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One of the most popular live score sites on the internet is Flashscores, which provides up-to-date scores on a range of sports including football, tennis, rugby, cricket, golf and US sports like baseball and American football.

The features we particularly like with Flashscores are that the scores are updated instantly without the page needing to reload. In fact the page doesn’t reload at all, it just stays fixed the whole time.

We also like that the score flash up in red so you can see when a goal has been scored and it stays red for a couple of minutes (well perhaps that is a little too long).

They have scores from leagues all over the world – in fact over 100 countries, so pretty much covering any professional match that is happening anywhere in the world (and quite a few amateur as well!).

Whatever league you are betting on, you can be fairly certain that Flashscores will have it covered, which is reassuring.

They have lots of in-play stats such as efforts on goal, possession, corners etc which is very useful if you are an in-running player. Plus you can click on the “standings” tab to get up-to-date info on the league positions and recent form of the sides.

You can choose your favourite leagues so those are automatically added to the top of the screen and you don’t need to scroll through to find them every time.

A relatively new feature they have added which we like is the ability to watch playbacks of goals that have just been scored, although the commentary is often in Turkish, but hey the main thing is you can see the goals.

Somewhat surprisingly the website is not optimised for mobiles, which seems incredible in this day and age for such a big website (hey, even we are optimised for mobiles 🙂 ).

But there is an app you can download which works well so perhaps they are keen for you to do that rather than try to use their site directly on your mobile.

There is also a live feed of Bet365 odds which is helpful if you want to quickly check the betting on a game.

Overall this is a great live score site and if you want to bet in running, or even just keep a check on the scores in your favourite sport, it is highly recommended.


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