MJ Racing

MJ Racing – Final Review

We have reached the end of our three month trial of MJ Racing and here are the final results:-


Profit/Loss:   +118 points
Strike Rate:   27%
Bank Growth:   79%
ROI:   30%
Average number of bets:   3 per day
Cost:   £45/month or £120/quarter


You can view full results here.


MJ Racing – Full Review


MJ Racing is a horse racing service from the Tipsters Empire stable of tipsters.

It is actually two tipsters in one, with two chaps called Mark and Jay both providing selections – hence the name “MJ” Racing. They are both professional gamblers and come with lots of experience of racing.

The idea is that the two tipsters complement each other and help to build additional profits.  

This is a relatively new service having been going for under a year, but it was highly touted coming into our review so we were interested to see how it would get on in a live trial. 

Having signed up, you receive daily e-mails with the tips, which come with detailed write-ups on the reasoning behind the selections. Here is an example:-


BUMPY JOHNSON 1 POINT WIN @ 5/1 generally

Easy winner of a fontwell bumper in october, looked pretty green that day and was still very green on next start at hereford 65 days ago. Looked as if the penny was starting to drop at the end of that race and though some 2l behind sam barton that day who reopposes here today I think bumpy johnson is the one with more improvement in him and at 5/1 is a fair price.

Sometimes the write-ups are much more detailed than that and give great insight into the picks. You can see Mark and Jay really know their stuff when it comes to the gee-gees.

That knowledge and expertise was certainly reflected in their results too, which were excellent. 

At the end of our three month trial they smashed through the 100 point barrier, finishing with 118 points profit at advised prices.

That was achieved with a superb return on investment (ROI) of 30% and a very respectable strike rate of 27% (including placed horses). 

Highlights of the trial included winners at 33/1 and 40/1, plus plenty of others at double-figure odds.

The returns were also very strong at Betfair SP, with a profit of 95 points made at the exchange starting price.

All in all then it’s been a cracking trial for MJ Racing we have no hesitation in awarding the service a PASSED rating. 


Service Breakdown

Ease of use: The tips are sent out by e-mail, normally just after 9am (UK time) on the day of racing. There is an average of 3 bets per day, although the volume tends to increase around weekends and the big meetings. 

Availability of prices: There was a little bit of pressure on prices noted during our trial, but the BSP results were pretty similar to those at advised prices, so that looks like a viable alternative for those who have had their bookie accounts restricted. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 27% (including placed horses) which is solid and means there were steady returns during our trial. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 150 point bank is recommended for following the service, which seems about right to us to give plenty of room for the odd drawdown or two.  

Subscription costs: The subscription costs have risen recently following the excellent results and are now set at £45 per month, £120 per quarter, £220 for six months or £399 per year.



MJ Racing is a service combining the skills of two tipsters, Mark and Jay. They dovetailed very nicely during our trial, racking up a superb 118 points profit. 

That was achieved with a strike rate of 27% and an excellent ROI of 30%. With the BSP results also very good at 95 points in the green, there is no doubt that MJ Racing deserves a PASSED rating. Well worth adding to your portfolio. 






MJ Racing – Results Update

3rd January 2021

The good form continues for horse racing tipster combo MJ Racing, with another 29 points profit made at advised prices since our last update a month ago.

That means they are now 43 points up for our trial overall at advised prices. 

You can view full results here.

Their Betfair SP results continue to outpace the advised price results, with another 30 points profit added at BSP and 64 points profit made for our trial overall at BSP.

Great to see the positive start here, hopefully they can keep it going.  





MJ Racing – Results Update

2nd December 2020

It’s been a positive start to our trial of MJ Racing, with a profit of 14 points made so far after just over a month of following the tips.

You can view full results here.

It’s been a notably better start at Betfair SP, with a profit of 34 points made for our trial to date.

The extra profit made at BSP is down in large part to a 40/1 winner they had at Cork on 1st November, which went off at over 60 at Betfair SP! That sort of winner will certainly help any service so we’re sure it was duly celebrated by members of MJ Racing. 

Anyway, a good start to our trial – let’s see if they can keep it going. 





MJ Racing – New Review

1st November 2020

Today we are starting a trial of a horse racing service with a bit of twist. This is a service with not just one tipster but two and is called MJ Racing.

The idea is that the tipsters complement each other and help to build substantial additional profits. The tipsters in question are called Mark and Jay, hence the name “MJ” Racing. 

They are both professional gamblers and here is a bit about them both from the Tipsters Empire website:-

Firstly Mark says:

“It wasn’t until returning from Australia some 9 years ago that I really took racing and betting seriously. I focused on higher-class racing and maintain a healthy ROI year in year out. I had the quality, but perhaps not the quantity to take the plunge into the full time punting game I can now call work…I am the last winner of the ATHERACES stables stars. A NH competition that suited me well as I am definitely a jumps man at heart.”

And Jay:

“My family and I have been solely reliant on an income from racing since 2016. I owe a great deal of gratitude to a friend who was something of trailblazer and hugely influential in showing me this journey was possibly. This is a poignant opportunity to pay thanks an individual called Charlie. Perhaps we outgrew each other’s methods, but to this day, he remains the reference point. The person who set the bar and gave me a passion for this great sport.”

So both are serious professionals and the results so far would appear to back that up, with a profit of 149 points made since starting tipping in May of this year. 

That has been achieved with a return on investment (ROI) of 22% and a strike rate of 25%

Those are some promising results so we are looking forward to testing out this dual approach in our trial. We started receiving tips on 22nd October so will record results from then, with updates here throughout our trial. 

In the meantime you can check out MJ Racing for yourself here. 





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