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How Important is the Design of an Online Casino Site?

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The online casino experience has evolved a lot in recent years. Beginning life as a carbon copy of the physical casino experience, the online industry quickly learned that audiences wanted something different.

They wanted something reflective of this modern, tech-based format for engaging with casino games. So, online casino sites have been evolving to look and feel like a new level of digital entertainment. As part of this, the design of the sites has been scrutinised. But how important is design for an online casino?

Design is crucial as it’s the first thing that potential customers will see and make a decision using. Some suggest that design subconsciously affects consumer decisions. Others state that it does so in a more obvious way.

If the customer doesn’t like the design, then they will automatically have an unfavourable opinion of a site. In such a competitive market as the online casino industry, sometimes the initial opinion is enough for a potential player to discount a site and opt to go elsewhere.

Some casinos take a light-hearted, almost humorous approach. They may have a jovial mascot, such as an animal, and use this as a running theme throughout the site. While some may shy away from this, other industries have proven than cute mascots don’t deter customers from parting with money.

Compare the Market’s meerkat mascot is proof that taking a character-based approach to differentiation doesn’t make customers think the business itself is light-hearted or unprofessional. When they skipped the meerkat for an ad in 2013, everyone demanded he return.  

Source: Pexels

Other casino sites use a sleek and refined look. The polished design is reminiscent of high-end casinos and the experience found therein. Casinos are often thought of in a very James Bond manner, so some sites replicate this suaveness and sophistication. For instance, the SuperSeven casino site is designed with a black and gold colour scheme, which adds to this polished look. Site visitors will be struck by the classiness that goes into the branding, which is reflective of their experience when on the site.  

Design can also be indicative of what kind of games players can expect to find on a site. Airy designs wouldn’t really befit a site that focuses on betting or live casino games. Similarly, a sincere design wouldn’t really match for a site that prides itself on the selection of zany, animated video slots.

This differentiation is important to indicate to potential players what they might find on the site. This is especially important if the site is known for a specific style of gaming. Sometimes the design can reinforce this and help sell the experience to the customer better.

Design is imperative for an online casino site to stand out from competitors. The design is an element of the branding of the site. If the site wants players to have a sophisticated experience or a light-hearted one, the design of the site should reflect this. Ultimately, before checking out game selection or offers, the design is the first thing that players will see.




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