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Free Spins vs Matched Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos are extremely generous most of the time when it comes to allowing customers to either play for free, or offer them bonus funds that give them more to play with than just their initial deposit.

Casino bonuses are a great way to kickstart your casino gaming experience as it allows you to wager more, wager higher and try out games you wouldn’t necessarily think of playing, but you choose them now that you don’t have to gamble your own funds.

One of the most generous casinos we’ve come across when it comes to free spins and matched deposit bonuses is Boom Casino who have a bunch of casino offers for new and existing players.

In this article, we are going to compare the similarities and differences between free spins and matched deposit bonuses. From this, you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether you’re a player that would rather take advantage of free spins offers, or matched deposit offers.

Free Spins

Free spin offers are bonuses that you can only use on online slot games. They have the benefit of allowing you to spin the reels more, without having to use your own money. From spinning the reels for free, you still have the chance to land a winning line. These winnings will then be yours to either continue playing with, or withdraw (as long as you have surpassed the wagering requirements in the terms and conditions).

Some free spins bonuses will require you to deposit a certain amount before you can claim them. Whereas others can be given to you completely for free, as a way to get you to try their gaming platform and if you enjoy it, to hopefully continue depositing and playing there.

The amount of free spins you can receive really does depend on which casino you register with. For some, they will simply offer up to 50 free spins, which is quite typical. However others can be really generous and reward you with hundreds of free spins, completely free. If you encounter an offer that allows you to claim hundreds of free spins, then the chances are you will land a win from them and you should definitely snatch this offer up.

On occasion, there are some strict terms attached to the free spins, like game requirements. Some casinos will only allow you to use the spins on certain games, whereas others will let you roam wild with them.

Matched Deposit Bonuses

It’s hard to say whether or not matched deposit bonuses are more common than free spins. But they certainly take the limelight ahead of free spins as they can be a lot more lucrative. Matched deposit bonuses are promotions that will reward you with a cash bonus amount based upon your initial deposit.

They have a slight advantage ahead of free spins as they can be used on any casino game, unless stated otherwise in the terms and conditions. On top of that, they can be a lot more rewarding. Some casino matched deposit bonuses have been known to reach up to £500 in bonus funds!

These matched deposit bonuses are typically 100%. What that means is if you deposit £100 into your account, you will receive an extra £100 in bonus funds. So if you were to do that with £500, that is an astonishing £500 extra which would certainly benefit when playing the casino games they have in their library. Again, like all casino bonuses, some are more generous than others and it’s worth knowing which casinos are good value for money.

How To Claim Both

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find a casino that will offer you both, in the same promotion! This has become more common in recent times and is an excellent way to experience any type of casino game without the risk of losing your own money.

An example of a matched deposit bonus + free spins could be as follows: “100% matched deposit bonus up to £100 + 50 free spins”. So if you’re unsure which bonus is right for you, you could always look for both!




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