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Dutching Calculator

A dutch bet is where you split the stakes on a number of selections in a particular event so that you win the same amount if any of them win.

So for example you may wish to back two horses in the same race and want to make sure that you win the same amount of either of them wins. This is called a dutch bet.

Calculating your stakes in a dutch bet can be complicated, particular when you have more than two selections and varying odds.

Our dutching calculator below will help you work out how much you need to stake on your dutch bet. 

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Instructions for Using the Dutching Calculator

   1. To use the dutching calculator, first enter the total stake you wish to place on the event, to cover all the selections you wish to back, in the box marked “Enter your total stake.”

   2. Secondly, choose your odds format. For traditional UK odds, such as 6/4 and 9/2, choose “fractional.” For European odds – and those used by exchanges such as Betfair and Smarkets – for example 2.5 and 5.5, choose “decimal” odds. Finally, for American money line odds, select “American.”

   3. Next, if you are using an exchange, you may want to include commission in the calculation. If you want to do this, tick the box “Include Commission.” Then enter the amount of commission for each selection, up to a maximum of 5%. 

   4. Finally, enter the odds of each selection you wish to back in each of the boxes under “Selection Odds.” You can enter up to ten different odds for your dutch bet.

   5. Once you have entered the odds of all your selections, the calculator will automatically work out how much you need to stake on each selection to generate the same profit whatever happens.



Let’s take a look at an example of using the dutching calculator. Say you have a horse race and want to back three horses against the field, to win the same amount whatever happens. Here are the three horses you want to back and their odds:

  • – Iconic Knight – 4.8
  • – Cruel Clever Cat – 8.4
  • – Red for Danger – 8.6

You have £100 to bet for the dutch bet.

So the first thing you do is enter 100 in the “Enter Your Total Stake” box.

Then as you are betting on Betfair, you choose their odds version, decimal. 

You then tick the box for “Include Commission,” as you will have to pay commission at Betfair.

Next, choose your commission rate for each selection. For this example we will presume you are paying the maximum commission rate of 5%. So select 5% in each of the top three boxes.

Finally, enter the odds of the three selections. 

The dutching calculator will then give you the stakes of the three selections:

  • – Iconic Knight – 47.89
  • – Cruel Clever Cat – 26.36
  • – Red for Danger – 25.75

And it will also tell you how profit you will make if any of them win: 111.67.


Why do a Dutch Bet?

A dutch bet can be advantageous in a situation where you want to spread your risk across a number of selections. 

Perhaps you believe that there are certain horses in a race that have a favourable side of the draw and so you want to cover them in a dutch bet. 

Or perhaps you want to cover a certain set of scorelines in a football match where you believe a particular outcome is likely.

There could be many reasons for doing a dutch bet, but whatever the thinking, it gives you the chance to spread your risk and not just be reliant on one selection winning.

Our dutching calculator above will help you work out your staking to ensure you win the same amount if any of your selections win.  


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