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Be Sharp: Essential Strategies for Successful Sports Betting

In this article, we’ll focus on sports betting and discuss some important strategies that every bettor should know. From understanding the break-even rate to shopping around for the best odds and avoiding parlays, we’ll cover the essentials to help you make more intelligent and more profitable bets.

When it comes to gambling, whether it’s sports betting or casino games online, having a solid strategy is critical to maximising your profits. So, let’s dive right in and improve your sports betting skills right now.

Know the Break-Even Rate

Understanding the break-even rate is crucial for sports bettors looking to make profitable long-term bets. The break-even rate is the percentage of times you need to win a bet to break even over time. It’s important to know the break-even rate for each bet, as it helps determine if the odds offered are in your favour.

A moneyline with a break-even rate less than 50 per cent is a good bet because it offers a better chance to win than the fair odds. Conversely, a moneyline with a break-even rate above 50 per cent is a losing bet in the long term.

Shop Around for the Best Odds

To maximise your profits as a sports bettor, it’s important to shop around and use multiple sportsbooks to find the best numbers. Even a small variation of half point or full point can have a significant impact on the outcome of a bet, particularly when it comes to crucial numbers. Additionally, the difference in juice between sportsbooks can also affect your long-term profitability.

For props and team totals, the variation can be even greater, providing opportunities for middling or finding the best number on either side. So, don’t settle for the first betting odds you see – take the time to shop around and find the best numbers to make smarter and more profitable bets.

Avoid Parlays

Parlays may seem like an attractive option for sports bettors, with the potential for a massive payout from a small initial investment. However, the truth is that parlays are one of the biggest money makers for sportsbooks, and can be a trap for bettors. With odds heavily in favour of the house and a high degree of difficulty in winning, it’s easy to see why experienced bettors tend to avoid parlays altogether.

Single-game parlays should be approached with caution, as they often offer odds that differ significantly from straight wagers and are more likely to be correlated, resulting in lower payouts.

Manage Your Bankroll

By treating sports betting as an investment, you can keep your plays consistent and manage your money wisely. It’s recommended that you allocate anywhere from 1-2% of your bankroll on a per play basis.

This way, you won’t go broke even if you experience a bad run. Even the most successful bettors hit losing streaks, so it’s essential to manage your bankroll properly to survive those rough patches.

Don’t Bet Last Minute

If you’re looking to place bets on football games, it’s essential to do so early in the week rather than waiting until the last minute. This is because all markets start with an opening line, which typically has lower limits than lines available closer to game time. This way, you may be able to secure better prices than what is available closer to game time.


Sports betting can be a fun and potentially profitable activity, but it’s important to approach it with the right strategies and mindset. Now that you have our tips in your pocket, you can give yourself a better chance of success. Remember, even the most experienced bettors have losing streaks, so it’s important to stay disciplined and stick to your strategy over the long term.





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