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Best Betting Tips

One of the main questions we are asked here at Honest Betting Review is what the best betting tips are. 

We have looked at literally hundreds of tipsters across a range of sports, from horse racing to football, golf, tennis, cricket and more.

It is not easy finding betting tips that are profitable over the long term. Most tipsters lose money some will lose you a lot of money.

Back in the old days, when people talked about betting tips they used to refer to the selections in the newspaper or Racing Post, or ringing a dodgy phone line to get some mysterious character’s “nap of the day.”

As with so many industries, the arrival of the internet changed everything and opened up the world of tipping to a vast new audience and also unleashed a wave of new tipsters who fancied chancing their arm. 

This whole new market was completely unregulated and some unscrupulous tipsters took advantage, claiming incredible results that under closer scrutiny turned out to be false. 

It was out of this wild-west style environment that our website was born to provide some oversight and check the results claimed by tipsters.

We also aimed to scour the internet in search of the best tips out there, to try and make some money for us and our followers.

The good news is that in all our searching, we have found some “hidden gems” – some high quality betting tips that have delivered fantastic profits and allowed us and many of our members to build a decent tax-free second income.

So, you may be wondering, what are these tips? How can you get hold of the best betting tips out there?

Well, without further ado, here is out Top 10 list of the best betting tips we have come across. Enjoy!


Best Betting Tips

Here is our list of the top betting tips we have found, starting at number ten and working our way to number one and the very best tips.


10.  Value Favs

Value Favs

One of the most difficult things to do in betting is to win money from betting on favourites. It is usually associated with mugs, whilst professionals tend to bet on outsiders. 

So it is quite an achievement of the horse racing tipster Value Favs to have produced consistent and excellent profits over a sustained period whilst betting on favourites. In its first ten months of tipping, the service made over 250 points profit, at a return on investment of 18%. That is quite exceptional given that they are picking horses at the top of the market. 

The strike rate is a very good 48%, which means close to half of all bets are winners. So that means you can wager with a good amount of money and grow a betting bank at a strong pace, whilst at the same time being psychologically easier as the losing streaks will tend to be short compared to a service that tips at long odds.

So all in all, despite only being a year old, the tips provided by Value Favs are excellent and with such a high percentage of winners, are very rewarding to be involved with.


9.  Early Odds

Early Odds

When the bookies publish their odds in the evening before racing, they are exposed to the sharp-minded punters who can exploit any mistakes in their prices. 

By the time it comes to an hour or two before the race, the combination of professional money, expert opinion and inside information will have swallowed up the value and produced very close to the actual chances each horse has to win. 

So it is not surprising that some tipsters make their living from hitting the early prices the bookies publish and this is exactly what Early Odds does (as you may have guessed by the name!)

In its first year of tipping, the service produced just short of 700 points profit, a quite remarkable feat and up there with some of the best we have seen. It is run by a guy called Max who built a database that analyses a huge amount of data to find value tips. And it certainly seems to work extremely well. 

Each of the first twelve months of tipping was profitable, an amazing level of consistency that we look for when assessing tips. So if you want to join the shrewd band of punters exploiting the value to be found in the bookies’ evening prices, then Early Odds is the service for you. 


8.  Value Racing Tips

Value Racing Tips

Value Racing Tips is a service from the reputable Betting Gods stable and provides daily tips for UK horse racing. It has made over 450 points profit since starting up in late 2013. That is over £4,500 profit if using just £10 stakes and over £10,000 profit if using £25 stakes.

Their return on investment is over 18%, which is a strong record over such a long period of over three years. That shows they have a clear edge over the market and have managed to sustain it despite the short term ebbs and flows. We often say that the real test of a tipster is its ability to produce long term results and Value Racing Tips has certainly done that. 


7.  Target Tips

Horse Racing Track

From the reputable tipster platform of the Pro Betting Club comes Target Tips, which provides selections in UK and Irish horse racing. It generally tips favourites, which as we have mentioned above is a tough thing to make a profit from.

They have done it very successfully though, making over 180 points profit at a very commendable monthly average of 26 points profit per month. So if you were betting at £10 per point, you would have made over £260 profit per month to date.

One of the things we really like about the service is that they tip at Betfair SP, so you are not chasing unrealistic prices or having to place your bets in a frenzy as soon as the tips are released. Plus you know you can match the advertised results. 

The strike rate thus far is 42%, which means nearly half the bets have been winners, a very impressive stat. The Pro Betting Club tend to restrict the number of members of their services, so this is one to join quickly if you are interested. 


6.  Bet Alchemist

Bet Alchemist

Alchemy is the process of turning metal into gold and if there is a betting equivalent, then this service is surely it.

