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How Do You Read Free PPs In Horse Racing?

There aren’t many bigger thrills than accurately predicting the winner of a huge horse race. However, in order to do this, bettors will need to read up on all the latest form, which can be accessed through Free PPs (Past Performances).

These race cards will give all punters all the necessary information that they need before placing a bet, and reading them can often be daunting to newcomers to the sport.

Race Number/Name

According to, the first information that will capture the reader’s attention is at the top of the PP, as this is where you will find the key race information, such as the race name or number, and the track where it is taking place. Here, you will also find how far the race will be run over, and any claiming information.

General Horse Information

After understanding the race details, you can begin to study the horses themselves. The general information about the horse can be found just above their PPs. Here, you will find the trainer and jockey that are connected with the horse, as well as the stats of the trainer this season in stakes, dirt and turf races.

Furthermore, on the right-hand side, you will also find the horse’s form information. This will detail the horse’s performances in every calendar year that it has competed, as well as its performances on different terrains and conditions. Furthermore, you can also find the horses’ pedigree information in the top section, such as Sire and Dam stats.

Reading The Form

After assessing all the general information, you can get stuck in to reading the form. Each line will show information about a horse’s career start, with the most recent coming at the top. The date of the run, along with the track, and distance can be found first.

Also on this line of form, you will find the fractional times of the leader, and the final time. The speed figure for the run will be shown in bold numbers, which is an essential piece of reading for all bettors. Information about the jockey that was riding the horse that day can also be found for each of the races in this section.

Meanwhile, the finishing order can be seen to the right of the race record, and here you can see whether the horse has finished in the top three. Horses that are shown in bold in this section will be re-appearing in the same race, which shows that they have been beaten by a rival, given them more form to find on this start.

Using PPs To Find Winners

Every bettor will use PPs to help find the winner of the race that they are betting on, such is its importance when it comes to finding the winner. However, certain parts of the program are more important than others. The overall records are interesting, but the more recent form should be studied harder than runs that took place three years ago. Of course, a horse can also return to form, but a run of defeats could show that the selection has already reached its peak and is now on its way down.

Each run should be considered, as you can study if the track conditions favor the runners’ style. Sectionals are the best way to break down this information, while the speed figure should also be taken into account. Course form will always count for a lot too, as horses with previous victories at the location will stand a better chance of victory.

Those that have achieved victories over course and distance will be considered solid selections, especially if they have recorded a previous win against some of their returning rivals.




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