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What Is The Maximum Bet On Betfair?

Different betting sites impose different rules regarding maximum bets and maximum winnings. While these are unlikely to affect the average punter, they can make a big difference to high rollers. Here, however, our focus is on Betfair and other betting exchanges.

Fundamentally, you are not betting against the bookmaker, but instead you are betting against other punters. So, at a basic level, there should be no maximum amount you can bet. But is that really the case?

Drilling down through the Betfair terms and conditions, while Betfair does not stipulate a maximum allowable bet, it does specify maximum payout limits. These are dependent on the market, varying according to the sport and, in the case of football, to the division and/or event. Here is a summary of these limits, but don’t worry, they are unlikely to affect many of us.

Football maximum payouts

The maximum payout Betfair allows is £1 million, though this is restricted to top divisions and competitions including the English Premier League, UEFA, Bundesliga, World Cup and more. For lower leagues such as Leagues 1 & 2, Scottish Premier League and the UEFA Europa League the maximum payout is £500,000.

Horseracing maximum payouts

Betfair offers a maximum payout of £1 million for most national hunt and flat racing. However, for ante-post markets, the limit is £100,000.

Tennis and golf maximum payouts

Betfair limits the maximum payout for tennis and golf to £500,000

Other Sports Maximum Payouts

Typical maximum Betfair payouts are:

  • – Snooker – £100,000
  • – Darts – £250,000
  • – Greyhounds – £25,000
  • – Rugby World Cup – £100,000
  • – NFL American Football – £100,000
  • – NBA Basketball – £100,000

Other exchanges

Naturally, what Betfair and all other betting exchanges have in common is the stipulation that your maximum bet is the amount of cleared funds you have in your account less your potential liabilities. But apart from that do the other exchanges impose limits on the maximum bet?


Smarkets state that the minimum stake is £0.05, and the maximum stake is £99,999.99 if the market allows. However, if you are inclined, you may bet more than this on any market by splitting your stake into multiple smaller bets. 


Betdaq does not impose on maximum bets on its betting exchange, but the business also runs an online casino where it has maximum payouts from multiple bets. The maximum payout to any one customer from multiple bets is £250,000 in any single day’s business.


Matchbook does not stipulate maximum bets or maximum winnings.


One of the significant benefits of betting exchanges, especially for high rollers, is that there are no restrictions on maximum bets. All too often bookmakers impose ridiculously low maximums to punters who prove to be successful. The bottom line is that if the market can sustain it and you can find another punter willing to match it, then you can bet as much as you wish to.

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