Fantastic Tipster Offer – Don’t Miss Out!

We have a fantastic offer for you today from a tipster that has managed to achieve something incredibly rare in the tipping world – they have survived 4 years of successful, profitable tipping!

Yes this tipster has been around for exactly four years and in that time has made over 500 points profit for its lucky members  – that’s over £5,000 profit to just £10 stakes.

That works out at an average of £112.40 every single month with just 3 selections at level stakes per day.

And it has enabled this tipster to grow their bank by a remarkable 420% in the last 4 years.

Those are some remarkable numbers and as we say, are very rare.

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We have tried out hundreds of tipsters in our time and the vast majority fall by the wayside after a year or two and many disappear much more quickly than that.

So to have lasted four years and made a consistent profit in that time is highly commendable.

Success in betting is all about the long-term and this horse racing expert has demonstrated they have a long-term profitable edge over the bookies.

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November Offer Details

The offer will run out at the end of November and represents a HUGE saving off the normal price.

Whilst it normally costs £49.95 per month to join this tipster, for a limited time only you can join for £4 for the first month and then £44 per quarter (i.e. 3 months).

So that represents a massive saving of over £100 on the normal price!

Or you can sign up for a lifetime membership for just £444 – which would save you £155 in the first year against a monthly membership and then save you over £500 per year!

You may be wondering which tipster I am talking about – well just click here to find out and take advantage of this superb offer.

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