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Members’ Choice Awards – Best Sports System 2019

Next up in our series of the HBR Members’ Choice Awards is the accolade of Best (Other) Sports System 2019. 

So far we have had the award of Best Horse Racing Service which went to Quentin Franks Racing and the Best Football Service which went to Goal Profits. 

Now it is the turn of those services that either focus on sports other than the “big two” of horse racing and football, or combine a range of sports into one service.

This can include anything from golf to tennis, cricket, NFL, darts and more. So it is quite a wide playing field and this was a competitive category. 

It is often in these more niche services that you find the best value however, so it is a category to keep an eye on.  

But without further ado, let’s have a look at the results. 

Following up their third place from last year with the same position this year was the renowned Golf Betting Expert. Having amassed over £10,000 at an ROI of 24% in his four years of tipping, he has built a solid following and it is good to see his consistent excellence recognised here in the voting. 

In second place was last year’s winner, Sports Spread Betting. A niche service that focuses on the spread betting markets on football, horse racing and cricket, they have amassed over 4,000 points profit since starting up in 2017 and it remains popular with those who have the tolerance for the high variance involved in spread betting. 

So now we move on to the winner of this year’s award.

Best (Other) Sports Service 2019

This year’s winner is a relative new kid on the block but has really impressed us during our live trial of their service and has obviously been a big hit with you guys as well. 

Yes the winner of this year’s award is…

Trade On Sports!

As we say they have been flying along in our review with over £6,000 profit made on their football bot, but they also provide tips and stats across a range of other sports including tennis, NFL and ice hockey so it’s quite a comprehensive service.

Here are the final result for this year’s award:-

  1. 1. Trade On Sports (28% of the votes)
  2. 2. Sports Spread Betting (24%)
  3. 3. Golf Betting Expert (16%). 

So congratulations to the whole team at TOS on the win. We feel like they are one of the internet’s best kept secrets so it is good to see them getting some credit for their hard work through this award.

Here is what Pete Nordsted from Trade On Sports had to say on receiving news of the award:

“We are delighted and humbled to win this award as there are many good services available. Our members can be assured that we will be doing everything we can to ensure that we have another very profitable year.”

Well done again to Pete and his team and that wraps up this year’s award for Best (Other) Sports Service 2019. 

We’ll be back soon with the next award in the series, Best Matched Betting Service. 

In the meantime you can check out Trade On Sports for yourself here. 






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    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Hi Jonny,

      Max is still sending out selections to current subscribers but I see the website is not currently active. I have contacted Max to ask him what is going on but yet to receive a response. Will let you know when I do.

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