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Betting has become a lot more accessible in the last few years and there are now a good deal of tools that punters can use to maximise their winnings. Most of these advances have come with the development of smartphones and easy access apps that allow you to bet on the go, wherever you are in the world, whenever you want.

One major addition in recent times has been cash out betting. This means you can end a bet early and pocket your money rather than wait until an event has finished.

Let’s say that you’re a Man United supporter and have put a bet on them beating Barcelona at odds of 2/1. You place £10 on the game and by the end of the first half, United are a goal up but Barcelona are coming back hard. You can opt to end the bet there for a set pay out, particularly if you don’t think your team are going to stay ahead till the end of the game. Even if Man United then lose, you still get your money.

Sites offer cash out betting for specific matches or events. Odds will also change as you might expect in play and so betters can have a more interactive, engaged experience, deciding when to put on money and when to cash it in. If you have multiple bets accumulating, you can keep track of how the results are going and decide when best to cash out to get a profit or hedge your bets.

The art of winning on cash out betting requires you to be aware of how the site’s system works. For example, right after a goal is scored the market can become unpredictable which means that value on pay outs may well fall because a lot of people are trying to cash out at the same time.


Sites Offering Cash Out Betting

All the big betting sites now offer cash out betting. Many are also provide the opportunity to part cash out when you are running an accumulator. Some have limited cash out options but are adding to them all the time, mainly because this is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways that people like to bet.

  • Paddy Power: The company have done a lot of work to make betting an exciting business for their customers and that includes introducing cash out options on all the big events. Adding in some great weekly promotions has put Paddy Power at the forefront of betting today.
  • Betfair: Attributed with starting the whole cash out phenomena in the first place, Betfair has become a good choice for betters with its wide range of markets and live betting options. As with other sites, all you need to do is keep an eye out for the cash out button and then place your bet.
  • Bet365: With cash out on selected events including horse racing and football, Bet365 offers auto and partial cash out otions to get the money on your list of bets.
  • Bet Victor: Cash out is available for football single game bets and accumulators.
  • Coral: As with many sites nowadays, Coral provides a good looking, easy to use interface both on their website and their apps for cash out, along with plenty of weekly offers.

For most regular betters, cash out is an invaluable tool to help maximise those profits during live action as well as punters who are betting on accumulators. It may not be an exact science but those who know how to use it effectively can often come away with more money than if they just let those bets run their course.


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