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Revealing the best football bets you can place this summer

It is set to be a busy summer of football. Not only is there Euro 2024 to enjoy, but there is also the 2024 Copa America.

With some of the world’s greatest national teams due to be action, there are plenty of games that can bet on.

If you are looking to get involved in the action, read on as we reveal some of the best football bets you can make ahead of this summer’s action.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets have long been associated with football. A bet where you can combine multiple selections into one bet, accumulators can often see some big returns made.

Usually involving a minimum of four teams, accumulator bets involve you picking the outcome of individual matches – betting on the home or away team to win or the draw. Usually the bet needs to be placed before the game kicks off.

For your bet to be considered a winner, every result in your bet needs to be predicted correctly. If you select six teams to win and five win and one team loses, your bet would be a loser.

It isn’t uncommon for most betting sites in the UK to offer a cash out facility which would see you able to take a potential cut off your winnings before the bet is due to be finished.

Also keep an eye on any ‘Acca boosts’. Acca boosts apply an extra percentage on top of any winnings, the more teams in your accumulator bet, the bigger boosts you can earn.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is quickly becoming increasingly popular amongst football bettors and can offer some brilliant value.

Handicap bets are great bets to place if the two teams have a heavy favourite. Betting on heavy favourites can often return very little value, but that’s where handicap betting really comes into its own.

Let’s say that England are playing against Albania. England will start the match as heavy favourites, but handicap betting will allow you to bet on England starting at -2.

If you wanted to take this bet, this would mean that for your bet to win, England would need to win by at least three goals. Obviously winning by three goals is a lot tricker than winning a match outright and the odds for this to happen would be far more generous.

Alternatively, you could bet on the underdog. If you think Albania have a chance of getting a result you could back them at +2.

This would mean that even if Albania were to lose 1-0, 2-1, or 3-2, your bet would still be a winner. The odds wouldn’t be as big as the outright market but offer some added insurance.

Goal markets

Goal markets can be great to get involved in, by betting on the overall goals in a game, you aren’t concerned by who wins the game, just the number of goals that are scored.

There are usually a range of different goal markets that you can explore, ranging from above 1 goal to be scored, over 3 goals or even over 5 goals. In a match where the outright markets offer little value, goal scorer markets can be great bets for those seeking additional value.

Other in game bets

There are a host of other in game bets that are usually available to be placed, as well as betting on the overall number of goals, you can also bet on the total number of cards and corners.

Usually taking the form of betting over or under a specified amount, like goal markets, these bets aren’t concerned with the winner of the game, just whether the total number of cards and corners are hit.

Penalty and extra time markets

Tournament football opens the possibility of matches going to extra time and penalties. Usually offering some superb value, this bet type involves you picking a team to win the game outright in extra time or via penalties. The odds for these outcomes are far greater than in standard outright markets.

Build a Bet

Most of the top betting sites in the UK have now put the power in their customers’ hands through the ability to ‘Build a bet’. Build a bet involves you selecting up to five different bets and combining these together to create your own unique odds.

It is completely up to you as to which markets you wish to include. Cash out services can also be used for some Build a bet wagers, but you will need to check with your betting provider if this is the case with your chosen partner.




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