The Bet Alchemist has been tipping in horse racing for over 5 years and in that time have made over 750 points of profit, an excellent return by anyone’s standard. That has been achieved with a return on investment of 15%, which is worthy of great acclaim for having been achieved over more than half a decade. 

Many of their winners have come in the big festivals and meetings, including Lord Windermere at the RSA Chase at Cheltenham at 16/1, Jezki in the Champion Hurdle at 14/1 and Un Temps Pour Toi in the Handicap Chase at 16/1. 

With eight profitable months out of twelve on average, Bet Alchemist has shown remarkable consistent and is a worthy addition to any betting portfolio.


5.  Pro Footy Tips

Footballer Celebrating

Although most of the entries on this list are from experts providing horse racing tips, we have to find space to include an exceptional football tipster called Pro Footy Tips.

The guy who runs the service is called Geir has been a professional football gambler since the 1980s. 

Anyone who has survived that long in such a tough marketplace clearly knows their stuff and Geir is providing to a live audience of followers that he does. With just under 200 points profit made since starting tipping, the service has managed nearly £200 profit per month to just £10 stakes. 

With a return on investment of well over 25%, that means you would have made £25 profit for every £100 invested to date, an excellent return.

If you are looking for some top tips on the football, then you would be well advised to check out Pro Footy Tips


4. Master Racing Tipster

Horse Racing

Sometimes in life the name of an organisation or service doesn’t match its actual achievements. This is not the case with Master Racing Tipster however, who is thoroughly deserving of its title. With a stunning 500 points profit made since starting tipping in 2014, this tipster has been gloriously consistent in his tipping success.

With a return on investment of nigh-on 30% after more than two and a half years of providing tips, you will struggle to find better returns anywhere over such a length of time. 

Tipping is selective with just one or two bets per day, so there is little time needed to follow the tips and usually just a couple of minutes per day to place the bets. The strike rate is good too at 28%, so whilst you are not backing favourites all the time, there are still a healthy proportion of winners.

Join the Master and you are unlikely to regret it!


3.  The Value Machine

The Value Machine

Every regular punter will be familiar with the idea of value – that if you consistently find odds that are higher than they should be, you will make profit over the long run. 

Finding such odds is easier in theory than in practice though and many systems have fallen by the wayside in attempting to find value. One approach h,as managed to do it with great success though and that is the approach of a chap called Kieran Ward.

He developed a method of consistently finding value by comparing prices on Betfair and the bookies. Using this strategy, Kieran ran a very successful service called the Morning Value Service that made over 3,500 points profit in five years. That means if you wagered £25 on each selection, you would have made over £87,500 from following the tips.

However, the number of members was severely limited to protect prices and subscription fees were very expensive, topping £1,000 per year. 

Now though, Kieran has developed some software called The Value Machine that allows you to generate your own selections using exactly the same method he used with the Morning Value Service. The subscription costs are a fraction of those of the Morning Value Service and as people will be using the software at different times of day, people will get slightly different selections, but with the same inherent value.

There are very few people who can match the profits achieved by Kieran and using The Value Machine should allow you to emulate his success. 


2. The Flat Master

3 Horses Racing on Track

How would you like to make £400 per month to just £10 stakes? Well that is exactly what The Flat Master has done since starting providing tips in November 2015. 

The return on investment has been just shy of 30%, which is exceptional. As the name suggests, this tipster specialises in flat racing, covering both turf and all-weather racing in the UK. They say specialisation is the key to success in betting and that certainly seems to be the case for the Flat Master.

The total profits made so far are very close to 600 points profit, which would be nearly £6,000 to just £10 stakes, or £15,000 to £25 stakes. There can be little doubt that the tips have a substantial edge over the market. With a solid strike rate of over 25%, there are a good proportion of winners.

With such a superb record of profit accumulated, The Flat Master comes highly recommended.


1. Quentin Franks Racing

Intense Horse Race

At the number one spot for the provider of the best betting tips is Quentin Franks Racing. Since starting out in July 2014, Quentin has amassed an astonishing 900 points profit. That equates to £9,000 profit to just £10 stakes or £22,500 profit to £25 stakes.

When we look for quality betting tips, we look closely at consistency to see whether the tipster is able to produce profits on a regular basis. Quentin is certainly able to do that, with an exceptional record of consistency. Out of his first 29 months of tipping, 26 of those months were profitable. As punters, that is what we like – regular, steady profits.

Following the tips to just £10 per point would have made you over £300 per month to date, which is a very useful second income. The return on investment has been over 25%, a great achievement over a period of two and a half years. 

Of all the hundreds of tipsters we have looked at, Quentin Franks Racing is the number one we have found. Sign up whilst you still can. 

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