Max Racing Tips – Final Review

Our three month trial of Max Racing Tips has finished and here are the final results:


Profit/loss:    -18 points 
Strike Rate:    29%
Bank Growth:    -18%
Cost:   14 day free trial then £29.95/month or £69.95/quarter
ROI:   -5%
Average number of bets:    1 per day


You can view full results here.


Max Racing Tips Full Review


There have been quite a few neutral ratings for horse racing tipsters here at Honest Betting Reviews and Max Racing Tips joins the club.

This is a tipster from the reputable Betting Gods stable that tips quite selectively with approximately one bet per day.

Things were a bit of a struggle for them at one stage, as they were 68 points down midway through the trial, made an abortive attempt to get back in the black but made a decent recovery towards the end, as you can see below.

Max Racing Tips Profit Graph

Somewhat of a rollercoaster ride I think they call that!

Overall they finished 18 points down, which from a 100 point bank is a slight disappointment but nothing hugely alarming.

For now we think a neutral rating is a fair rating and we will keep an eye on things at Maxing Racing tips for a while to see if they can recapture the form shown prior to our trial.



Service Breakdown

Ease of use: With just 1 bet per day on average, the workload is low and selections are normally sent out in the morning so plenty of time to get the bets down.

Availability of prices: There was no issue with the availability of prices and there was little difference between the results at advised prices and Betfair SP, which is a good sign. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 29%, which is somewhat below the long term average of 34%.

Advised Betting Bank: No bank was advised when we signed up so we used a 100 point bank, which was more than comfortable for the trial.   

Subscription costs: You can get a free 14 day trial – as with all Betting Gods services – followed by subscription costs of £94.95/per month; £69.95/quarter or £149.95 for life.



Max Racing Tips had made over 200 points profit coming into our trial, but as is so often the case, they failed to match that level during a live trial, dropping 18 points overall.

Things were much worse than that at one stage, as they were 68 points down at one point but made a good recovery towards the end.

A loss of 18% of the bank isn’t the end of the world and we think a neutral rating here is fair for this one. 

As ever we will keep an eye on things and see if matters improve over the coming months. 




Max Racing Tips – Results Update

11th February 2016

There has been a bit of an improvement for Max Racing Tips, who have added 26 points of profit at advised prices and 19 points profit at Betfair SP since our last update a month ago.

That has started to turn things around for them, as they were 56 points down last time so are now 30 points down at advised prices and 36 points down at Betfair SP for the trial as a whole.

You can view full results here.

Let’s hope the turnaround continues and they can finish the trial in profit.

Back soon with our final review of Max Racing Tips.





Max Racing Tips – Results Update

12th January 2016

It has been more pain for Max Racing Tips since our last update a month ago. They have lost an additional 9 points to stand at -56 points at advised prices and -55 points at Betfair SP.

You can view full results here.

Staking is quite high here, with an average of 2.75 points per selection, so at 1 point level stakes it would be more like 20 points down, which is more palatable.

With a month to go it will be a very decent effort indeed for this one to get back into profit.

Back in a month with our final verdict on Max Racing Tips.




Max Racing Tips – Results Update

9th December 2015

It’s been a very rough start to our trial of Max Racing Tips from the Betting Gods stable. 

Unfortunately they are 47 points down at advised prices and 49 points down at Betfair SP. 

You can view full results here.

It is still early days though, with under three weeks of results so far, so plenty of time to turn things around. Let’s hope they can do so quickly.

Back soon with more updates.



Max Racing Tips – New Review

20th November 2015

It’s over to Betting Gods again today for another one of their promising horse racing tipsters.

This time it is Max Racing Tips, who began tipping back in May and since then have amassed over 200 points of profit.

Apparently high levels of painstaking research go into the tips and that certainly appears to be reflected in the results.

The strike rate so far is a healthy 36% and the return on investment is an impressive 26%.

There are on average about 40 bets per month, so just over one per day which sounds manageable.

We will put this one through its paces and see how it gets on under the spotlight of our trial. It will be subjected to a three month trial as usual, so plenty of time to get a feel for the service.

Our trial will include looking at the results at Betfair SP and how obtainable the advised prices are.

So let’s hope the promising form continues and we get another winning horse racing tipster from the Betting Gods stable.

We will report back soon with the first results update.

In the meantime you can check out Max Racing tips here.


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