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Advantage Play Secrets – Final Review

Advantage Play Secrets is a new betting product from matched betting guru Mike Cruickshank.

We are big fans of Mike’s products, having approved a number of them following trials here at Honest Betting Reviews.

We have been taking a look at Advantage Play Secrets and wanted to give a quick update on our initial findings.

What is Advantage Play Secrets all about then?

Well, it is basically four different methods for taking low risk profits from the bookies and putting the odds in your favour.

Here are the each of the four systems and what they are all about:-

Golden Parachute

This is a system that uses the bookies’ Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) offer to create profitable opportunities. You can potentially win £100 per race if things really go your way and only lose £1-£2 if they don’t. Obviously not every race will result in a big profit and most wins will probably be in the £20-£40 range so it is about staying patient and waiting for the ones that do win big. You don’t want to overdo it on this as the bookies could limit you.

Dutching Bounty

This is a system where you will probably only find 1-2 races per day but if things go right then you can net a big win. You will generally break even if the favourite wins but if the outsider wins then profit could be in excess of £50 – £100. It involves a similar method to that used for Mike’s Each-Way Sniper but with a twist to it.

MB Exploit

The Matched Bettors Exploit is a very clever method and probably our favourite of the four as it can be done on Betfair and you don’t need bookies at all. You will probably only have two or three opportunities per week but they can be very profitable depending on what stake you use. It works because lots of matched bettors will be doing the same thing, meaning you can oppose them and get great value. A clever twist on using the methods Mike pioneered to make even more profit!

Acca Booster

This is another good method that you use with about 10 bookies and very few people are exploiting it, meaning the bookies allow good stakes. Again the amount you win will vary depending on the odds and stakes, but you are gaining around a 5-7% edge on the market on most bets.

Overall Thoughts

Overall then we would say these are very good methods and certainly they all do work. For three out of the four you will need access to bookie accounts.

For the last two, you are not doing any matched betting or laying off, it is just betting with the knowledge that you are getting higher odds than the true odds of winning, so over time you will make a profit. With these two methods bank management is very important so you are not risking too much on each bet.

How much you can win from the systems depends very much on your staking, but for most of them you will probably want to be staking £100 – £200 on each opportunity to make it worthwhile in terms of profits.

If you can stake at those levels, then Advantage Play Secrets could certainly make you an extra few hundred quid per month. Can’t say fairer than that really!

Please note Mike is closing the doors to Advantage Play Secrets at 8am (UK time) on Friday 1st December so you need to sign up before then if want to get hold of these excellent betting methods. 

The good news is you can get a 14 day trial of Advantage Play Secrets for just £1 here






Advantage Play Secrets – New Review

20th October 2017

Here at Honest Betting Reviews we’ve been long term fans of the great systems produced by Mike Cruickshank.

In case you aren’t aware, Mike was the originator of matched betting, which is now done by thousands of punters around the world and makes some people a full-time living.

His flagship product, Profit Maximiser, is still our number one recommended betting product and has been for going on two years now.

A number of Mike’s other products have received positive reviews here, including Bonus Bagging, Accumulator Generator and Each Way Sniper. 

And the reason why we like Mike’s systems so much? Quite simply, because they work.

So any time Mike steps up and releases a new system, we are always very eager to check it out. It seems he never stops innovating and finding ways for punters to get one over on the bookies!

The latest system Mike has just released is called Advantage Play Secrets and it looks quite intriguing from the sales page.

It says that: “Advantage Play Secrets is a betting blueprint that uses 4 KEY systems to stack the odds safely in your favor, while showing you how to find and place the BEST bets.”

These 4 systems are:

  • – The Golden Parachute Method
  • – The Dutching Bounty Method
  • – Acca Booster
  • – Betfair Matched Bettors Exploit

All sound very interesting and we are keen to check them out and see what they are all about.

Certainly if there are as good as Mike’s previous systems then we are in for a treat…

We will attempt to take a look at all four systems in the next couple of weeks and then report back shortly after that.

In the meantime, you can check out Advantage Play Secrets here.





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