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Crypto Investing Pro – Final Review

We have completed our trial of Crypto Investing Pro and here are our final thoughts.

This is more of a general advice service about crypto rather than a tipping service. You don’t get specific tips to buy particular cryptocurrencies at a certain price. 

What you do get are videos and blog posts on:

  • – Market Update videos of about 20-25 minutes with Alex’s general thoughts on the crypto markets and where they are likely to go
  • – How to get into Bitcoin
  • – The Advantages and disadvantages of investing in Bitcoin
  • – How to choose a winner
  • – How to buy and sell on an exchange
  • – The steps you need to take to keep your coins safe and secure

So whilst these articles and videos are useful, it’s a little difficult to give the service a rating because there are no actual results to report.

What we can say is that the advice is sound and you would have done well by following it.

Of course at the same time, just about everyone involved in the crypto space in the last year has done phenomenally well, so we wouldn’t say this would have given you results markedly different to the market average or just having bought a selection of coins and held them.

Certainly if you are completely new to crypto then there is some useful advice, but you could probably find that advice for free elsewhere on in the internet.

So overall we think a NEUTRAL rating is fair here. It’s a useful guide to the world of cryptocurrencies for beginners but without specific recommendations or tips of coins to buy at a particular price, we are not sure it is worth the ongoing monthly subscription fee.





Crypto Investing Pro – Results Update

28th November 2017

We have been a member of Crypto Investing Pro for a couple of months now so it is high time for an update on how things have been going.

The main point to note about this service is that it does not provide specific “tips” as such, for example to buy a particular coin at a certain price etc.

It is more of a general advice service where you get Alex’s insights on the market and where he has his own cryptocurrency investments.

This mainly consists of monthly “Market Update” videos where Alex gives his thoughts on where the market is likely to go, in videos of around 20-25 minutes.

Plus there are blog posts and a lot of general advice of how to get into cryptos, store your coins safely, his rules of cryptocurrency investing and so on. 

The advice he gives generally is very good though and it is certainly sensible.

Since we joined the service his main focus has been on Bitcoin and Ethereum and he has not been investing in ICOs or the smaller coins, apart from a very small investment in Zcash.

His focus on the “big two” of Bitcoin and Ethereum has done very well as they have both been on a tear lately.

He did recommend selling Bitcoin Cash in his October video, which in itself would have been a mistake as it has rocketed in value lately by about 300%, but he did recommend using those funds to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin, so you still would have done very well with those.

He also gives some good general money management advice and insights into things like the hard forks, which is useful for those who are not experts in cryptos and want to know more.

Overall we really like Alex’s service, it is good, no-nonsense and sensible advice that is based on his own in-depth knowledge of the sector. You don’t get hype or any pump-and-dump nonsense from him, just sound cryptocurrency advice.

So we will run this review for another month before wrapping up, but so far Crypto Investing Pro is looking good and is something we would recommend if you are looking to get into cryptos or even for the experienced investor who wants some additional insights. 








Crypto Investing Pro – New Review

26th September 2017

In recent times we have become very excited by the growth of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and have been looking at ways to become involved.

The stories of people buying just a few hundreds dollars worth of Bitcoin back in the early days becoming millionaires are just too hard to ignore.

First up then we have purchased some Bitcoin and Ethereum, but we have been eager to learn more and to find out what the best up-and-coming Altcoins (alternative coins) are.

So in that vein we have turned to what looks like a helpful guide from professional investor and entrepeneur Alex Fortin called Crypto Investing Pro.

This is a course of 40+ videos that provides information on everything from:

  • Why Bitcoin may pop another 10x
  • The Advantages and disadvantages of investing in Bitcoin
  • Other cryptos poised to pop
  • How to choose a winner
  • How to buy and sell on an exchange
  • The steps you need to take to keep your coins safe and secure

To be honest, it is the third item on the list we are most interested in – i.e. which cryptos are poised to surge right now – and thankfully membership of Crypto Investing Pro gives you access to a private Facebook group where Alex will apparently update this information regularly.

So all in all this looks like a very interesting course and we are keen to check out if it can help us select the next altcoins that might rocket in value and land us a big win.

So we have signed up and will be running a live trial to see if Alex can deliver.

It should also gives us some useful info on cryptos in general and strengthen our knowledge of the sector.

We will report back soon on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Crypto Investing Pro here.




2 replies
  1. Jesse C
    Jesse C says:

    This is a fraudulent company, I will advise you to stay away from them. I deposited money with them and they locked me out of my account. I called them but no response on calls and mails for 3 months. I had to reach out to help me recover all my money. I am glad I have all my money now

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Hi Jesse,

      Am not sure what you mean here. Crypto Investing Pro is an advisory service so you wouldn’t be depositing money with them. Perhaps you have it confused with another service? They just provide advice and info on crypto for which you pay a subscription. If you were unable to login would be recommend checking your spam folder.

      Kind regards,



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