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Loves Racing – Three For the Price of One

Loves Racing is now open to new members at special discounted re-launch prices and you can get three services for the price of one.

This is a service we reviewed last year and that made 84 points profit during our live trial and has made over 100 points profit since then. 

It’s run by a professional gambler called Brett Love who has an excellent record of success.

But the discounted prices for joining his service are only available for the next few days.

We have top class racing tomorrow from Newmarket and York and Brett’s selections will be out later this afternoon.

If you want to get on early and grab the stand out prices and join Loves Racing at a discounted price then today is the best day to join.

Click Here to Join at the Offer Price

Here is a quick recap of what you get when you join today.

Loves Racing Main Service Bets (+328.61 since Nov 17)

These are the selections that come as the result of years of experience and hours of form study. You will be on some classy horses and some big priced winners.

These are the mainstay of the service and most bets will be at the weekend in the top class races.

Festival Bets (+200.92 since Mar 18)

For the Festival Bets Brett puts aside a separate bank and goes after the big priced under-the-radar horses that he believes have big potential.

This is how you can get on 50/1 winners and members have already had two of those this year. These bets come at the big festivals.

System Selections (+116 from 3 months proofing)

Brett has been betting these system selections for years and this year he has been persuaded to include them with the service to fill those quiet midweek days when there is no top class racing to go at.

The selections have been proofed for three months and in that three months produced 50 points of profit at Betfair SP and 116 points profit at early prices.

All in all this package will ensure that you have something to bet on most days with plenty of bets at the big festivals and weekends. 

Total Profit since Nov 2017 = 645 points (+£16,138 profit at £25 per point)

Loves Racing has been tracked, reviewed, tested and passed by us and has some excellent feedback from long term happy members.

Sign up now and you can get access to all three services for under a fiver per week and you’ll receive an email shortly with tomorrow’s selections.




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