Rod’s US Runners – Final Review

We’ve been saying this quite a lot lately but sadly another service has been discontinued before we have even finished our review of it. 

Rod’s US Runners was actually doing well at the time of our last update, with 172 points profit  made to that point, but hit a bit of a tough run and it was agreed my mutual consent between Rod and Betting Gods to close both his US Runners service and his main Rod’s Runners service.

So this is another one to add to the FAILED/DEFUNCT pile unfortunately and another reminder of just how rare those really good systems and tipsters are that stick around for the long term. 






Rod’s US Runners – Results Update

8th October 2018

It’s been a tough run lately for Rod’s US Runners, with 56 points lost since our last update back in September. 

But even with that drawdown, Rod is still well up for the trial, 172 points up in fact.

You can view full results here.

It just goes to show once again the importance of having patience and a sufficient betting bank to cover the losing streaks. They will happen from time to time even with the best tipsters.

Hopefully the recent form is just a blip and Rod will get back to winning ways shortly. 





Rod’s US Runners – Results Update

12th September 2018

It’s been a good run for Rod’s US Runners since our last update, with another 51 points profit made in that time.

That means we are now 228 points up for the trial overall.

You can view full results here.

As with the main Rod’s Runners service, there are a high quantity of bets with this service, so you need to set aside some time each afternoon/evening to place the bets – and have a decent sized bank too.

But from what we’ve seen so far this is looking very impressive and every bit as good as Rod’s main service. 





Rod’s US Runners – Results Update

3rd August 2018

A small decline for Rod’s US Runners since our last update, with 13 points lost in that time.

Overall though it is still doing very well, sitting at 177 points up for our trial overall. 

You can view full results here.

The nice thing about betting on US racing is that it gives you something to focus on after UK racing has finished, with betting going on late into the evening. 

And the US Racing market could really open up now that gambling can be legalised in US states, so we could well see more interest and liquidity on the markets and that should be good for those wagering on the geegees stateside.  






Rod’s US Runners – Results Update

14th July 2018

It’s been a superb start to our trial of Rod’s US Runners, the first American racing service we have trialled here at Honest Betting Reviews.

So far after six weeks of our trial they are an astonishing 190 points up.

You can view full results here.

Whilst the results have been amazing, it should be noted that Rod goes for big priced winners, meaning there are some extended losing streaks to contend with. So you need a big bank and some patience if you are going to follow the service. 

If that is you, then this is looking like a top notch service based on what we have seen so far during our trial.







Rod’s US Runners – New Review

1st June 2018

The recent US Supreme Court decision to legalize gambling in the US has opened up a whole new market for punters that has until recently been very restricted.

The decision means that individual states in the US can choose to allow people to legally gamble in their territory and it looks like most states will be doing so.

So the result means that we should see much more betting activity on US horse racing and there should be the kind of liquidity we see on UK and Irish racing in time.

Certainly a number of the big UK bookmakers like William Hill and Ladbrokes are already eyeing up big opportunities in America and staking their ground. 

All of this looks like good news for punters and with more coverage and liquidity it is likely we will see more tipsters focusing on US racing, as at the moment there is somewhat of a dearth of top quality on American racing.

One tipster who has staked out an early claim to lead the pack is Rod’s US Runners, from the Betting Gods stable. 

If you familiar with Betting Gods then you may have come across Rod before, as he already runs the very successful Rod’s Runners service that has been averaging around £1,000 profit per month to date. Now he has decided to launch this service focusing specifically on US racing. 

Having started up in December 2017, Rod has made an impressive 270 points profit, which equates to over £460 profit per month to just £10 stakes.

That has been achieved with a return on investment of over 44%, which is quite exceptional. 

The strike rate is a little on the low side at 14% but that is because Rod focuses on picking out longer-odds selections at 10/1 and above. 

There are quite a few selections – 4 or 5 per day normally – so you have to be ready to be fairly active with your betting.

The nice thing about a service focusing on US racing is that after your day of UK horse racing betting is over you can then turn to the US to enjoy some more action!

Anyway, this is looking like a very promising service and as we say it would be nice to have a profitable service on US racing as we don’t have any here yet at Honest Betting Reviews.

So we will commence a trial today and report back soon how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out Rod’s US Runners here. 








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