out some stables and put a more well considered bet on – you can get a great Ladbrokes bonus code from here to give you a further advantage.

Unfortunately, horse ownership is not the most traditionally environmentally friendly activity; horses require a large amount of resources and create quite a bit of waste. However, there are a number of easy ways to help reduce your horse’s impact on the environment.

Manure Composting

Horses have large appetites. Large appetites result in a large amount of manure, which needs to be dealt with. Composting is a great green way of turning what could be a potential issue into something that is incredibly useful. Composting can be done by adding manure and a combination of other materials, such as moldy feed and straw, into a bin. Once the material converted to sludge, or the end result of the compost cycle, it can be used for manure. As an added bonus, purchasing an anaerobic digester can convert methane, a byproduct of the compost process, to biogas, which can be used to heat the home or parts of the stable.


Using eco-friendly horse bedding, such as pellet bedding or compressed cardboard chips. These types of bedding are biodegradable, and are both made either using recycled wood products or are grown in sustainable plantation farms. These types of bedding are made to absorb more, which means that less can be used. Further, bedding pellets can actually be more healthy for the horse, as they emit less dust and reduce any hoof problems a horse may develop due to a damp stall.

Natural Nontoxic Fly Sprays

Switching to nontoxic fly sprays not only offers benefits for your horse, but will also keep the groundwater safe from contamination when the horse is bathed. They are also particularly good for horses with sensitive skin, as natural fly sprays do not contain any chemicals that will irritate the skin. Even better, many of these natural fly sprays can be made right at home.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is one of the easiest ways to go green. Essentially, purchasing more of the feed and bedding at once not only saves money on transportation costs, but also saves gas as fewer trips are made to drop off materials at the barn.

Recycling and Reusing

The barn can reduce the amount of waste it produces by reusing barn items. For example, old mop buckets can be washed and reused as planters and old, torn feed bags can be reused as trash bin liners, ground covers and even as bags to store other bags. It is also always important to recycle anything that cannot be used again, such as used horse shoes, and to buy products that use recycled material, such as toilet paper.

Reducing a Horse’s Impact on the Environment is Easy

While horses do require a large amount of resources, those resources can be made with the environment in mind. By simply switching to nontoxic sprays, using recycled materials for bedding, cutting down on transportation and turning horse waste into something useful, the barn can be a much greener place.





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