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Patrick Veitch – The Great Gatsby of Gambling

Maybe the name Patrick Veitch rings a bell to the common individual. For those that exist and have found a regular place in the world of gambling and betting, the name is most surely one that gets talked about. Why? Because Patrick Veitch has changed the face of gambling in such a substantial way. You might consider him comparable (in a gambling sense) to Fitzgerald’s character of Mr. Gatsby. All mystery, hardly seen, never heard. All bookmakers alike have been told to refuse the bets of this man and to resist his punting advances and endeavors.

Taking the Bookies for £10 million

Why, you may ask, is there so much caution and resistance associated with this single individual? Because Patrick Veitch, in only 10 years, has made more than 10 million pounds in gambling alone. Another important piece of information about Veitch – he has single handedly intuitively, logistically, and passionately learned the skills of the trade for gambling and punting (yes, apparently that is possible).

The fervent and inspired undertakings of Patrick Veitch began in 1999 when a man stood across from him at his front door and told him that he had a choice between paying him 70,000 pounds or losing his legs.

Early Days of Gambling

The cause that led to this disconcerting meeting was sparked by Veitch’s early and amateur success in the horse-racing industry. Veitch, a relatively new student at Cambridge, was accepted to the university at the early age of 15 years old to study maths. Not long after his arrival, however, he found himself consumed with a world that involved a dangerous pastime – backing and betting on horses. As his interest began to become ever more fiery and exciting, Patrick Veitch made the decision to leave his studies and change plans. His further involvement in the world of punting led to the encounter that day in 1999 that would later lead to his overwhelming success and wealth.

Dealing with Adversity

The man that stood across from Patrick Veitch that day, muscular “associate” in tow, was a successful punter himself. Known, at that time, as one of the most respected and powerful individuals involved in horse betting and backing, it was not surprising that he found the young, intelligent, and talented Veitch to be a threatening opposition. What led that man to Veitch’s front door that day was the belief that the young punter, with his early successes in the industry, had cost him nearly 70,000 pounds because of informed betting.

In other words, this man was aware and firmly understood that some of Veitch’s fortunes he had made thus far were due to tips that he was able to gather, manipulate, and thus take advantage of. Despite the intimidation and unnerving feelings that this young gambler likely felt that day, perhaps it is needless to say (after hearing thus far about the fire, skill, and passion this man possesses), Veitch’s decision that day was not to lose his legs. Surprisingly, and rivetingly, however, he forwent the first option as well. Instead of falling victim to his opposition, that eventful afternoon led to Veitch’s involvement in a court case that would eventually put that opposing punter in prison.

Rebirth and New Beginnings

His involvement in the case, however, was costly. Patrick Veitch depleted all of the financial resources he had built up to that point, putting him in a hole that he was eager and desperate to get out of. Using his depletion of funds as motivation, Patrick Veitch decided to once again try his skills at punting. And oh, was he successful. This successful punter of now great wealth, refined his skill little by little, while learning how to truly and effectively discern the potential of a horse based on more than 60 factors.

Not only was he able to discern which horse would likely perform well on any given day based on the environment, the antecedents, and other elements, but he was able to refine his ability to manipulate the odds as they appeared to other individuals. By scheming and calling in bets through a variety of agents that he had employed, Veitch was able to make the odds ever stronger in his favor.

A Network of Backers

For this reason, bookies across the board have become aware of his name and his capabilities, and have consequently been informed to refuse all bets, backings, and attempts made by Veitch. Despite their attempts, however, this wealthy punter has deepened and expanded his reach within and throughout the racing world by employing a number of individuals that anonymously call in his bets and transfer the money to sleeping accounts.

In addition to his skill and specific expertise with the racing itself, Veitch has managed to carry this over to the business side of things. Long story short, by the time the money from the bets reaches his accounts, it is too late. Though it may be considered common knowledge that not all of Veitch’s winnings have been accomplished without any inside information at all, 10 million pounds later, this man has become one of the most mysterious and captivating individuals in the punting world.

Sharing his Story

Today, despite the mysteriousness of his character and the sensitivity of his image, Patrick Veitch has authored an autobiography that shares his story and successes. Attesting himself to his incredibly wealth that exceeds 10 million pounds (like stated before), Veitch has made his claim to fame by way of the skill and technique he possesses and employs throughout the horse-racing and punting world.

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