Betfan is a sports and horse racing tipping portal that provides access to a range of different tipsters.

It’s has been around for a number of years and is one of the original “tipping portals” that give punters the chance to access tips from professional punters in a number of different sports in one place.

They apparently have over 50,000 subscribers, so seem to have a large following that has been built up over the years.

Those familiar with Betfan will know the bright and bold marketing pages for their tipsters, which are a feature of the site.

Here we look at some of their top tipsters – although we should point out that we haven’t reviewed any of their tipsters formally yet:


Fantastic Eights

Fantastic 8's

Betfan’s top performer of 2015 and overall since the service was set up is Fantastic Eights, which managed over 2,000 points profit in the calendar year. Staking is very high as well, with standard stakes being 5 points per selection and 3-4 races per day being covered. They only had one losing month in 2015, which is consistent performance.

The name Fantastic Eights is based on the fact that they tend to only tip in races with 8 runners or less. Tips are usually sent out later in the day when markets have formed and most non-runners have been declared. The strike rate is around 20% with an average of 5-6 runner per race.

Subscriptions for Fantastic Eights cost £38 per month or £76 per quarter.


Shrewd Tipster

Shrewd Tipster

Second on Betfan’s all time list is Shrewd Tipster, who has made over 1,600 points profit since inception in March 2010. The Shrewd Tipster is a guy called Jimmy Welsh, who specialises in flat and all-weather racing and compiles his own list of horses to follow and than waits for them to appear under favourable conditions. We are not sure if that is actually Jimmy on the sales page, but if so he looks like a suave individual!

Anyway, the proofing record shows a very consistent profit graph, which has steadily built over more than 5 years of tipping. Staking is between 1 and 5 points and they tip in less races than Fantastic Eights, with generally 1-2 tips per day, with the occasional double or multiple. 

Jimmy’s advice is to never back a horse to do something it has never done before, which seems sensible advice. 

Subscriptions to the Shrewd Tipster cost £69 per month, £149 per quarter or £249 for six months.


Mr Smith

Mr Smith

In third place on Betfan’s all-time list as another relative newcomer in the form of Mr Smith. Having been tipping since April 2015, Mr Smith has amassed over 1,000 points profit in that time. Staking is a standard 5 points on each tip and there are 2-3 tips per day. 

Mr Smith says his success comes from hours of grueling hard work and his passion for racing. He doesn’t claim to have any insider contacts or hang out with trainers and owners, but does a lot of time studying races and that is how he comes up with his selections.  

Subscription costs are £49 per month or £98 per quarter.


Unity Racing Club

Unity Racing Club

Next on the list of Betfan’s top tipsters is Unity Racing Club, which began tipping in July 2014 and has made over 1,100 points profit since then. Its staking is lower than some of the other tipsters on this list, ranging from 1 to 2.4 points per selection. This is a very high volume service with often 10 tips per day and many days with 5 or more.

Selections are apparently derived from a combination of inside information and computer software, which includes speed ratings and handicapping. They then watch races to form their final opinion on the horses. 

Subscription costs are £57 per month or £114 per quarter.


So there you have it, some of Betfan’s top tipsters there. One day they may make it on to our best football and horse racing tipster lists, but not for the moment. 



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