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Best Tennis Betting Sites

Tennis is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the world and there are matches nearly all year round. Of course the four grand slams events take centre stage, but there are also weekly events on the ATP and WTA tours that attract top players and huge amounts of betting interest. 

This is good news for those fancying a punt on the tennis but it is important not to just bet on a whim or on players you may happen to like. Success in tennis betting – just as with any other form of betting – requires a clear strategy, a good deal of work and a method that has an edge over the bookies. 

Fortunately there are a number of good websites out there that can help with your tennis betting and we have made it our job over the last few years to try and find the best ones. 

So below we will take a look at the best tennis betting sites, including a mixture of stats sites, tipsters, betting strategies and more. 


Our Top 5 Tennis Betting Sites

There are a whole host of tennis betting sites out there and not all of them are helpful. There are some selling dodgy tips and information which we would not recommend following. However, there are a few gems that can really aid your tennis betting, whether you are looking to follow a tried and tested expert or develop your own strategies. 

Here are our top 5 tennis betting sites in ascending order:-


5. Tennis Insight

One of our favourite sites for stats and information on both men’s and women’s tennis is the excellent Tennis Insight. Including a host of useful info such as match previews, head to head records, tournament features and much more it is a very comprehensive resource for researching your picks. 

Of particular interest are the stats around serving and returning percentages for each surface, which is vital if you are looking to trade certain strategies such as back the server, lay the server etc. They also allow members of the site to post their own tips for matches and everyone who does has a record of success (or failure), so you can see who is doing well and can choose to follow them if you like.

All in all Tennis Insight is a very good site and well worth visiting for some research and study before making your picks.


4. Tennis Goldmine

An all round of package including a tennis betting system plus trading and betting tips, Tennis Goldmine comes from renowned tennis expert Patrick Ross. The principal part of the package is the betting system which involves laying players who fit particular criteria. It produced good results during our live trial and is a slow, solid way to grow your betting bank. 

Another part of Tennis Goldmine is Patrick’s betting tips and Spartan Trading Tips, which have both made impressive long-term profits. In terms of the trading tips, they have reached a total of 1500 points profit from a starting bank of 100, which is very good going. Patrick Ross has been a respected name in tennis betting for a number of years and has the results to back it up so if you are looking for a package that covers both betting and trading on tennis, this is well worth a look.


3. Tennis Ratings

Although the website itself may look pretty basic, don’t let that put you off as there as some valuable resources contained within Tennis Ratings. We originally came across the site via the excellent book “Mastering Tennis Trading” by Dan Weston, who also runs the site. It’s one of the best guides we’ve read on tennis trading and contains strategies, data and worked examples of trades. 

Mr Weston is a respected figure in the world of tennis betting, having previously written for Pinnacle and the Eastbridge sports betting broker. The site itself includes a host of useful articles on tennis betting and trading which should be an aid to anyone looking to improve their returns on the game. There are also records of his own pre-match betting model for the ATP and WTA tours, both of which show a good profit to date. There is even a YouTube channel with some video examples of trades. 

If you are interested in taking things further and trading on a regular basis then for a fee there are daily spreadsheets which give you the basis of potential trades to make for the day’s matches based on stats and past performances, highlighting players’ strengths and weaknesses and where profitable trading opportunities may lie. 


2. The Goat

Next on our list is the interestingly-named “The Goat.” We presume this is a reference to “Greatest Of All Time” rather than the animal, however with a picture of a goat on their profile we are not sure. Either way it’s a very good tennis tipping service with over 150 points profit made to date and a healthy strike rate of just under 50%, meaning nearly half the bets have been winners thus far. 

Bets come in a variety of markets including match odds, Asian handicap games and Asian handicap sets and also double and treble bets in addition to singles. 

Whatever the real story behind the name, The Goat is an impressive tennis betting service. 


1. Tee and Serve Tips

The top tennis site we have come across is the excellent tipping service Tee and Serve Tips. Whilst strictly speaking not just a tennis service as it does include golf tips as well (hence the name), its tennis selections are second to none and the results it has achieved have been excellent. 

With an average return of over £400 per month to £10 stakes at a return on investment of 17%, it has shown a clear edge over the market. In less than a year they managed to grow the starting bank by over 150%, which is no mean feat. 

The tennis tips focus mainly on set betting, with favourites who are fancied to win by two sets to nil often given in doubles to provide good odds, aswell as in singles. If you are looking for a service providing top quality tips so you don’t have to do all the research and work yourself then Tee and Serve Tips would be a strong choice. 



So there you have it, our list of the best tennis betting sites we have come across through our extensive research and testing. All of these should aid you in your quest to make some profit from the game, whether you are betting, trading or doing both. With the wealth of information, stats and expert advice available online nowadays, punters are better armed than ever to take on the bookies. 

As ever, if you are going to wager some money on the tennis then please gamble responsibly and only risk money you can afford to lose. 





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