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Bet Angel Review

Bet Angel is a trading tool for trading markets on Betfair and here we take a look at some of its features and how it may help you.

What is Bet Angel?

Bet Angel claims to be the first piece of software that brought a whole range of features from the stockmarket to the Betfair markets. This included tools such as technical indicators, fill or kill orders, charting, ladders, trading via multiple screens and many other key aspects.

It apparently now accounts for over a billion pounds worth of bets traded, so makes up a significant portion of the market on Betfair. If you are a trader, having a piece of software like Bet Angel is pretty much obligatory.

Is it any good?

Bet Angel is a great tool for trading the markets on Betfair and has all the tools you could possibly need. If you are thinking of becoming a trader, then you will be at a significant disadvantage if you don’t have software like this. 

In fact, we would say it is almost impossible to be successful without something like Bet Angel.

Overall Rating:


Bet Angel Features

Here are some of the main features that come with the Bet Angel software:


Guardian Watch List

Nothing to do with the Guardian newspaper or website, this is in fact a means to view a number of different markets at one time. Just select the markets you want and they will form a list on your screen like the picture below. 

Guardian Watch List

Useful if you want to be able to see a number of different markets without having to switch between tabs on your browser all the time.



Bet Angel Advanced Automation

These days concepts such as “bots” are fairly familiar to all users of betting exchanges and Bet Angel allows you to automate your bets in a bot-like fashion. 

For example you can set up the software to back every favourite if their odds are above a certain level, automatically “lay the draw” and then trade out at half-time, or set it up to any number of things you choose.

So you can usefully do all manner of other things whilst Bet Angel works for you in the background.


Soccer Mystic

Soccer Mystic

One of the more interesting tools on Bet Angel is Soccer Mystic. This is nothing to do with Mystic Meg (whatever happened to her?) but is actually a tool for finding out what will happen in a particular soccer market if a certain event happens in a game.

So for example you may want to know what would happen to the draw price if the home side scored first, or what would happen to the underdog’s price if they went behind after 20 minutes.

Soccer Mystic uses data from thousands of past matches to calculate all this and tell what should happen to the prices at any time during a match.

Of course, you cannot always be sure the market will react in the exact way that Bet Angel predicts – sometimes one team may be dominating and the market won’t react as much as predicted to them going a goal behind.

But all things considered it gives you a very useful guide to what can happen to the markets during a match.


Tennis Trader


Very similar to Soccer Mystic but for the tennis markets is Tennis Trader. The tennis markets are some of the most highly traded markets in the world and there is usually excellent liquidity on any major men’s or women’s match.

So in the same way as with Soccer Mystic, you can see what should happen to the odds if a certain event happens in a match. You can see what will happen if the underdog wins the first set for example, or if the underdog breaks serve early on.

The same proviso goes with Soccer Mystic in that markets are inherently unpredictable and sometimes odds will move quite a bit differently to how you would expect, but this gives you the best estimate based on masses of past data on how they should move, allowing you to plan your trading.



Bet Angel Charting

Those familiar with technical analysis on the stock market will know all the terms like MACD, SAR, relative strength and so on, which are provided as part of the Bet Angel package. Whether it can make you money is up to how you use the information of course!


How much does it cost?

There are a number of different packages available if you want to trade Bet Angel, from just 99p for 1 day’s use, to £29.99 for a month, £39.99 for two months, £59.99 for three months, £99.99 for six months and £149.99 for a year. 

Click here to sign up and try it out.

There is also a more limited free version you can try called Bet Angel Basic – see more below.


Bet Angel Basic – The Free Version

If you fancy getting a feel for what Bet Angel is all about before taking the plunge and paying for the main software, you can try out the free version, called Bet Angel Basic.

It features one-click betting, momentum trading updates and a greening up option that allows you to equalise your profit across all selections before a race has even started – if you are clever (or lucky) enough to have traded it that well of course!



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